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Latest Afghan Civilian Drone Deaths Prompt Renewed Call to End "US Terror"


Latest Afghan Civilian Drone Deaths Prompt Renewed Call to End "US Terror"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Local officials and elders in Afghanistan said U.S. airstrikes had killed at least 17 civilians on Thursday, contradicting Pentagon claims that only militants had been hit and fomenting continued "destruction and anger."


If the US government keeps this up, when the revolution starts we might find we have lots and lots of help in other places, in overthrowing the empire.


The time to put a halt to the US government’s drone murder and crowd killing programs is now.

None of the Presidential candidates have stated that they plan to stop these programs. Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have spoken, sociopathically , about their intention to carry out increased war crimes as part of the never-ending worldwide US terrorism war. Hillary Clinton has proudly embraced the fact that she participated as a top member of the drone kill team. Only Bernie Sander has indicated that the US drone murder campaign is increasing hostilities towards the US.


This war against Civilians as orchestrated by the US Government has been going on for decades and in fact centuries.

In WW2 as example when Tokyo was firebombed some 100000 civilians died. The US had a new weapon called Napalm and wanted to field test it on an enemy population. This was most definitely targeting Civilians as most homes were built of wood as opposed to concrete fromwhich factories were made. The attack was timed to ensure there a high wind so that the fire would spread through neighborhoods faster. Routes that the US Military determined would be used to both escape and allow entrance by firefighters and rescuers were targeted . The neighborhood in question had little to no “military age males” as most were away in the army.

General Curtis lemay openly boasted of having roasted and burned some 100000 of the enemy. He ran for Vice President on the presidential ticket for George Wallace in 1968 honored as a hero.

The justification? To break the enemies “will to fight” and “erode their support of the Japanese Government” which by defintion is terrorism. Shock and awe in Iraq was also used to break the enemies will to fight, breathtaking in its hypocrisy as they boasted of using terror to subdue a population even as they condemned terrorism.

It seems to be President of the USA one first and foremost must be a sociopath and this likely one of the reasons the one percent and the media do not think Sanders is qualified.


For me, this military weapon and all subsequent killing by drones, coupled by torture and indefinite imprisonment, represent an undeniable decent into international war crimes. The fact that these crimes are conducted under the direction of President Obama, clearly make him complicit, thus a war criminal, subject to international trial. It is deeply saddening for me to state this, but it is necessary for every individual that is a member of our nation to state openly where the line of military behavior must be drawn. If WWII, was a noble cause, then surely our Country must have learned beyond doubt that there are military excesses that cannot be supported. The line has been crossed, we must decide now what kind of people we are.


Obama is nothing but what Malcolm X would call a house boy. As long as Obama does the bidding of his plantation masters, he is allowed to stay in their house. In the old days, Obama would be the boy that whips the hell out of the plantation masters slaves to insure his access to their house.

Obama is a war criminal who is culpable for many heinous war crimes, but because Obama is protected by the Fourth Reich, like his predecessor Bush, Obama knows he will never be indicted for war crimes; otherwise, Obama would not have been selected to live in the Oligarch’s White House!


Drone warfare is touted as the prelude to the futuristic designs the US military has been developing. The purpose of the deliberate assassinations of anyone whether or not a Taliban fighter or an Afghan civilian is to prolong the US lead endless war strategy. They purposely target and kill people in their own homes, cities and country side not because they are Taliban but to instigate retaliation hence a never ending war which is precisely what the Pentagon, the CIA and all those other agencies of death want. We need leadership in Washington with the backbone to confront these terrorist war criminals and slash the Pentagon budget to one one hundredth or less of what it is today. We need that money to create life affirming jobs and industries to improve our climate and our overall well being.


I have a better idea. Hopefully, no future presidents of any race emulate him. I don’t know if HRC will be the next POTUS, I hope no presidents of any gender emulate her. Clinton, Obama, the 2 Bushes etc. should be locked in a chain gang @ the ICC & never be allowed to see daylight again. They deserve to be treated the way _Gitmo prisoners are treated.


Exactly what I said 2 years into his first term in office. He gave the government reigns to his white master despite having had the full backing of the 72% of American people and both houses of congress. After all they put him in there, he has always been their boy all because of his slick tongue and sharp wit.


What kind of a human being can pull that trigger knowing full well who they are targeting then go back the next day to do it again and again


Like I posted in 2008, and was excoriated for saying it by many obamabots: POTUS are selected; not elected, and that includes Obama. I hope Bernie changes that paradigm! This time there is a chance for REAL CHANGE.


Helpfully said. Just on the semantic side, I also think the time for using the term “terrorism”–when we must–in a way that respects universal human rights is now. “Terrorism” is as terrorism does, and when it’s U.S. terrorism, it should still be named as such. This is not to cover over the important differences in how terrorist actions are spoken of and celebrated by those who do the deeds, nor to pretend there are not very different causes and ways in which terrorism manifests. But it is to recognize that from the victims’ point of view, and from the point of view of universal human rights, political violence against non-combatant civilians, done intentionally and knowingly (no amount of hand-wringing by U.S. officials, when they rarely do note their actions, can erase the fact that they know the drone strikes systematically kill large numbers of civilians, and will continue to do so), is very clearly terrorism.


If the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht of the Fourth Reich could pull off a new Dresden, they’d do it.

  • Fallujah is the Guernica of the Twenty-first Century, and I fear that was just for practice.


Steve Fernandez: That’s why the Establishment/Oligarchy are trying to destroy Bernie. He doesn’t want to play their game…GO BERNIE! …see you at Wash. Square Park on Wednesdy!


There is something terribly wrong about pushing a button, killing people, and then going back home to have dinner with the family, or hang around with friends at a bar, or something…something more evil, if that’s possible, than traditional warfare.


Well, I’ve heard that the guy with the most “bugsplats” at the end of the shift gets a free beer at the club.

  • Just another computer game…