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Latest Attempt to Take Down ExxonKnew Denounced as 'Buffoonery'


Latest Attempt to Take Down ExxonKnew Denounced as 'Buffoonery'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Marking an escalation in the fight over ExxonMobil and climate change, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), has scheduled a hearing for September 14 to probe the ongoing investigation by attorneys general into whether the oil giant misled the public and investors on global warming.


Such buffoonery will not continue much longer.

Ecological breakdown is swamping all denialism, no matter how well funded.

Almost (but not quite) makes me wish there really were a Hell, so accessory mass murderers like Lamar Smith would have an eternal home.


There is an easy and truthful way out for Exxon.

I believe 2016 is the 50th anniversary of global climate collapse scenario generated at the request of then president Johnson. That first global climate collapse report was reported to be quite accurate.

The US Government has known about this for fifty years and still subsidizes oil corporations, including Exxon.

Therefore, the US Government is guilty of aiding and abetting whatever Exxon is accused of doing, including tax credits for propaganda. Has there been some sort of racketeering style take over of the energy policy of the US Government that harmed national security? This question is more in the realm of law than blaming Exxon for something that happened when it was still named Standard Oil. People from those days are long gone. It's the US Goverment that has to be cleaned up in the here and now.


What, prosecute the aiding and abetting but not the criminals...hardly

You are talking about the same organized rico criminal cabal.

Splitting hairs is not really the approach needed at this time.


Everyday it appears more and more so that we are a fascist nation.


Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado said the other day that anyone who is trying to stop for-profit energy companies from drilling for oil and gas or mining for coal in America's National Parks is un-American and not fit to serve in public office.
There is a move afoot to stop this kind of activity from occurring in our National Parks and apparently Gardner opposes that effort.
The public officials running the state's of Maine and Colorado have seemingly lost their collective minds.


Both Democrats and Republicans in both high level state positions, starting with our fracking fluid drinking governor Hickenlooper, and in Federal positions such as our GMO munching senator, Michael Bennet (I am a former Democrat prior to the primary election fraud pulled by the DNC, DWS and Hillary Clinton) have lost their collective minds. The citizens pulling together are overriding these corporate puppets time and again, though, although we were cheated out of two anti-fracking citizen initiatives by our governor and sec of state. Looks like 'Hick' will face that issue again in 2018!


The US Government has known the result of fossil fuels is heat trapping pollution since before Exon was Exon. It's a two track repair, fixing the regulatory capture problems that become evident as the Exon investigation continues is top priority. Others extract black gold and civilization recognizes Earth life support systems are stressed partially from that.

Yes, bring traitors to justice. Even so. Top priority is cease and desist the harming and then repair what can be boosted along the path of healing.


Republicans are masterful at being charlatans.
They choose a "prominent" climate change denier as head of their committee.
They choose a sociopath as their "presidential" candidate.
And it's all to be taken seriously.
How nice for them.


Although Lamar and his like are obviously fascists, the symbol they should wear daily is a BIG drop of oil rather than a swastika.