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Latest Bid by France's Macron to Quell Protests Over Neoliberal Pension Scheme Fails as Strikes Continue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/latest-bid-frances-macron-quell-protests-over-neoliberal-pension-scheme-fails

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Thanks for running this CD. Not a peep about it in the military-industrial-intelligence media here.


Lots of stuff on the Hong Kong protests . Peoples protesting in Russia or Cuba or Venezuela always get the attention of the MSM but than the protests in those Countries are proof those people live in tyrannies whereas protests in places like France are launched by radicals opposed to Democratic principles.


What the French are doing to Macron is what we should be doing to Trump, the GOP and the corporate Dems.
But Americans are lazy, obese, infantile, frightened little toadies.


What an insulting gesture to say he would give up his pension. As if he needs it anyway.


Let him eat cake.

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Good one gandolf.

Up here in Pennsylvania, the diary farms use large tankers to spread cow manure wash down runoff to spray on their fields to keep the soil viable for future crops.

One tanker could damn near do a complete square around the White House, leaving behind a fragrant present for the so-called president and his fambly.

Merry Christmas!

Jesus fucking Christ, the French are raising THEIR retirement age from 62 to 64 while the morons in Congress want to raise our meager retirement to age 70 FROM 67. Now, I am with the French for sure, BUT anyone in this country that wants to raise our SS to 70 or in some cases even higher, should be fucking shot. No trial, no mercy, shoot the motherfuckers.

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Let him get fucked!