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Latest Count Shows Raging Assault on Reproductive Rights Nationwide


Latest Count Shows Raging Assault on Reproductive Rights Nationwide

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The right-wing assault on women's health and reproductive rights continues to rage in state legislatures across the United States, with a new report showing that in the first half of 2015 alone, states enacted no fewer than 51 wide-ranging abortion restrictions.


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daddio; If you listen to and believe what Rush Limbaugh says you are hopelessly past any help of getting back to reality.


Freud said “A person that is sexually satisfied cannot possibly be neurotic”. That explains why men that want to control women’s bodies are sick.


Thank you for your propaganda.


Married women need contraception & abortion too.


American women in 2015 are lagging behind their Soviet sisters, and still falling farther behind. By 1920 Soviet women had achieved absolute control over their bodies, been freed from the patriarchy, and had obtained equal pay for equal work with their male comrades. When will the “free and democratic” American women going to achieve that?


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When you control women you can control life.


Isn’t that obvious?


I’m sorry that you cannot understand the role sex plays in humanity. The topoic of sex in your little world is highly suppressed for centuries and that is sad. B/c of those centuries of suppression, you are left in a state of ignorance and your comments reveal it. Go get informed on the subject then come back to the discussion. I don’t see you protesting war. So, you obviously think killing is fine.


These mainstream conservatives are obviously stricken with a guilty consience after having killed so many innocent people with their proxy wars and drones and foreign invasions. This is how they try to reconcile with themselves by trying to ban abortion as if to say “killing is bad”. but for this smoke and mirrors to work you have to ignore all the other killing that they do. That’s all this anti-choice stuff is - smoke and mirrors to hide a guilty conscience.


Does your church tell you its appropriate to make insulting comments like “If you would stop spanking your monkey long enough”? And you wonder why I despise people like you. You work so hard at being hardheaded, ignorant, and cruel!!! Blab away, I will return the deaf ear that your self-righteous self displays here! If heaven is full of people like you, there’s no way I’d want to go there. But you can continue dreaming your fantasy illusions.