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Latest Election Poll Finds Everyone is Divided, Everyone is Disgusted


Latest Election Poll Finds Everyone is Divided, Everyone is Disgusted

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

American voters may be divided and uninspired by their presidential candidates, but they have one thing in common—they're sick of the 2016 election.


I agree with Drew that ‘we the people’ are not nearly as divided as the PTB and MSM make us out to be. Yes, there are fringe issues about which feelings are strongly divided (guns, reproductive rights, etc) but the decline of democracy and equality in this country is clear to all of us who are not in the 1%.

Everyone is VERY disgusted. With this election process, with the POTUS candidates and with the blatant corruption ubiquitous in our governance. That is actually a unifying factor, not a divisive one.


The US election cycle never ends. Election 2020 cycle begins January 21.

Long cycles preclude anybody lacking a billion dollar corporate war chest from running the four year race and enables a 24/7 divide and conquer strategy.


I’ve long advocated the populist right and the progressive left could own this country together IF we could get beyond the issues the oily-garchs use to divide us. Of course they are important issues - LGBT rights, reproductive rights, guns, etc - but none of them rises to the level of issues of war and peace, domestic investment and the like.


If Clinton wins, she faces not only a mobilized progressive flank that plans to hold her feet to the fire over issues like climate, civil rights, and war, but also a growing right-wing sect that believes the election is being “rigged” in her favor.

… plus multiple indictments, congressional hearings and impeachment proceedings …

Which just might be what this nation needs now.


If the convention mattered, it would have been illegal!. I have heard from Bernie’s delegates that attended the convention in Philly, that Bernie was thrown under the political bus by the Wall Street Walker and military, war mongering, stooge.And for all his faults, Trump had it right when he said the convention was rigged against Bernie by “crooked Hillary”.


Yes, and take “the Times/CBS survey showed her at 45 percent to Trump’s 42 percent among likely voters” with a truckload of salt. That anyone would vote for Hillary, much less at “45 percent”, is incredible enough. As during Bernie’s campaign, made-up “surveys/polls” are posted only to lay the groundwork for legitimizing the one percent’s front woman.


Current terrorized thoughts on the minds of older white GOP voters:

Three signs of the Apocalypse:

  1. Obama–the first black president (not really black) and not a US born citizen (thanks for your devoted research Trump) and a socialist.

  2. Clinton the first female president and a democratic to boot.

  3. Next president will be both black, female, and democratic.

Jesus-- save my soul.


Thanks for your link. JFK refused to be a fawning parasite for Amerika’s, totalitarian, military/CIA dictatorship. My deceased Brother-In- law, who was in the CIA and the Pentagon before JFK was assassinated, told me before he died that both the CIA and the FBI considered JFK " RUTHLESS". But he refused to go any further.


" What do you call it when 70% of the citizens dislike/ HATE both choices?"
I call it a military dictatorship; the Empire of the Fourth Reich, since both so-called candidates for POTUS, are nothing more than insane, stooges for the hegemony and hubris of more totalitarian, world wide US Empire.

And what more proof do we need than a true sane, peace candidate for POTUS, Dr. Jill Stein, has absolutely no chance and if she did by some miracle get elected would probably not live through her first term!


While huge numbers may be disgusted with american politics, that ‘disgust’ must be placed within the context that most of the disgustees will continue to vote for the systemic corruption of dems and thugs.
So being disgusted doesn’t stop them from voting to continue the disgusting situation, ever disconnected from any responsibility for their votes.
How disgusting is that?
How sociopathic?


It’s because we are in big trouble with either one of these candidates. Hillary wants to start a war with Russia. And Donald Trump who’s Secretary of State will be Neocon John Bolton. Both Trump and Bolton have stated Syria will no longer be a priority of the US military. However instead both are looking for regime change in Iran. Trump has also stated if the US goes to war with a country. The US should take the counties Oil. He is also open to the idea of using nukes in Europe or the Mid East. And him picking John Bolton for is Secretary of State. Shows that Trump intends to have a Neocon/interventionist policy that benefits Israel.


“70% of the citizens dislike/hate both choices”.
Sad thing is that if you consider yourself a progressive, you most likely never will have a choice you like in the presidential elections. They will allow a progressive to run in the primaries, but will never allow them to make it into the final two.
They made sure of it this year. They made sure Clinton was the chosen one over Sanders.
When a grass roots candidate like Stein or Nader manages to get on the ballots, the MSM shuts them out and the DNC/RNC will not allow them in the debates.
I will never see a President Stein or Sanders in my lifetime, and I have come to accept it, it is rigged against allowing the people to have a president who represents the little guy.
I will continue to support people like Stein and Nader, but I don’t expect the 1% to allow them to become president.
I have yet to vote for a winner in the presidential elections, I have voted in every election since 1972.
I hope things change, but I don’t expect it to be in my lifetime.
People will continue to protest, but when things get bad enough, most of the rights we have left will be taken away and we will be told it is for our own good.
The government loves people like the diehard Clinton and Trump voters, people who can be counted on to believe anything and never ask any questions.
As George Carlin said, 'There’s a big club out there and you aren’t in it".


Nice reply, thanks.


“1 1/2% vote Stein…I call it hopeless.” Maybe 2020?

Probably true. And if Hillary gets her way with a no fly zone in Syria, we can forget any hope for Jill in 2020.


If you like JFK, which in my opinion, there is no reason not to, again, my opinion, Kennedy was not a rabid
person. He was extremely intelligent, and was very close to his brother, Bobby, who was the person not to
cross. Bobby was out to get J. Edgar Hoover and they had a mutual hate club going on between the two of
them. For anyone that disputes what I am about to say, you are entitled, and may consider all of this
alleged. I was an adult on 11-22-63, when JFK was assassinated, worked for JFK’s Presidential election,
met him twice, and his sister-in-Law Ethel. I loved JFK,…as did millions of people. JFK was 'ALLEGEDLY
shot at least twice and possibly three times, and the single bullet theory has not been believed, that is how
I will put it. A man named George, who later became a resident in White House, was across the street,
working for the CIA, on the day of JFK assassina. George crossed the street to check on one gunman who
was poised on the grassy knoll and “allegedly” fired a shot into Kennedy’s face over his eye, earned 30 yr
jail sentence eventually when captured, and explains JFK’s killing on many websites. He purportedly
feels no remorse…Kennedy was also shot directly from the back, not school book depository. Lee Oswald
was working for the CIA and was eating his lunch at time of killing and a poor marksman. Jack Ruby,
supposedly a gangster type, actually, ALLEGEDLY a CIA agent, was watched by millions as he shot and
killed Oswald right on live TV. LBJ arranged sordid mess ALLEGEDLY, so that he could be Pres.; hated
JFK. and family but did carry out signed statement from JFK the day before he was killed, that Viet nam
war be stopped and troops slowly came home. My fiancé was one of those troops. JFK wanted to break
up the banks and end the Fed. Reserve, just as Bernie Sanders pledged to do if he were elected Prez.
It would have been …my opinion… a much better World if LBJ did not change history. JFK was for the
people…LBJ was ruthless and hated…which anyone who is truthful and living in that time can verify. In
short JFK’s body was stolen off plane, and skull altered showing just one bullet hole. then coffins were
switched all allegedly before JFK’s body lay in State, closed coffin, to be viewed by public. Jackie and
Presidents of foreign countries walked behind her & JFK’S flag-draped coffin, pulled by Black Jack
(riderless horse)to cemetery in European style burial that Jackie arranged…brilliant woman. Hundreds
of foreign dignitaries attended and for first time Harry Truman, Dem., and Dwight Eisenhower, Repub.,
w/wife ,Mamie, hugged each other and cried. The whole world stood still that weekend for a great man.
Years later, while piloting his plane to Martha’s Vineyard, off Cape Cod, JFK’s son had an “accident.”
Reported later as planned “alleged” murder, plane dropped out of sight into Ocean; JFK jr had this
accident w/wife ALLEGEDLY because he was out to prove who really Killed his father; he told the
World by calling his magazine ‘GEORGE’ … (the man who oversaw his father’s death), CIA member, and
took orders from LBJ.,Mafia and our armed services who wanted war to continue, because war brings $$.
This alleged version is much closer to the ALLEGED facts told by LBJ’s mistress via her website interviews.
Many books verify as well. I was a student of JFK’s life and death, and my library of books reflects it.
Bobby Kennedy, assassinated in 1968 and Martin King, Jr. also assassinated I believe same year.

Hope you enjoyed this partial piece of history that I actually lived through and experienced and re-live that
day every November 22.
November 22 will be here soon … and everyone reading this may wish to believe it or not. Make up your
own mind. Oliver Stone has written an excellent book, and my copy of it lists all the people who had
ALLEGEDLY died who witnessed the assassination or they allegedly killed themselves soon after the
assassination. Hmmm.


Please see my remarks below concerning JFK which you, MarkJNovitsky and
Shantiananda were discussing.


Yes, Mark, a quick reply… I was one of those people who were transported on the
Dem. bus and the person on the bus told us that if we Bernie people did not
“behave” and be quiet, and clap only for Hill, then we would get thrown out
of the convention.

My prediction, since August 2 0 1 5 was that neither one, Donald or Hill
will win … the rule is if there isn’t a candidate who gets two-thirds of vote,
it goes to the House of Rep. and they pick whomever they choose.

We will see.


Author sez: “If Clinton wins, she faces … a mobilized progressive flank that plans to hold her feet to the fire …”

Does this maneuver not carry the prerequisite of a fire? Hopefully this ‘progressive flank’ can get its matches safely past the water cannons.


There is strong evidence that GHWB was in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot.