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Latest GOP Plan 'Is Even Worse for Women's Health Than Previous Repeal Bills'


Latest GOP Plan 'Is Even Worse for Women's Health Than Previous Repeal Bills'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Surprise! Bill written by two male Republicans would strip basic reproductive care from millions of women.


So it’s still docketed as HR1628, just to keep us guessing. And still just as inscrutable.


Darn those females, they have babies, breast cancer, they live too long. Why can’t a woman be more like a man. Or in this case, a goat.


Um, those with the lower risk subsidizing those with the higher is exactly the way the insurance market works.

And it’s the major problem with the ACA.


You make no “principled rational argument.” You are a classic, baiting, troll.


Winning N.I.M.A. as a RIGHT, will bring We the People together as the human family of caring beings, back from the brink of climate disaster and fascism. “National Improved Healthcare for All”, HR 676, IS THE “healing of the nation”. (A Rastafarian reggae musical lyric.) This phrase holds so true for what ails American “consumers” caught in a downward spiral of corporate lies. Lies amplified by the current Oval Office occupiers. The corporate coup is in full swing and the Sixth Extinction is in full gear. How preposterous that human beings with money and authority can be so stupid! We the People MUST take over the Democratic party. N.I.M.A. IS THE FIRST GIANT STEP REQUIRED. Next comes stopping climate-change-causing fossil fuel bankster owners. Heaven cannot help us if we cannot help ourselves. N.I.M.A.


The reason women’s health care costs are higher is because WE GET PREGNANT WITH MALE BABIES, not just female ones.

That’s why it’s fair that everybody bears the costs that women incur in bearing children and bringing the entire human race into the world.

If you men don’t like it, get yourselves pregnant and bear your own damned fetuses. And you can suffer miscarriages and the monthly menses while you’re at it, too.


No, that’s not wealth transfer. Wealth is unused assets, taken out of the economy like insurance companies’ reserves (what they actually do with our premiums). What it is is survival. My health is not a commodity to be traded on the market. I am not a medical consumer. For most of my life, I was a contributor to the reserves far beyond what I drew from the income those reserves produce. But then a teeny bug bit me, and injected an even teenier parasite. So now I am dependent on someone’s decency, or I crumple and die. But I’d rather that than to be traded “on the market.”

And btw, this all happened after I was done with all those excessive demands that come from my being a woman.

I wish you health and independence, but you don’t get to hoard yours and leave me stranded.


Don’t forget the glories of menopause.

And who was it who medicalized childbirth? Not the women, but the men who saw a gold mine.


I had one of the first Lamaze births in Princeton NJ (1978), and my granddaughters were both born at home, attended by midwives. But let me tell you, after 22 hours of labor with a baby who turned out to weigh 9-1/2 lbs, I was very glad to be in a hospital and attended by someone who knew how to use a pair of forceps. None of that was anything I or my husband could control or plan for. In an earlier time, both the baby and I might have died. What’s the market value of corpses?

And yes, with @webwalk, I call Frankfurtian Bullshit.


Classic, baiting, troll.


You clearly don’t understand insurance or how the process works in the real world.

I’ll make it simple: insurance is a bet one makes in the earnest hope to lose the bet.


What is the oath that Doctors take. I’m just surprised that my senator Susan Collins actually worked with this feller. And what does poor Lindsey know about health care. Why did he wade into this mud puddle.? FLASH, boys their is no logical free market scheme for a monopoly. Drug companies don’t copyright their stuff to compete. If you survive getting run over by a bus in New York city, you don’t go shopping for a hospital. This is private market insanity. It is a blatant lie. Cassidy looks like pure evil and Graham just looks like an anti socialism dupe. Who votes for these critters. Oh right, we do.


I witnessed the birth of both of my kids and it scared the living be-jesus out of me. Wouldn’t have missed it for the worlds, but I don’t want to ever to do it again. I’m eighty by the way and the memory is seared into my brain. Remember girls you have the chance to rear a brand new crop of more worldly and sensitive humans. I know I know daddy will interfere but sneak it in. You have the ultimate power. You can wipe out the human race in one generation.


“There should be an Amendment breaking the hold of Govt over healthcare similar to religion and freedom of speech, other than the usual prohibitions against theft, fraud, etc. This would allow the market to function and relegate these price problems, themselves proof that the problem is govt, to the past and make coverage a non issue as prices plummet while services expand and improve.”

That is the strangest logic I have heard in a long time. I didn’t think there were still people like you left after the caves or came down from the trees. How about this: The cock crows the sun rises, therefor the sun rises because the cock crows. Societies, at least intelligent ones, are built on synergy.


This reminds me of the Republicans calling for a group discussion about Trumpcare. The group ended up with all men with no women present. The all male group ended up removing all Women’s health care services from Trumpcare. I’m sure that both parties need to improve on the issue of sexism and discrimination against females, but Republicans seem to be a few decades more behind that the Democrats. Then there is the issue of Trump being the role model male chauvinist pig in the White House with his persistent and blatant sexism.


If that’s the case, lets strip the coverage of Viagra et al, prostate screenings, prostate cancer coverage, and all those men-dominated heart afflictions, etc. Health care insurance is supposed to work as a “pool,” with the healthy helping to cover those who need care and in turn covering those people who had previously been totally healthy but incurred health problems. Goat, you may not need medical treatment at this time, but likely you will in the future … In addition, you are presently one “sad,” miserable human being.


Keep digging…soon the hole will be big enough for you to fall in and never be heard from again.


How very humanitarian of you to think ONLY OF YOURSELF as a “strong, independent manly man.” Your parsimony is offensive and your lack of compassion is repugnant.

Oh, and by the way infant mortality rate in the US is the highest among “iindustrialized nations.” Perhaps lack of prenatal and post-natal care are causes when women are deprived of access to medical care due to lack of funds to pay for same. Infant mortality rate is used as an indicator of the level of overall health in a country.


And the military spends tons more money on Viagra for the manly men troops suffering from that life-threatening disease, ED or Lxxp Dxxk than spent on any surgery for all trans soldiers combined. Insurance companies did not blink an eye when Viagra came on the market and rushed to provide coverage of the drug to all who wanted it whereas many companies still DO NOT COVER women’s birth control. A conundrum: Viagra to stimulate the male sex drive while depriving women from access to medication to prevent unwanted pregnancy: the quintessential “double-standard.” Guess TheGoat’s diet has consisted of rusty tin cans and empty fast food cartons, which make him cranky.