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Latest Incidents Show Police Brutality Persists Despite Elevated Awareness



All police should be required by law to turn on their body cameras while making an arrest. How many of these 'arrests' of people being brutalized or killed do we have to see before the public gets some protection from excessive force by police.

They should publish the hospital results (including of people who were brutalized but were not lucky enough to have it filmed) which nobody talks about.

All police body cameras should be required by law to be turned on when making any and all arrests.


Police-state thugs doing what they do best - "taking-down" and beating unarmed un-resisting citizens - when they aren't shooting to kill them! The impunity police enjoy after committing such violent crimes against the people MUST change if we as "a nation of laws" is to have ANY meaning - as of this moment that claim is a sick joke! Extreme police violence and then officials/prosecutors turning a blind eye to almost EVERY incident of such unnecessary and clearly punitive (or sadistic) beatings and killings, is destroying our nations respect for law. Where are ANY cops of decency speaking-out against such depraved indifference? Behind the "Blue Wall of Silence"....................


It's lousy training at the academy.
If I beat you up or dragged you any distance or locked you in the back of my car, I would be charged with battery, kidnapping and false arrest. But as agents of the state, police officers are privileged to arrest and seize your person because in theory you must render accounts before a judge and jury for your alleged unlawful actions.
Think about that for a moment. The officers' sole charge/duty is to pick you up and become fully responsible for you until you can appear before a judge. Most codes define this as within 48 hours of your arrest, not counting weekends or holidays when courts are "dark."
Nowhere in that privilege is it stated or even implied that they have a "right" to unleash their evolutionary embedded revenge and sadistic impulses merely because you attempt to run away from them...
If they cannot exercise impulse control under these stressful circumstances they manifest themselves to be nothing more than cowardly bullies who have no business working as police officers and should be fired on the spot. Period.
Small wonder that suspects run away from the police...
How hard can it be to teach potential officers the danger of "forward panic" in these situations and methods to exercise self-control?
Be well.


Agree and put it in their collective labor contract that any officer who forgets to turn the body camera on will be fired immediately should any allegations of abuse arise or if anyone gets wounded, hospitalized and/or dies when the officer was present and/or made contact with the injured party; or if they forget to tell their superiors "the body camera was disabled" sometime during their shift when the abuse incident happened.
The officer has an affirmative duty to make sure the body camera is fully functional before his shift starts and remains operational and functioning for the duration of his/her shift. Failure to comply at any time for any shift will result in 90 day unpaid leave.
In addition, if someone dies or is injured as a result of contact with this officer or he was present, the fired officer(s) will be presumed to be lying and/or the victim's testimony will be the sole testimony allowed at a trial, civil or criminal. (Just the Evidence code privileges spouses who cannot testify against the other spouse and clergy cannot violate their sacred oaths).
Those who don't like this contract can quit any time.
This ought to put some teeth into the drive for the elimination of testilying, police perjury and law enforcement's "omerta." And it will once more make police officers authentic public servants accountable to the community which they swear "to protect and to serve."
Be well.


Police all use communication (radio) devices. The body cameras can be linked to the radios that when the radio is turned on so is the camera. That is the same as when a policeman toggles his radio to use it. It the off/on switch to make the radio active, The camera would go on automatically. Time stamps would allow hours of empty tape to be edited. Police officers report their operations. Stopping a car or stopping a suspect, responding to a call from HQ etc. the camera could be used like that. When a cop speaks into the radio to report then the camera is on. Cops don't go off to deal with suspects without reporting what they are about to do.

Enough of these terrible incidents have happened that in our modern world, police need to be monitored or excessive violence will become the norm. This stuff must happen a lot more than we know.


Wereflea, talk to attorneys in the criminal defense bar, public defenders or DUI attorneys.
For some "odd" reason when the perp's behavior is outlandish or clearly "guilty" the footage is COPS-worthy and sees the light of day, survives to get to the evidence room and the DA's office, not to mention cop-glorification shows and web-sites.
However, when the perp happens to seriously question the probable cause (bad driving/speeding, etc.) for the stop/arrest, the so-called "field-sobriety tests" and demands to see her/his performance as captured on the cop-cam, "The camera was not working," (i.e. "no footage, sorry."), "The camera was not aimed where the tests were performed. The judge/jury will just have to take my word under oath for it..., etc."
There's a consistency to this "pattern" of excuses nationwide. The advent of footage from ubiquitous cell phones has thrown a major monkey-wrench into the cherished myth of "officers don't lie under oath..."
Be well.


'America' is a failed conceit . This is no longer news. If US citizens stay in 'America' and call themselves 'American' they cannot complain. If they wish to complain with validity I suggest they become such as a Palestinian, but then they are not short of choice because they have a host of other identities to assume to the same effect.
'American' is a failed conceit that in far greater conceit believes it is the leader of The West. These examples of the increasingly ludicrous 'American' English prove the identities are laughably retarded, for it is by choice they are so.


And there will be no change in their behavior until there are consistent and real consequences for their brutality and murder. In my opinion, the consequences should involved everything up to the death penalty - these guys have murdered and otherwise destroyed multiple lives, after all. Again, mere heightened awareness and heightened exposure won't change the behavior of thugs who have complete impunity.


All this recording by citizens and street cams (car and body cams) is not stopping this brutality, or lessening this criminal conduct. Body cams are turned off and car cam videos are lost, misplaced, or refused to turn over and even that should be criminal as its our tax dollars who have paid for all of that. Cops are put on the desk during some fake investigation, or put on paid leave. Wow, real scary having that done. When the smoke clears, they are cleared but often the city pays for their conduct: Repeatedly. What must change is the mindset of the cops, the Chief of Police, the prosecutors, the commissioners, and the majors all who protect these rogue elements over and over. The wealthy in long gone bygone days created the police force to protect their assets and companies. Same with Pinkerton. PDs have now become an occupational force (and their role has not changed either for the elite), and we are the enemy. It is long past time to disband the PDs. Our military have become mercenaries, resource warriors. It is long past time to bring them all home, close all foreign bases, small and large. Let Japan have back their country: That war was over decades ago, and that applies to Korea.