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Latest Leak Confirms TTIP a 'Serious Threat to Democracy as We Know It'


Latest Leak Confirms TTIP a 'Serious Threat to Democracy as We Know It'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

EU member states and the European Parliament will be "sidelined" in favor of big business and U.S. interests should the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) go through, according to a leaked document revealed Friday.


THIS is what globalization looks like!

Corporations have been busily sucking up the sovereignty of nations for decades now. These “free trade” agreements are the bases for corporate “constitutions” from which the corporations shall reign.

THIS is NOT what democracy looks like!


Yes, the “free trade” deals TTIP, TTP, et al are Trojan Horses, designed to institutionalize global corporate domination - AKA fascism, but your claim that the Chinese and Russia offer a moral alternative is stretching things just a bit…in fact they seem absurd.
“Peace as offered by Russia, China and their trade and development centered institutions BRICS, SCO, EEU, and CSTO aimed at uplifting people and establishing Peace based on the Rule of Law”

The Chinese have polluted their own nation’s farmlands, air and water, are exterminating numerous species, endangered and otherwise to extinction - including their critical pollinators - of course the US is doing much the same but not quite as extreme - China allowed export trade in poisonous food products, for humans and animals, and other items notably for children. China allows trade in thousands of counterfeit items of almost all descriptions, and poisonous food, and on and on - China is NOT a good example of "uplifting people or establishing peace’! Take the South China Sea (regardless its name) militarized island building for example. Russia has their own baggage.

Where do your extreme ideas/claims come from?



Clearly capitalism works best in tandem with corporate fascism rather than with democracy.


“TTIP will not be completed until after the presidential election…which would create a vacuum” An astute observation, the TTIP Sucks!


The whole reason for creating EU was exactly what we see in the TTIP today, the next steps will be US marines marching on the streets of Europe. The support and continuation of NATO is another ploy by the US to use European money and manpower when needed and discard them afterwards. The Zionists and neo-cons have it all figured out a global US/ Israeli “full spectrum dominance”. Europeans better get their head out of their asses if they have a chance at freedom and self determination. Get out of that fucking EU while you still can!!!


You are right on, the Chinese upper echelons use the masses to their advantage. Their cooperation with Russia is a survival mechanism, however they are doing a lot of smart investment projects in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and south America.




In a similar vein - Credo Action has launched a call-in action to tell the FCC to oppose the merger of Time-Warner and Charter.
For anyone who would like to support it
Reject the Charter-Time Warner Cable merger


On that note: A link, courtesy of Organic Consumers Association to the roll call votes on this weeks vote on the DARK ACT. Find out how your Senator voted


One more giant step toward corporate feudalism.


I believe that I have heard this before somewhere. Oh, correct, Bernie Sanders has mentioned it once or twice. Hillary Clinton,not so much.


Had Sanders not brought up TPP and TTIP, no candidate would even acknowledge the existence of those deals in the 2016 election cycle, just like Obama and Romney never mentioned it in 2012 even though it was widely discussed in the concurrent 2012 elections in Japan.


I forget where I first heard of the TPP but the next generation rape of people’s and nations rights the TIPP I found in the Guardian, Our own “free press” hasn’t even mentioned it to my knowledge. How can our leaders be so arrogant? I suspect that question was asked by the French in 1789,


If TPP is passed president Obama will not be looked upon very good in future History …He will be known as the president who destroyed democracy and sold his country out to special interests the president that destroyed American jobs and unleashed massive world wide pollution…He is an idiot to saddle us with this piece of garbage…I hope his payoff for complicity was worth it…His place in history as the first black president will be tarnished forever.


Mr. Obama is a very smart man. Can anyone explain to me why he has bought into TPP and TTIP in the face of so much valid criticism of these international trade agreements?


Obama’s ACA was a good start toward his post White House corporate speaking fee and foundation income. To get a ticket on the corporate speaking fee and foundation gravy train the Clinton’s have enjoyed since 2001 (Bill Clinton received $17 million in speaking fees in 2013 alone) , Obama must deliver TPP,TTIP and TISA. Time is running short for Obama.


I first heard about it in the UK Guardian also. When the mainstream media does cover TPP they dumb it down, framing it as those who support free trade and those that don’t, never mentioning that most trade barriers were eliminated prior to NAFTA in 1994, and never mentioning the corporate power shift that these deals really enable.


It’s very sad how predatory, crony capitalism has a way of buying governments – converting them into profits-before-people institutions, and converting many of their governed people into money worshipers – interested primarily in entertainment, celebrity, consumerism and exceptionalism (disguised as “national pride”) – with the religious-like belief that making the rich richer helps those at the bottom of the economic barrel.

But as one of the ruling elite reportedly said when told the people were starving, and had no bread to eat,
“Let them eat cake.”


Thank you Michael Bennet (D-CO). And thank you for posting the list. :slight_smile: