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Latest Leak Shows How TTIP Could 'Sabotage' US-EU Clean Energy Goals


Latest Leak Shows How TTIP Could 'Sabotage' US-EU Clean Energy Goals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A new leak provides further confirmation that the pro-corporate TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the U.S. and European Union would result in "a giant leap backward in our fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground."


Thanks Sierra club for your analysis of this leak which illustrate the consequences of how the TTIP could sabotage us-eu clean energy goals.

Can you now explain why you—The Sierra Club---- are endorsing and promoting the election of Hillary Clinton?

June 9, 2016
We’re With Her:http://www.sierraclub.org/michael-brune/2016/06/hillary-clinton-endorsement

“Today, the Sierra Club enthusiastically endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton for president. Throughout the primary, Clinton has listened to the environmental movement’s call to protect our public lands, address environmental injustices, and continue to expand the clean energy revolution – and she has responded with detailed plans that will build on our movement’s victories and President Obama’s legacy.”

Do you know about this Sierra Club?

NBC News reports that the Clinton campaign was whipping members to oppose the language proposed by Sanders loyalists to reject the TPP. This was also corroborated by Zaid Jilani from The Intercept, who reported that the Clinton campaign was actively engaged with platform committee delegates and directing them on votes.


THAT is the truth. As I’ve stated before, 15 dollar minimum wage will mean jack shit when the arctic melts and climate chaos reaches every corner of the earth. My point being----climate change is THE most important issue and the DNC/HC will be complicit (as all those who vote for her will be) in the fast tracking of the demise of life on earth if they do not flatly reject these pro-corporate trade deals.


The plan to make sure no cell phones or media devices can expose what the elites–in secrecy, against the will of the public, and behind closed doors-- are planning to institute should once and for all put to rest the Koch Brothers’ funded inverted talking point that turns these types of Power Abuses into “why do people still drive their cars?” and similar individual-consumer-focused memes.

Caroline asks why The Sierra Club is backing Mrs. Clinton.

Presuming that isn’t a back-handed attempt at discrediting the work of the Sierra Club, it really boils down to a closed system election.

While the call to higher principle might be expressed through supporting Jill Stein, the tactical results would likely result in a Trump Presidency.

And while the DLC sells out to corporate interests, profits, and policies, at least Democrats understand that Global Warming is real. To the contrary, Republicans are still playing dinosaur games (or ostrich games) over this glaring Truth.

From a tactical perspective, The Sierra Club is stuck between a rock and a hard place. When entities and citizens face a choice between two lousy candidates, the reflex to blame them for choosing one of those two strikes me as a naked attack.

I may vote for Jill Stein (or write Bernie Sanders’ name onto the ballot, if there is a way and place to do so). But for an organization to take that stance when Ms. Stein will not get more than 3-5% of the vote (if that) essentially guarantees a Trump presidency.

Now, if Sanders did decide to defect and join Jill Stein, many people and Environmental Groups would find a joint candidacy worthy of backing.


Thank you Caroline.


These findings provide one more reason in a long list of reasons why I will vote Green in November.


With these matters of outrageous corruption, at the highest levels, literally placing ecology and human civilization at risk of collapse in service to blind greed and power, the key questions for the rest of us are:

  • Will We the People organize and engage to dis-empower the utterly corrupting economic and financial oligarchy, remove “their” looted wealth from their control, and dismantle the “legal,” political, military and economic systems that have been built to serve them, before the complete breakdown of society, economy, and ecology goes past whatever final tipping points have not already been passed?

  • In these final days of these horrific systems, what will each of us do to stop feeding the utterly corrupted systems that are killing everything, and instead use our lives, work, and money to feed the living systems of the Earth that sustain us all, and to feed human systems that are not constructed on foundations of dominance, division, exploitation, and “endless growth” but on foundations of ecology, solidarity, and humility?

The answers to the second question, add up to the answer to the first question.


“Latest Leak Shows How TTIP Puts US-EU Clean Energy Goals in ‘Mortal Danger’”

That and so so much more. As it has been intended to do since it’s conception. This is precisely the type of stuff that it was indeed conceived to do.


You must have missed the Sierra Club’s timing of their endorsement. They did indeed shit all over the best environmentally friendly candidate in the Democratic primary and they 100% deserve to be called out on it. They once were a great organization but they are nothing more then corporate money launderers now days.


If we need energy, I suggest we boil the fat out of these Kochsuckers!


Spot on! Sierra Club - just another “Liberal” group paying lip service to fool the masses. I said all along Clinton was LYING (no, not switching nuanced positions, not triangulating, not evolving - just plain LYING) about opposing the TPP and now she is ordering her surrogates to stop any anti-TPP language in the platform. How Unions or Environmentalists can keep endorsing her and her ilk is beyond me - unless they just want to cozy up to the Elites. Globalization is antithetical to Environmentalism (and efforts to stop global warming) in addition to heightening racism, promoting war, and destroying democracy. Maybe Europeans can stop TTIP, but I doubt it - too many Elites have their hands in the cookie jar.

Hillary or Trump? Jill Stein it is, then. Don’t be scared by the MSM into voting for the lesser of two evils. We need to build an alternative. I’m sick of reading articles like this and then being pushed into voting for the perpetrators of the crimes.


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I’m for free trade deals. Obviously not this free trade deal. Imagine a free trade deal that does the exact opposite, protects the environment, promotes clean energy, and empowers the people. Free trade deals could theoretically level the playing field so that all corporate players are playing by the same rules and thus do not lose their competitiveness because of environmental laws etc. We need to recognize that we live in a global world and if we want to stop the bottom line of capitalism being right at the bottom, at lowest possible denominator of competitiveness, I think this is the way to go.


Right on - language is important.


May all mentions of climate change be accompanied by its deadly twin brother pollution.
Too often, the more abstract climate concept dominates while another 100,000 Americans die each year from pollution.
Please ensure we maximize truth by uniting these practically inseparable issues destroying our world, its peoples and all systems of life.
Climate change and pollution . . . . two deadly psychopathologies.
One sick mind.


I get your point about them being stuck between a rock and a hard place. However, they, and others, could withhold their endorsement on the basis that neither candidate meets their criteria. That way, they could register their disgust with the whole lesser of two evils BS that both parties foist on us each election cycle.


Thank you, webwalk! Excellent questions
exquisitely answered.


I’ve actually heard conservative friends discuss terraforming other planets INSTEAD OF addressing degradation of the Earth. I now spell the word, “terrorforming”.
Even if we do one day accomplish such feats, if we are capable such things, aren’t we also capable of cherishing and preserving our Mother Earth? Terraforming in this context is merely an ugly extension of our consumerista/disposable culture, a very ugly extension.


Orwellian psychopaths


Thanks and blessings to you.