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Latest North Korea Missile Test Offers Opportunity to List of World Cities US Arsenal Can Hit: Every Single One. Within an Hour.


Latest North Korea Missile Test Offers Opportunity to List of World Cities US Arsenal Can Hit: Every Single One. Within an Hour.

Jon Queally, staff writer

While latest test raises concerns, reminder that U.S. military maintains plan to "strike virtually anywhere on the face of the Earth within 60 minutes."


Sounds like “we duh man” globally for military power, but then you have to stop and think that most of our 20 plus trillion dollar national debt has been spent on the military and wars on the other side of the planet. The military industrial complex corporations love this military spending fixation for obvious reasons. That is why every last single time there is military spending coming up for a vote in congress, there are legions of corporate lobbyists swarming all over legislators, sometimes as bad as 8 lobbyists for every single legislator. Ah! The sound of flowing bribe money into legislator pockets.


Thanks, Jon. Every time someone tries to tell me just how bad Kim Jung Un is, I ask how many people he’s killed. Then I ask them how many people have Bush, Obama, and now Trump killed.


Over the years, I have come to agree with Iran; We are the Great Satan.


Prompt (imperialistic) global strike - pigs for short…


Tough as nails.

A madman attacks US from any country.

Tough as nails strikes back and annihilates millions of completely innocent people.

That will teach them.


Mind boggling insanity and a death wish from the USA for our entire planet …


You sound like a mouthpiece for the military industrial complex. I’m rather shocked that common dreams would publish such a pro-war article. It looks like it may be time to rethink my allegiance to this news source.


Only you think it was pro-war. Interpreted it as a reminder that the USA is the biggest nuclear threat on the planet. You could be right. I doubt it.


So much for DJT’s efficacy of “Art of the Deal” What deal? His tool, perhaps? Being a “hard ass” will immolate millions, himself included. Mal y Loco makes one big target…


I think he meant it to be anti american.


Another reminder that the biggest threat to world peace is not North Korea, but the U.S. by far.


From the article:

"…The US has one of the world’s largest military budgets accounting for gross domestic product, spending roughly 618$ billion a yea on arms and other military capabilities…’

ONE of the largest? Surely you jest! Would Mr. Queally be so kind as to provide the names of nations whose military budgets equal or exceed those of the US?


Are you sure the US nuclear force is up to par? My understanding is that the Russians have more nukes and more powerful ones as well. In fact isn’t the US embarking on a very expensive retrofit of all of its nuclear weapons because they no longer are the best in the World?


There are enough nuclear weapons in the US and on any number of US bases in other countries to immolate Planet Earth, which is precisely why NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION TREATIES have been written and signed by the vast majority of nations including Russia (back in the day when cooler heads with intellect, compassion, and common sense prevailed). There is no such thing as a bigger, better Nuke…they are ALL lethal. Are you advocating the renewal of the Cold War, Version II? Gimme a break.


Indeed, why should the question of whether we have ‘more nuclear weapons than this other country’ should even be considered. When I see that question come up what comes up in my mind is that we have too many nukes as a species. We should be talking about REDUCING the number of nuclear weapons we as a species should have. Preferably to none.


Also the MAD treaty but I don’t suppose n Korea is party to that…


Kim and his cronies want to live and prosper just as much as any despot. They would only violate MAD if they felt an inevitable existential threat. Which the U.S. is sure giving plenty of.


But isn’t that better than complete annihilation? I have always counselled the US accept First Amongst Equals but that isn’t good enough for it. Washington must control the whole world or die trying!


Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) that corresponded to the Cold War and NPK is fully aware of the doctrine (not a treaty).