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Latest Poll Confirms Nation's Desires Marching Leftward


Latest Poll Confirms Nation's Desires Marching Leftward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Democrats in the U.S. are shifting to the left, according to new data from Gallup.

Or, as Frank Newport writes for the research and polling firm: "Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination face a significantly more left-leaning party base than their predecessors did over the last 15 years."


No, it is just the Democratic Party is moving so fast to the Right that it appears that the actual members of the party are moving to the Left.

Eisenhower, by today’s Democratic Party standards, would be a Bleeding Heart Liberal.


Party leadership, with few exceptions, is neither left or right, it’s just for sale. Assigning them any values or principles, even conservative values and principles, is giving them too much credit. Witness today’s sellout by House Dems on fast track.


Bumper sticker:



You are correct in your assertion that the labels “right” and “left” have lost all meaning. This is no accident. It is the dialectic of Hegel, Spenser, and those “change agents” of their ilk scribbled large across our valueless society.
First the change agent identifies his thesis (in this case he defines the labels whose meaning he wishes to obscure or muddle in the public mind).
Then, the “change agent” identifies his antithesis (a shifted meaning of such labels which would be unacceptable to most).
Finally, the “change agent” introduces his synthesis (a moderated position–not as extreme as either the thesis or antithesis–which was the original instructional intent of the “change agent” in the first place).
Repeated with great subtlety over a long enough time such technique can warp and twist the collective understanding of the masses of people like so many pretzels to the whim and will of the “change agent” class.
This is the philosophical basis of polling, (where the conclusions of the “change agent” polling company–synthesis–are always stated with certainty but whose methodology used to reach such conclusions is seldom if ever disclosed).
This is also the methodology of modern journalism (which demands that, in order to be a well-written story, the journalist “change agent” must interview those of all manner of opinions on any subject and base their conclusions reported on the consensus–translate: synthesis–of the views presented).
Finally, it is how a delusional president such as GW Bush can rationalize lying in order to begin the nation’s 14 year engagement with endless war all over in the middle east and an equally delusional president Barack Obama could use the occasion of his lecture on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize to announce an expansion of the war in Afghanistan (with new franchises opening up in Yeman, Syria, Iran, Gaza, Libya, and maybe even the Ukraine (because we can do so, that’s why, and let’s have no more impertinence from any of the rest of you!).
It was also the basis of both the “Arab Spring” and its subsequent undoing all over the mid-east.


We were just talking at home here about how crazy Eisenhower, war hero conservative pro-business Republican, would seem by today’s phony “mainstream” standards.

Top tax rate of like 90%! Built the Interstate highway system, massive government infrastructure / jobs program! Actually talked publicly about peace, and of course when he retired on his last day he said the words “Military-Industrial Complex” after dropping “Congressional” from the potent cocktail.

Wasn’t it Eisenhower who talked about how only stupid people wanted to cut Social Security?


For some “Right” is “Left” and for others “Left” is “Right”, it’s all a matter of ideology and perspective. Those who are called “Liberal” or leftist in the US would often be characterized by Europeans as lying way off to the right.


The Democratic Party has moved to the right through the efforts of the DLC and more recently Third Way. If I’m not mistaken the Clintons were founding members of the DLC.

Third Way is a group that espouses traditional Republican policies like supply side and cutting Social Security and Medicare and corporate supremacy.

Voting for Hillary Clinton will not solve the party’s problems in the least. It will only make things worse. We don’t need another 1980s moderate Republican.


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Jesus was most definitely liberal! He was well known to hand out free food to anyone who wanted some and didn’t even require income qualifications. He didn’t go around and say “oh you’re hungry 'cause you’re stupid and lazy and need to get a job!”


In the classical sense, you can’t be American without being liberal. Having a democratically elected government is a liberal idea. A true conservative government is an aristocracy. Yup, the patriots in the Revolutionary War were branded as liberals, The Tories were conservatives.


In the early Republic the franchise only extended to white male property owners for the most part. It wasn’t until the time of Pres. Jackson that it was extended to all white males 21 or older. Women not till 1920. So, I think we can dispense with the notion that we lived or live in a democratic state. Even today it’s decidedly undemocratic because of the way the Senate is constructed, the way the Pres. is elected and many other anti-democratic ways and means that exist. I’d argue that if anything the trend right now in much of the country is weighted towards attempts to roll back voting rights and to thwart citizen participation in Gov’t. The elites are taking a very strong stand for the rights and privileges of MONEY as opposed to people. The so called Democratic Party recently has been a part of this general roll back in freedoms and liberties for the average citizen. The simple truth is the elite political establishment of both so called parties has moved far to the right these past 30 yrs. and consequently the public only appears to have moved leftward.


I haven’t found a conservative yet that can argue the fact that Jesus was a liberal.


I agree. But one must focus on the word “sellout’ here. They (Party leadership) do, in present law, “have (or believe they have) legal entitlement” to sell/market their vote to the highest bidder. So goes the hubris of our present political, economic and judicial system throughout. That, thanks to the faulty mathematics of Jeremy Betham and his “theory of hedonistic calculus”. (Ignoring the conditions of existence/life of over 50 percent of humanity of his time and their needs for greater happiness). Adam Smith’s bible of modern Capitalism, “The Wealth of Nations”, consummates the ‘holy marriage” between the worth of a human life and the value of the property he owns or has entitlement to.


Being a sellout is not that simple. Before too long they come to believe what they have been repeating for money.


When you consider polls about ISSUES rather than about labels, right and left, and Democrat and Republican make a HUGE difference.

Consider this Gallup poll. … By 59% to 33%, Americans think the income, “Should be more evenly distributed,” rather than, “Distribution is fair.”

Democrats, however, say: “should be more even” by 83% to 14%.
And Republicans say: “Distribution is fair,” by 60% to 28%

Also (same poll), 75% of Democrats say “government should redistribute wealth,” by taxing the rich.
Only 26% of Republicans think so, and 72% are opposed.

Since 2011, Americans who want to tax the rich have risen by 5 points

Never mind party leaders; opinion among Democratic (and independent) rank and file presents a great opportunity for organizing.


True. But back then any citizen could have property. Dozens of homestead acts gave property to anyone who simply lived there. By the time of Jackson this might have not been so much the case as the population expanded, so he fixed the problem. Unfortunately, slaves were still property and Indians “Foreign Nationals” treated as an enemy.

Women had some power through their husbands, as Abigail Adams showed vividly. Divorce was almost unheard of in that society. Our over 50 percent divorce rate and 50 percent high school drop out rate speaks volumes about what a failed society we have in our generation.

But I agree with you. It was still a Fake Democracy since in 1789 we went from 2000 reps to 400. This meant you could never speak anymore to your rep unless you paid him for his time.


Liberal and Progressive are the flags I wave


Well said. Thanks!


If my party, the Democratic party, wanted to have a seismic shift in voter identification, the leadership would pay for advertising now all across the country, in every state, identifying many of the issues that make us democrats, liberals and progressives:

Tuition-free public university education.
Easing the interest rates on student loans to the equal of loans by the government to the banks
Increasing Social Security.
Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
Breaking up the “too big to fail” banks and restoring glass-steagall regulations
Removing marijuana from schedule 1 to allow medical marijuana and states to legalize recreational marijuana without government interference.
Ending or at least beginning the ending of racism in America.
Raising taxes on the 1 percent and especially the 1/10th of 1 percent.
Ending the corruption brought on by citizens united court decision.
Rebuilding America’s infrastructure.
A clear and easily negotiable path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
An end to disparity of arrest and punishment for Americans based on their race, religion or nationality.
An end to the expansion of private prisons.
Restoration of institutions to care for and treat victims of mental illness.
Medicare for all.

This is the kind of 50 state campaign that Howard Dean might well have initiated as head of the DNC if Clinton had not turned the party over to the DLC, Wall Street and the triangulation gang.

For less than the cost of one or two contested Senatorial campaigns the Democratic party could conduct such an issues campaign, allowing people across America to know and understand the values and policies we stand for. All of those issues have majority support in the United States. When people realize that we are the party and we are the candidates who initiated and fought for these issues, the people would vote for us, in every state.They would also repay the cost of that campaign, and more, with contributions.

We can return democracy to the Democratic Party. If the party will only make the commitment.