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Latest Poll Shows Sanders With 'Commanding Lead' as Democratic Hopefuls Head to New Hampshire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/04/latest-poll-shows-sanders-commanding-lead-democratic-hopefuls-head-new-hampshire

Looks like Shadow Inc. will be getting some more business.


oops…wrong place

Corporate State Democrats’ DNC INC is surely busy busy busy trying to tilt another primary against Sanders.

I mean, it’s all about “democracy” as the platitudes echo.


The corporate DemocRATS - Tom Perez, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the DNC DINOS (Democrats In Name Only) must be having fits. Good!


Actually the DNC crowd isn’t quite at the “having fits” stage yet. Its more like they just heard that their heroin dealer is leaving town and they are not looking forward to the fits they will have when the corporate money fixes are no longer being provided.


Today, on Democracy Now! there was a debate between Rethuglicon, David Frum (speechwriter for G.W. Bush, and David was a staunch supporter of the Iraq War, and anti-trumper), and Bhaskar Sunkara- author of “The Socialist Manifesto”.

Frum starts by saying how dangerous 45 is, that we all need to make sacrifices in who we choose to replace 45, so don’t vote for Bernie. Cause he won’t win over 45.
1st of all, that IS THE PROBLEM I HAVE!! The middle-class in America has been voting for, making sacrifices for the wrong politicians for president for decades now. I am sick of being told not to vote for who I want and who I think is the best candidate.

Leave it to a moronic p.o.s. like David Frum to tell me what direction the Democratic Party should go? WTF!!! A Rethug telling Dems who they must vote for!!!


That should also tell you a lot about Democracy Now. They can ALWAYS be counted on for, in the end, siding with Corporate State Democrats.

Just slightly to the left of NPR.

Bernie’s so far ahead in the polls, Mayo Pete will just edge him out in New Hampshire delegates.

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Of course he will do well in N.H…it’s closer to being his hometown state than half of MA is to being Warren’s, lol.

I feel that Iowa showed there’s a strong movement from women that will allow us to block Bernie down the calendar and still nominate a progressive. Biden or Pete will fall eventually, and when one of them does Warren showed she’s close enough to leap back ahead of Bernie.

But it’s going to be a long race, so who knows.

No spin zone. Only 62% of precincts counted, and the mayor spent heavily, and spent as much or more time there as anyone.

It looks like Colbert will be the only satisfying coverage of politics today besides the democratic response by Michigan’s governor.

Have you ever heard of something called math? You should learn about it.

Sanders took half of the pledged delegates in Iowa and it will probably be more once they deign to release the total results. How exactly is that a collapse?

Yawn. Super Tuesday is the real game, not this niche state garbage. Nobody cares.

But what if we “spin it” by informing you that the deck IS NOW being stacked by the DNC, who wants a RICH WALL STREETER (or the next best thing: Butagieg) to win? And alters their debate rules to see it happen?

Look at it that way, and one wonders where your head is, to be taking such corruption as a sign that Sanders is “losing,” when what it really means, is that the Corporate Dems can’t handle the idea of him winning.