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Latest Polls Show Millions of "Not Even People" Disapprove of Trump Presidency


Latest Polls Show Millions of "Not Even People" Disapprove of Trump Presidency

Common Dreams staff

Eric Trump, second-eldest son of the U.S. president, drew international ridicule to himself overnight after telling FOX News host Sean Hannity Tuesday evening that he consider his father's detractors and political opponents as "not even people."

Watch it:

Eric Trump, the son of the President of the United States, says Democrats aren't even people. pic.twitter.com/2uhP8o8579


Korporations aren’t people either.  And scum like Trumpty-Dumpty & family are even lower.   They’re living proof that mankind DESCENDED from apes.

Trumpty-Dumpty will trip on his wall
Trumpty-Dumpty will take a great fall
All of his family and all of his men
Will spend twenty years in the Leavenworth pen.
Clean up the cesspool that is Washington – starting with the Turds at the Top!


This seems like one of those distractions that are supposed to keep us from following the important things such as the upcoming testimony by James Comey. Should we really care what Eric Trump has to say about Democrats? He isn’t even in the government.


Just a chip off the old block. Too bad leopards don’t have high-powered rifles to shoot back at you, you entitled POS.


“they’re not even people.”

This is how it starts folks. Dehumanize your opponents. The people who oppose us are less than human. The nazis said the same thing about the Jews.


If mini-trump wanted to be taken more seriously perhaps he should have remembered to wear his SS uniform.


TRUE: the Democratic Party is a mess
FALSE: the D’s did NOT spend 7 TIMES the amount of money as rump’s campaign. And you can even see him pausing knowing he just uttered a falsehood, but plows right on anyway.
TRUE: morality has flown right out the window thanks to the far right wing hypocrites.


Eric ‘Coke Binge’ Trump pretty much hit on it when he said that the media criticizing his dad weren’t people. What he meant to say was that he didn’t think anybody outside of the Trump towers or hotels qualified as people, either. This is the closest thing to Marie Antoinette in modern history. The problem is, the Trumps, once history speaks, will qualify not as people, but as something lower than the manure insects devour. And I don’t think we even need history to confirm that, since that is abundantly clear now. Impeach. Imprison.


And how is it that this Trump Trash believes what he has to say is of any importance/relevance? Next trophy hunting foray, take a stroll in the dark and not come back, scum.


Eric is another tool from the Trump tool chest. I don’t consider anyone that kills a cat, any kind of cat, a member of the species of ethical humans that endorse halting the murder of Earth and her creatures. I don’t include animals used as food as humans do consume meat but these cats are killed for “sport” or “fur” and that’s murder in my book. F**K You Eric, I hope you rot!
edit: Damn that picture really, really pissed me off.


Real people?


Real people –


There’s a reason Charles I got the chop! Trump is fanning the flames for civic unrest and a revolution with his devotion to absolutism.


So if we are not even people, I guess that explains why we don’t even have a living wage.


Talk about inbreeding – that entire family is retarded!




OMGoddess! The tiny-fisted prictator even has the same facial expressions; the same vacuous ‘thousand yard stare’; talk about the rotten apple not falling far from the tree – do you suppose his incipient Alzheimer’s came from ‘mommy dearest’???


Dehumanization is also how slavery was justified.
“they’re not human so enslaving them is fine.”