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Latest SAT Scores Raise New Alarms Over 'Test-and-Punish' Education


Latest SAT Scores Raise New Alarms Over 'Test-and-Punish' Education

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

New statistics show that average SAT scores countrywide have dropped to their lowest level since the college admissions exam was redesigned in 2005, continuing a 10-year trend that education advocates say illustrates the failures of test-driven schooling.

According to the College Board, which reported the statistics on Thursday, the average SAT score for the class of 2015 was 1490 out of a possible 2400, with points declining on all three sections of the test—reading, math, and writing.


I know, we just need to spend even more money on privatizing the schools more. Once the parents have to pay all of the costs involved in raising their children these troubles will be over.

No one will send their kids to schools, and the overseers will be happy with their ignorant workers.


"Drill and kill" was never meant to raise test scores, let alone academic proficiency or (dare we say it) critical thinking skills. It was deployed solely as a pretext for destroying public education. This is a win-win for our inverted totalitarianism: the privatizing predators get to make more money, and the general population becomes more defenseless - uneducated, impoverished, and intimidated.

Hypocritical utterances aside, the ruling class is united in their goal to destroy public education - Democrats and Republicans alike.


Does our ruling class really want to destroy public education in order to reserve education ONLY for the elite, or is it merely that they are unwilling to pay anything towards public education? If it is merely unwillingness to pay anything towards the commons (usually efforts to provide education to the masses to have an educated electorate and workers with job skills are considered part of the commons), then stocking our school buildings with plenty of networked computers with access to a wide variety of both educational software educational videos and computer lab monitors/slash movie house matrons to keep computers up and running and prevent students fighting each other, could work for middle school and high school, but not early childhood education until kids have enough mastery of reading, writing, and arithmetic to make good use of computers, and not special ed.


Huge issue. Need to get the private sector (profits, etc.) our of education, and get almost all administrators fired as well. Schools need to be governed by tenured teachers. That group should elect the "Principal Teacher" for a single (one time only) 5-year term. The tenured teachers should select new teachers. There needs to be a financial management team, but that should be city-wide, not at each school. Sport programs need to be rethought. Professional-like teenager teams need to city or regional and games should be on Sunday. Athletic programs at schools need to be exercise, not competition. Cell phones need to be checked at the door. Teachers need to recruit their best students to tutor their poorer students. Learning needs to be a society thing, not an individual thing. Certainly there needs to be evaluation of school performance. That should include success factors, like college admission rate, employment rate, celebration of graduates who excel with their lives. Teacher evaluations should include interview of recent graduates asking who was the best teacher and why. There reforms will not cost much money. Education needs to be all about teaching kids how to learn. When they understand that skill, all it takes is a library of good books. Certalnly the first book should be A People's History of the United States, the starting point of understanding.


This is the toss up: If you "...cant run a country with only scientists and engineers..." (Hillary Clinton), then what is your other choices? If we think this through, it leaves us with people cleaning toilets, doing the physical labor of making infrastructure, building buildings, etc, they dont need a college degree to complete these needed jobs. If eveyone went to school, school itself would lose value. BUT, when the choices are taken through purposeful mis-education, then there is a problem. If only the rich can attend, that is wrong. If only an elite class can attend, then that is wrong. I grasp the understanding of how a country runs, but to take choice away through lack of education, then we are wrong. Our education system has been run by former secret service agents since at least Nixon, there is something wrong. Why is it that it is former secret service agents, instead of professors or someone with an education in education, that are put in charge? That is the real question.


There is another factor affecting performance in schools and that is the quality of the education not just in tests nor even in teachers... in the quality of the schools themselves. Kids are aware btw. They see poor conditions, budget cuts reducing programs like art or music. They get minimalist test by rote teaching which would bore they hell out of a saint much less a kid with raging hormones. Boring instruction doesn't motivate. Shortages of equipment - every desk should be a touch screen computer - ever student should have a homework tablet instead of or in addition to schoolbooks.

When you visit a wealthy school you know it. Yeah you do. A computer lab that looks like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise or a band class where everyone has an instrument and nobody gets a plastic recorder makes an impression on a kid. Classes that go on field trips to museums and all those things we mean to visit but put off constantly. An education in a wealthy school is more fun and what is the result? Dopes like GW Bush not only do not become drop outs but they go to college. Why? Because everybody in a wealthy school feels the peer pressure of other students to be smart.

In poor schools where everything is spare, if not spartan is unfair. There it is tests/memorization by rote/dry and dreary schooling, kids feel the peer pressure to reject their being given a second class education. They are bored and resentful and reject >>> their school! Because their school and their education isn't like that in the wealthy school's. In other words right from the get go, the poorer kids are taught that they have failed to get into the better schools. They have been shown that they have failed simply by the condition of their schools.

Conservatives want to keep education private. Pay to play but they want to subsidize corporations whether through tax cuts or whatever. Bizarre huh?

Bernie wants free college education... guess what will happen to the poor?

Their kids will become doctors and lawyers and the grandchildren of those who are poor today will be middle class spoiled brats ... just like everybody else.


Better SAT Math scores are a matter of teaching to the test. It's not hard to try and buy your kid better scores. Note: the prep industry likes to pump up their results in various ways. They have a vested interest in working the kid harder, for example.

Nobody ever describes a real education, just what we don't want in an education. A real education produces real inventors in the mold of America's ancient hero inventors, say, Ben Franklin or the Wright Brothers. It also produces brave citizen leaders, not crooks. It also produces some social entrepreneurs. It produces future lovers that have already learned to fight fair, so they don't hit so many divorces. If your education is stuffing you into a bad box, I'm sorry for you.


There is no public education; what there is is public training.

One must educate oneself, hopefully in the presence of others who love learning.


"Education needs to be all about teaching kids how to learn."
* And think, contrast and compare, make rational judgements.
* When I started school, some seventy-three years ago, we had teachers who spent much of their time trying to turn us from little savages into thinking, reasoning, students. Some did a wonderful job.
* They taught one to listen to all sides of an issue, then make up their own minds as to what had value and what didn't. They taught us to "look it up" when we weren't certain what the correct position was, but always to make up our own mind.
* From grade school on up, we had "Social Studies" and "civics" classes where we learned the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and how they affected our lives. We studied the Declaration of Independence and what the tyrannies and oppressions were that we revolted against. We studied how our government worked and who our representatives were until we were bored out of our skulls, but we learned! We could make judgements based on our knowledge and how what was happening agreed or disagreed with the documents that founded our government and our nation.
* Contrast that with the teacher of today. No matter how gifted, how skilled that teacher may be, he or she is told by the Principal, "Your kids must all learn to pass the multiple guess test they will be given at the end of the year. If they fail, you will be fired, possibly the school will be closed."
* So, the teacher, instead of teaching the kids to think, to reason, must get them to memorize a meaningless test, for their own survival.
* What is the result? Failure, bored kids who don't give a damn, and minimal scores, firings, closures, then charter schools who do even worse.
* I guess Cheney/Bush wanted a Hitler Jugend all their own, and they designed a way to get them.
* Many, if not most of them have no skills, little or no hope, but they have played realistic computer war games (government and CIA financed) where they learn to kill and torture "enemies," for high scores and make believe medals.
* When they are finally decanted to the outer world, they find there are no jobs for them, but "See what the Army can do for you! Be all that you can be!" So they go off and become cannon fodder or war criminals.
* The other day, I was looking at a photo of a captured fifteen year old Wehrmacht anti-aircraft gunner at the close of the war. He looks so scared and lost and is obviously trying not to cry. Ah well, the Fourth Reich doesn't take anybody under seventeen, yet.
* I would wish that our schools were turning out intelligent, well rounded scholars, eagerly looking forward to making their mark on the world, improving a society which still has meaningful work for them to do.
* Ah well, "Supersize that? And do you want a large coke?"


Ever since Ronnie Raygun first appointed William (Superior Morals) Bennet to be Secretary of Education, the 1%, the republicans and democrats have seen the throw down of public education in amerika as nothing more than a money and property grab. A get rich quick scheme, for those like Bill Gates Neil Bush and Michelle Rhee. Pedallers of how to reduce the use of certified unionized teachers to be replaced by five week wonders produced by teach amerika! The State of Michigan has all but turned all of it's school districts into commodity zones for business purposes. When you turn education into a commodity, you are no longer educating your children, you have turned them into a source of profit for big business! The next time you think about the type of education your child is receiving from that fancy charter school just ask yourself this, What is the main purpose of a corporation? If you answer anything other than "To maximize profits for the corporation and investors" you're lying to yourself!


Our corporate controlled government is doing what is best for corporate business. It encourages privatization for prophet at the expense of public education. They are emphasizing competition for scores and they are not encouraging students to learn how to think. They no longer even allow teachers to think, and to get the best results using their own skills and abilities. This new regimentation of everything is not working out for students or teachers, and our educational system is falling behind the rest of the world.


Totalitarian dictatorships that pose as democracy always become to stupid to exist. It's a 100% deal.


Dean, not to put too fine a point on it, but the builders and others like them need an education as well. For instance, do you really want your Electrician to NOT have at least a college level knowledge of electricity and electrical systems? That is a short sighted view. A college education does not have to mean a business degree.


It simple. Destroy Public Education while suggesting that only an education can get one out of poverty.

In order to make up for the shortfalls in education have Private Industry offer education they claim will make up for the failings in hte Public system Make this a pay to learn scheme requiring that the people seek out loans in order to get that education.

Pass laws making it harder to get out from under these loans.

Result. An indebted population having to spend half their lives and more working to pay off those debts. This is simply more of the same. It practiced at the level of nation states as well as Money loaned from the Banker class to the poorer countries, Debt slavery is how CAPITAL is used to assert control over everything and everyone.


Common Core is the same as standards based education- focus on skill attainment as opposed to well-rounded development (art, music, thinking, wondering...) We used kids as guinea pigs in our state in the 1980's and indeed their test scores plummeted. Study here. The billionaires want a two-class system and see the masses as useless and not worth spending money on. It's really sickening- Send away millions of jobs, an unfair tax structure, crony capitalism with a central bank to help the banks and corps and not the people. The problem is poverty and a predator class. http://weaponsofmassdeception.org/1-drill-and-kill-fake-tests/1-2-rise-of-the-toxic-test-scammers
Moreover, the GED is much harder since it was taken over by Pearson. To top it off the ed-reformers say "College and Career Ready"... haha... a largely empty promise for over 50% of the kids who hope to earn a living wage. See here.


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A proposal framed in terms of accommodating sociopaths (people who are "unwilling to pay anything toward the commons") cannot be taken seriously by socially concerned citizens.

Computers have empowering classroom potential - but not when used as an excuse to get rid of teachers (at any grade level - including college courses). You might be interested in Diane Ravitch's perspective:

3 Dubious Uses of Technology in Schools


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