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Latest State-Level Attack on Reproductive Rights Takes Aim at Safe Medical Procedure


Latest State-Level Attack on Reproductive Rights Takes Aim at Safe Medical Procedure

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The latest offensive against reproductive rights just gained new ground in Oklahoma, where the GOP-dominated state legislature on Wednesday passed a controversial ban on a medical procedure that doctors say is critical to performing safe abortions during the second trimester.


Oklahoma…now there’s vacation destination…if you’re a gila monster or a wildcatter, maybe.

Forcing women back into pre-Roe v. Wade days results in desperate women taking life-threatening measures to terminate unwanted pregnancies: seeking out back-alley abortionists who do their work in seedy motels for large cash payments and certainly without guarantees; using massive amounts of laxatives; turning to inserting knitting needles or coat hangers; or even pummeling their abdominal area with intent to cause a miscarriage. And the governor of OK is a woman who obviously has no compassion or concern for the women in Okla. because her ideas on reproductive rights are the Holy Grail for all women to adhere to. Besides, women of means only need to make a call to their friendly physician who will do a D & E (without record, of course) in any number of clinics for cash payments. Early 1960’s revisited.

Not only are women victimized but so are physicians and medical practitioners who support a women’s right to choose.

Will the assault on women never end?


Entirely predictable. We’ve been trimming away the fundamental human and civil rights of women since the 1990s, from the bottom of the economic ladder upward. I guess middle classers are just now starting to notice.


"That child has a right to live - whether mum likes that or not! "

So when, in the process, does it become a “child” with a “right” to live?