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Latest TPP Draft Benefits Big Pharma By Slashing Access to Generics


Latest TPP Draft Benefits Big Pharma By Slashing Access to Generics

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With another round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations slated for the end of this month, the administration of President Barack Obama is aiming to force developing nations to adopt Big Pharma-friendly policies that are so bad for public health Obama himself has opposed them in the United States.


Baby, I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time,
And maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you.


A song you will never hear an Obamabot sing ?


Recall that during his first week in office Obama secretly met with infamous former Congressman turned drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin where he handed the keys to the ACA bus over to Billy. Looks like Billy continues to drive that bus.


Obama has a closet full of hats. At first glance they all look very nice, with an American flag and a pretty green “L” on every on. Designed by Frank Luntz, the “L” is taken to mean “Liberal”, but the water cooler talk is that they stand either for “Lackey” or “Liar”.

On closer inspection, they are made out of paper, by Walmart in China.


The kind of love given humanity by neoliberalism.


Having to pay wages to have people raise and harvest my crops is really putting me at a competitive disadvantage. If I could just force people to work in exchange for room and board, and make sure they stayed from year to year, I’d be in a much better position financially.

I’d like to sue countries whose short-sighted “human rights” laws prevent me from maximizing my profits.

Will TPP help me?


The US and EU are conspiring to hand China the whole world for an empire. It is nuts to protect multiple aimless-but-for-the-raw-greed-corporate rackets while China grows its own corporate rackets and grows an empire simply by not being as horribly imperious as is the US plus lots of quiet support from the EU.


What, because access to cheap drugs is a positive thing? You’re way off track here. How about we start talking about how terrible all drugs are, both brand name and generic drugs. Let’s start talking about the real solution: actual nutrients from real food.

Perhaps I should elaborate by providing a few points:

  1. Drugs are NEVER the answer. They are synthetic poisons invented by corporations in order to get rich (as one of the reasons).

  2. Every single problem drugs aim to “fix” can be fixed naturally without drugs, and without being poisoned.

  3. There is no quality difference or difference in terms of effectiveness between brand name and generic drugs.

  4. Remember, drugs can be patented. Natural vitamins cannot.

  5. Drugs do not fix problems. They either mask problems, or replace the current problem with many new problems. Humans are not capable of engineering anything capable of fixing such complex machinery. However, the body knows how to fix itself if you just give it the tools it needs to do so. But that won’t make the drug companies all their money now, will it?

Honestly, this is no better than mainstream media…


BO (as I like to call him) has been the leader of the corporate whore wing of the Democratic Party. Even Obamacare was a huge give away. And TPP was unfortunately to be expected.

I am retired and living on SocSec. My wife has been truly disabled for over 3 decades now. If we lose access to Canadian drugs, it will cost me at least another $2,000 per year. FU BO!


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Thats why I cant wait to get Obama out he had his chance…Time for Bernie to clean house…