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Latest TPP Leak Raises Burning Questions About Implications for U.S. Health Care System


Latest TPP Leak Raises Burning Questions About Implications for U.S. Health Care System

Public Citizen

WASHINGTON - The latest secret document from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations – published today by WikiLeaks – shows that the pact could expose Medicare to pharmaceutical company attacks and constrain future policy reforms, including the ability of the U.S. government to curb rising and unsustainable drug prices, according to Public Citizen. The concerns about the U.S. health care system arising from this latest leak add to the litany of reasons that nearly all Democrats in the U.S.



I wish Congress would just vote down the whole TPP treaty altogether.


There are two big problems with health care in US–our too big to fail drug firms do so much PUSHING of drugs that patient outcomes are most likely worse than they would be if patients were prescribed only appropriate drugs for their condition in the right dose. So it might improve patient outcomes if drug company profits could be separated from their incentive to push drugs–and–our too big to fail health insurance firms get 10% off the top of our health care costs for a Byzantine paperwork system that does more harm than good–we would be better off if we could have Medicare for everyone and just pay the health insurance firms their profit for staying out of the way. First Medicare should take over claim settlement, which they can do better for less money compared to private health insurance firms. I don’t know how much of that 10% insurance firms pay clerks altogether for their work. But it must be some expense for them. I also don’t know how much who spends for the insurance exchanges. That that also is a waste of money.