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Latest Trump Order Delivers 'Broadside to Separation of Church and State'


Latest Trump Order Delivers 'Broadside to Separation of Church and State'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump's executive order on "religious liberty," signed at the White House on Thursday, may not be quite as bad as rights groups feared when they mounted an emergency protest in the nation's capitol on Wednesday.


I am waiting for Trumpenstein to sign an executive order suspending the constitution. All of these things show how these people never really liked America as we knew it.


The US is becoming more like Saudi Arabia every day...


Neither Saudi rulers nor Hitler were ever a different species ..... and most Rethrugicans would have supported both.


Is our god given oil production output really that high?


Haven't they READ the constition? Can't spell right through my ters




Actually much of the US elite was very pro Hitler. Read about the Dulles brothers and their actions. Allen Dulles (later head of the CIA) helped ensure that a number of high level Nazis ended up in South America after WWII.


Are they calling this the "PENCE PENALTY" for being female?

Actually, I think there is no defeating the idea of democracy and concepts of freedom.

This is a liberal nation and these authoritarian instruments are being put in play to try to save
male-supremacist religions which are going down.

It also makes clear that this administration's goal is de-powering women who they see as the enemy.

Meanwhile, our planet is burning up. Human temperature is 98.6 degrees. In April this year in NJ we
had temps into the high 80's. Where will our weather be by July or August?

Global Warming is the Wild Card and at the moment we are only feeling the harm done to Nature by
exploitation of nature by humans up to about 1967. Imagine all that happened after that date.


So are all those right-wing christion conservatives going to be OK with Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc excersizing this new freedom and becoming more politically active, promoting political views during religious services, and expecting THEIR religious beliefs to be protected????

Let's watch...


From Stupid Party to Stupid Country, WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

Direct Democracy


I'll admit I hadn't considered the formation of new "churches" to funnel money into politics, but I don't see how they don't have enough routes for that already. Still, I don't see how you change the law by executive order. Especially when it's that blatantly stated, it's just begging for legal challenge.

@Greenwich, this may be more about Pence feeling that, since the NKoreans didn't cooperate with the lovely timing for Armaggedon on Easter, with himself at Ground Zero and surrounded by his wimmen to be raptured up, there hasn't been quite enough chaos made to prod God. Watch out, his pace may become frantic.


Sadly, very few people have actually read the Constitution, and it is just skimmed over in schools these days.
* "If you don't know what it is, you'll never miss it when you've lost it."
* Hmmmm, I wonder of some programmer, not owned by the CIA or NSA, might someday write a good action packed program called, say, "The Constitution Fighter". Make him or her a superhero, perhaps, who discovers violators of the Constitution (which, of course, includes the Bill of Rights) and brings them to Constitutional justice.
* That might actually get the younger generation interested in the Constitution, if a "Crime Fighter" were using it to promote actual justice on a computer game.
* Watch, or help, The Constitution Fighter unmask Congressmen, Senators, Justices, who broke their oath of office, "To protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic", even before the ink was dry. See the Constitution Fighter run the lobbyists out of town, and invoke the Constitution to ensure that Representatives earn and live on their salaries as government employees.
* Lots of plots; discrimination, racism, profiteering from war, manipulation of foods and supplies, the list goes on, all of these crimes solved and punished using the Constitution to bring about justice.
* Just a thought, but it might work!


Not to mention "Operation Paperclip" which not only brought over German Rocket Scientists to help with the space program, but lots of high ranking Nazis, to teach the government how to do it right. They were given new identities and lots of money, and their lessons seem to have fallen on fertile soil.


IKR, even the gun loving NRA doesn't realize or won't admit that they've already effectively lost the right to keep and bear arms a long time ago because, "Hello!", no one can just go into a gun shop and buy a machine gun or ground-to-air rocket launcher....

Very few people really understand or will admit to understanding the intent the Founding Fathers had when they wrote up the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ultimately, under the Constitution, The People do have the right to storm Washington and kill the president and all the politicians. Its not a right I want to have to exercise but it exists.


For what it's worth LlllkolJammin, hang in there. I'm feeling very challenged today as well.


Well, if these churches want some good old fashioned politicking done on my dime, well, I think I'll have to start going to church with my own hell fire and brimstone messaging from the left.

Should I wear a padded suit and helmet?



That sick zealot probably thinks "The Handmaid's Tale" is a utopian fantasy.


" which prevents churches and other tax-exempt religious organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates "

Always look at the bright side: CommonDreams (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization), can now directly endorse and fund or oppose political candidates.

Plus, according to the link provided in the article: " Even critics of the Johnson Amendment admit that the ban on candidate endorsements has rarely been enforced by the Internal Revenue Service "

My guess is Trump is trying to cater to the religious voters which are not totally fans of his.


That would start with his VP, who never expected it to last this long.