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Latest US-Led Air Strikes Kill At Least 80 Syrian Civilians


Latest US-Led Air Strikes Kill At Least 80 Syrian Civilians

Brett Wilkins

The US-led coalition against Islamic State has carried out more than 100 new air strikes targeting the militant group’s remaining strongholds in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, killing at least 80 civilians — including dozens of women and children — in recent weeks.


When “Mad Dog” Mattis tours the Middle East in a Stryker alongside his troops, I’ll start to believe in him. Until then, I’ll just hold my breath.


To all our “brave” men and women in the military, the establishment in both the Republican and Democratic parties, and to all those who turn a blind eye to these atrocities being done under the guise of making the world safe for democracy, may the ghosts of all the innocents you have killed haunt you, forever. Go back to the Dark Ages where you belong.


Why did George W Bush and company declare a war on terror in the first place instead of going after the culprits of 9/11? What interests pushed for a war on terror?

This horror is just one of the destructive consequences of the judicial coup of Gore v. Bush when it stopped a vote count that threatened their Republican guy.


It was an explicit effort by the Dims to run as many military and national security people as they could prove that that aren’t " Bernie and AO-C campaigned for some. Some were women. One used bombings as a theme in commercials.


I’d say the reason, and culprits, are revealed in the full declaration " a -global war- on terror". Also known as a world war, specifically our third.
It is rarely mentioned, but a handful of families in America, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothchild, Koch, Boss, Ford and others that now make up the majority of America’s oligarchy, all increased their wealth several times over during ww2.
And not just because America spend most of the war on the sidelines while its industrialists were profiteering their greedy little hearts out.
It makes sense that the next generation of psychopaths would want to do the same.


Good-ass luck looking to the duopoly to reign in any bombing campaigns. According to Code Pink:

"Democratic Representative Adam Smith, slated to become the next chairperson of the House Armed Services Committee, took a whopping $228,750 from the weapons industry between 2017 and 2018! Knowing he was next in line to become chair of this powerful committee, in the last weeks before the midterm elections, General Dynamics lobbyists rushed to give him an extra $10,000.

Rep. Smith says he wants to decrease our nuclear arsenal and increase scrutiny of Pentagon spending. Can we believe him when his bread is being buttered by an industry that thrives on violence and war?"


War is indeed a racket, and only a small “inside group” knows what it is about. Those maneuvering for a war against Iran are racketeers.


Had Russia dropped these bombs or had it been Assad it would be described as an ignoble and callous act of mass murder. That it was a US Lead strong means it was an act of necessity and of Heroism and those that dropped the bombs on these Civilians will be celebrated as “Heroes defending our Liberty so we do not have to speak Muslim”


i cant believe they would do this


Im wondering who was the target here. Yes, the USA claims to be here to fight ISIS (as it has done since 2013), and yet wherever you look closely, ISIS in Syria is still being used as a proxy force for the USA (as it has done since 2008). Without the 17 illegal USA bases along the Euphrates, ISIS would have been wiped out by Syria, Iran and Russia already. This article is lacking in such information. One needs to look in other places to find out.


“Likely more than 1 million” dead since 2001 in the entire Middle East/Central Asia theater of war? Please, careful actuarial research in 2006 found that more than 1 million had died in Iraq alone. Some estimates range to many millions


If civilian deaths really counted, then as each air strike run would be completed: the victims name, age, gender, and location of bomb death would be recorded. Then, the Americans who flew that run would be required to turn over their kids so the other side could have a choice of either killing the killer’s kid, or taking the killers kid in exchange for killing their civilian child.

This, of course, is a weird suggestion—but the only really fair thing to do and MAYBE it would cause bomb droppers to realize how the killing of civilians in war is much more than just a child civilian death--------it’s the murder of an entire family.


Oxfam , in Yemen, has seen their sites targetted by Saudi Airstrikes. These sites are generally warehouses of food and medicines that Oxfam runs to help distribute food to the starving peoples of Yemen.

A spokesperson for Oxfam alleged that the Sites locations are well known to British Intelligence and that the British Military is GIVING these locations to the Saudi’s as part of the on the ground help they and their US and French Allies are giving the Saudi’s.


These people are monsters and NATO as an organization , along with the Militaries of all the Western Nations are complicit in MASS murder. November 11th is Rememberance day , a day where the “sacrifice of our troops” honored. It has become a day of SHAME.


It’s funny how precise we can be… until we aren’t.

Did I say funny? I meant pathetic.


The three leading patriarchal nations, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are the biggest terrorist organizations on Earth. What we need, is a matriarchal movement.

Just watched the last part of Dances with Wolves a few minutes ago. Their slaughter of brown/black people continues to this day on a global scale, as evident in this article. The patriarch has zero reverence for life.


Not a war against terrorism, it’s a war of terrorism.

Innocence is dead.


Their God condones war…
The God of which they believe is a fallacy.
Only beings of limited understanding use violence to try and end violence .


If we know about these there are many more we don’t.


Depends on which version you want. There are a few.