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Latest 'Wake Up Call' of Climate Emergency as Historic Cyclone Hits Still Reeling Mozambique

Latest 'Wake Up Call' of Climate Emergency as Historic Cyclone Hits Still Reeling Mozambique

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Urgent calls for international aid and climate action mounted Friday after the stongest cyclone to ever hit Mozambique made landfall just weeks after another powerful storm ravaged the impoverished African country.

Not sure to whom this article addresses … if they expect help from US, they can just suck it up. We got more important things like warmongering and fences to build. Not to mention, if we get around to it, there’s Puerto Rico.

Talk about wake up calls: The Canadian military has been sent to eastern Canada to recue flood victims from what was described as a ‘millennium flood’. Seeing as how this same area was flooded in 2017 by a ‘millennium flood’, they had 998 years to go. Time sure goes by fast when nature calls.


My heart goes out to these people. Unprecedented that 2 Cyclones hit this Region, with Climate Change revealing its fury. It’s happening all over the world and in our country as well with Flooding and Tornados, yet not one polluting power plant has been shut down. What’s it gonna take? What more proof do we need?


Not an answer to (1), but every time I see a giant (L) swooping menacingly over the USA heartland (that is, constantly), I’m sure hoping the nuke-plants have all their hatches thoroughly battened. You can’t design infrastructure to withstand what we’re constantly seeing.

Regarding (2), I don’t think it’s so much a matter of proof in the rational sphere as of proportion in the emotional – or you might say human – sphere. Everyone has to realize the weather’s gone totally wicked by now, and that this is ominous and important. The question is how important.

Not that I have a question, myself – except regarding how (or even if) people can learn than nothing imaginable could be more important. I’ve heard it said: “If you don’t believe me now, just wait a couple years. No need to argue.”


For starters, how about sending the bill to Charles Koch?

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Someone posted this link a while ago. This site gathers all the flood reports into one place. Viewed collectively, one quickly realizes that climate-strengthened storms are past a tipping point. And, as has been amply pointed out, this ain’t no “new normal;” these monsters are small storms compared to what’s coming.



RA tries to sound reasonable by garbling some other placeholder reasons, but the real promotion here is what I call eco-holocaust denial. See California Drought Manipulation Conspiracy Theory:

The California drought manipulation conspiracy theory is promoted by a number of independent researchers, self-proclaimed scientists, and alternative news outlets. The theory proposes that the 2011–2017 drought was a deliberate, man-made phenomenon, created by weather modification. The theory has been dismissed by the scientific community and mainstream media as fringe science or pseudoscience.

This wiki article (and its linked sources) tells you all you need to know about the wingnut Dane Wigington and his studid chemtrails site.

My heart goes with yours too:

Look, RA, I’m going to flag any post of yours that references that fool’s site, now that you’ve had an opportunity to educate yourself about Dane Wigington. He’s a red-hat reactionary idiot, raising ridiculous distraction in Shasta County, and online. Now you should know it, if you care. If you don’t care, frankly, you don’t belong here. It’s for damn sure Dane Wigington doesn’t belong here with his crackpot right-wing apologies for fossil fuel predators.

I am personally subject to weeks-into-months of smoky air every summer and fall, here in California. When I hear Wigington claim any scientific legitimacy behind transparent propaganda which does nothing but shield the culprits, I take it personally. Wigington – and you, apparently – are eco-holocaust deniers.