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Latest WikiLeak Dump Shows CIA Hacking iPhones Since 2008


Latest WikiLeak Dump Shows CIA Hacking iPhones Since 2008

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

On the tails of its damning CIA hacking bombshell, WikiLeaks on Thursday published another trove of documents outlining how the spy agency has been uploading secret software to Apple devices dating back to 2008.


Have you a strange friend or acquaintance who is convinced the CIA is spying on them? I do.

We all thought these poor souls were in need of meds.

Turns out they were right.

But Kelly Anne will try to talk about this and say it in a messed up way and all the cultural liberals will make jokes about how crazy she is and ignore this.


You need to stop reporting on what Wikileaks does and releases… Would you report on the “findings” of the Putin government? Wikileaks is an arm of the Kremlin.
Nothing they release is real. It’s straight from the Russian government.
How gullible are you? Publishing what Wikileaks farts out is the same as saying you side with Putin over your own country.


Yeah, I’m sure that Putin’s top priority over 10 years ago, when Wikileaks first came on the scene and progressives were singing its praises because some of its exposes gave evidence to many issues they were concerned about and made right wing politicians and institutions look bad, was to have Assange as a Russian stooge.

By the way, if you actually go on to the Wikileaks website, there are plenty of documents about the Russian government uploaded there as well. I know, that’s probably just to throw us all off the scent over the years, right?

Everything Wikileaks has provided over the years has been deemed authentic, also.


Hey, just get a bloody cheap flip phone and use it very seldom …


This site has become DNC central. Still trying to blame someone, anyone for that November crushing defeat. It was Hillary Clinton’s fault folks , get a grip on yourselves. Sheesh.


Wilileaks in the only factual information available. No one has ever disavowed the information.

The CIA on the other hand is propaganda.