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Latinx Group Mijente's First-Ever Endorsement: Bernie Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/18/latinx-group-mijentes-first-ever-endorsement-bernie-sanders


This is really great news, way to go Bernie Sanders! One question though, not really too sure of the terms “Latinx & Chicanx”, any help on this would be much appreciated. All of the new terms, phrases, words coming from ?, guess I spend way too much time outside.


It’s just a gender neutral rendering of Latina and Latino. Traditionally, Spanish words are pluralized in the masculine form when the group/plurality being referred to contains both male and female members. For example, abuelo and abuela (grandfather and grandmother) are rendered abuelos (grandparents) in the plural. Somewhere along the line, this grammatical rule came to be viewed as needlessly sexist, because it refers to women and men in the masculine plural. So someone came up with the brilliant idea of Latinx. Sounds like a facial tissue, but, oh well.


good for you RRR for spending “too much time outside.” My reaction to this endorsement is positive but guarded. The use of “X” is an attempt to de-genderize well-used categories in Spanish: hence, the change from Latino or Latina to Latinx. Mexicans I know are either against this, unaware of it or in some ways they see it as comical. The LGBTQ movement is driving it which is where my 30 yr old daughter initially heard it used and “encouraged” by one of her professors. Last time I talked with her about it she said it wasn’t catching on but I don’t know.
The biggest concern about their endorsement in their statement is their prioritizing getting Trump out
“To get that change, first things first, we gotta get Donald Trump out and make him a one term president.”
I disagree. First I think we need to identify our fascist imperial parasitical system and commit to daily action to strengthen our resistance to it and support for life affirming systems. In my opinion, that means no to Bloomberg, mayor Pete, etc. I’m guessing that the “X” people will vote blue no matter who which would likely include a misogynist, sociopathic, zionist, murderous billionaire— Bloomberg. But for now, I’m with the "X"s endorsement.


The Sanders snowball continues to roll downhill gaining mass and momentum. Bernie is now leading in polls in Cali and now even in a poll in Texas! Texas! Can you imagine if Bernie won Texas? Jab in Iowa, roundhouse kick to the knee in NH, left hook to the body in Nevada. Right cross to the jaw in South Carolina. Devastating uppercut knockout punch on Super Tuesday and the DNC throws in the towel. I can hope can’t I?


United we stand, divided we fall! Mijente’s endorsement a very welcome part of that critical unity.

The great authenticity of Bernie Sanders speaks to the people; his integrity and genuine concern for the “Little People” and justice - his life-long record of dedication to the “Common Good” stands alone in this all-important election. IF he (WE) are not sabotaged as in 2016 we the people, los gentes, will prevail over oligarchy and vast wealth dictating a malignant and corrupt future for us all!. That we must not tolerate or allow! We must unite and fight for a future that respects the Natural World and The Wild! A sustainable, healthy, and just future!

Bernie Sanders IS the candidate fighting for US and that future, and if we all support and work for ourselves and Bernie we may prevail!



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Thylacine13 and Michaelegan, thank you both for the lingo lesson, much appreciated. Great to be Enlightened so early on a Tuesday AM!


Sanders understands that we all have the same human needs irrespective of our gender, race, etc.

Sanders does not let the 1% influence that understanding the way most other candidates do.


Only ~3% of Latinos use “Latinx” although there is a good argument that the term is more inclusive to gender non-binary folks. That being said, as a plural term, Latinos is fine to use since it encompasses everyone and has the bonus of not coming across as elitist (since substituting X for o/a is nonsense in Spanish and you gotta meet ppl where they are). GO BERNIE!!


I guess my Latino friends have not heard the news from all Media outlets that Bernie is Not Electable.

I was disgusted this morning to listen to Quack Journalists on CNN spewing nonsense on a “Realty Check” segment about how it is impossible for the Democratic Socialist, Bernie, to beat Trump, so therefore Mike the Republican Bigot should be the Democratic Nominee.

I guess the Cable News Moguls have handed down orders to the Rank & File that Bernie’s name should be avoided and no one should ever say a positive word about this Communist.

Wow, the Momentum is really starting to build up for Bernie and the Oligarchs, the ones that want to keep 99 percent of the Financial Pie, are beginning to worry.

If we thought that Trump was a Shameless Lying Cave Dwelling Troglodyte, just wait until the Elite Super Rich begin aiming their Highly Explosive Salvos at Bernie.

If we lived in a True Democracy Bernie would easily sail into the White House, but we live in a land inhabited by Tyrannical Republicans and Greedy Self-Serving Corporate Democrats that will do whatever it takes to stop a Candidate that has an Agenda that will Actually Represent We The People.

Thank You my Latino Friends for throwing your support behind the most reliable Candidate since FDR.



chico young man of mexico/latino, chica young woman of mexico/latina, chicano all of mexicanos/mexicanas together
Not so much in vogue these day but used in Latino literature in 90 etc.

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Si quieren ver los resultados de ungobierno Sanders, miren y estudien bien el gobierno de Venezuela. Afortunamente, Sanders tiene 0% probabilidad de ganar. Ni va a ser el candidato del DNC. Los patrones del partido los miran como alguien ajena y peligroso. El sea comprado en 2020, igual que en 2016.
Acostumbrense a DJT, porque falten 4 anyos mas.

Pues mira aquí. El payaso Juan Guaidó tiene tanto tiempo libre que ahora está hablando on the internets.


We were led down the aisle of trickle down cycle after cycle, always hearing the same old story. Somehow that trickle was actually a dam, holding profits from the working class.
We have heard the same lame talk about equalizing the workforce in racial and sexual identity.
Time to kill the lying and pretending, and actually change the game.


TRUE! Only the most sophomoric, morons still believe the myth that we live in a Democracy. Like I have posted before: Presidents are not elected; they are selected! And unfortunately, Bernie has not been selected and I would submit that only an outpouring of millions of us Bernie acolytes saying: " NOT THIS TIME"! Can stop the fascists.from re-electing the Amerikan, Fuehrer in 2020.


Throw in the towel, no. But what you might start to see are a few defectors - who see the early writing on the wall - jump ship to join the revolution. Already, cracks have appeared in the mainstream media. Denial still abounds, but there is some recognition that the Sanders campaign is a juggernaut they cannot stop.



Thanks for the info and welcomed to CD.

Right. And the trickle was just the dam keepers relieving themselves.

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Now that image will be with me for a little while, but thanks for the chuckle it produced.