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'Laughably Unlawful, But Do Not Simply Laugh This Off': Trump Suggests Rep. Schiff Should Be Arrested for Treason

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/30/laughably-unlawful-do-not-simply-laugh-trump-suggests-rep-schiff-should-be-arrested

We keep saying it, but nothing happens. Where are our cops on the beat for the people? We had an outrage brewing with the deplorables chanting “lock her up.” We have trump and his regime doinbg dozens times worse stuff and nothing happens. A couple of months more of this and it WILL be a new normal.
Trump doing his impersonation of a six year old, playing pass the buck.

Remembering the ploy of Dickhead Cheney," The best defense is a good offense." But we see right through this crap, so is it designed for his ditto heads?


Why does it seem that no one in this entire country, including the highest constitutional officer in the land, seems to know what constitutes treason?


Lives are being placed into danger, the Squad, Schiff, the WB’er, anyone that disagrees. This isn’t a laughing matter, having to watch your back is no joke. We have seen what can happen by what happened in New Zealand. This is getting way too ugly, way too fast. I almost hate reading the news now.


“Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE and terrible statement”. Trump, it is not a Fake statement but you are correct, it is a terrible statement!


No excrement, Sherlock. If this was an episode of Hawaii Five-O, McGarrett would have said “Book him, Danno” two years ago.


I keep wondering if Trump isn’t breaking some law or workplace safety regulation by constantly threatening members of Congress, whistleblowers, investigators, etc.
He tried to get Ilhan Omar killed by falsely claiming she supports ISIS.
Now this. The Dems have to play hardball. A president who makes threats against
people like Trump does isn’t just impeachable, he should be dragged out of the White House handcuffed and put in the same prison cell where Epstein was hit.


Don is a master of projection; this is a great example.


Exactly. It appears that there is no definitive definition of treason, therefore…on with The Don Show.

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More reasons to impeach Trump. He is an unstable man - psychologically unsuitable for any leadership role anywhere. Isn’t that enough or do we have to put up with this re-incarnation of King George III?


Yes, but the murdering Saudi Bin Salman is his friend. Who is the real traitor in this country?


Apparently rules and the laws are only for the little people. Can you imagine anyone ever acting like Trump who was an average worker in an american company. They would have been out the door in an instant. Instead because he has money, power and is the president he gets a pass on everything. We are not in a country where laws and ethics are applied equally under the law.


I was thinking this exactly on the way home reader ~

Looking over the new articles on CD just now, I see there are now too many to keep up with, so I chose this one as it seems most egregious.

@ditton is correct - no laughing matter. “Equal Justice Under Law” - really ???

I think two things may happen - you will oust Trump - or he will oust democracy.

What I see, honestly, is society breaking down pretty much everywhere.

There are over 400 nuclear reactors in operation right now, about 105 in the States, 78 in France…

If civilization collapses, I imagine so will universities - so will the supply of tech whizzes capable of running nuclear power plants and keeping their spectacularly dangerous high grade fuel cores cool in those bluish swimming pools.

Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” seems like a plausible outcome, even without a war. The Achilles Heel of Nuclear is funding. No economy - no funding.

Who is going to volunteer to keep all that high grade waste contained ???


I think the Constitution defines treason rather well, and succinctly. Article III, section 3 covers it in a single sentence. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

See? Pretty simple. Nothing about racism, maybe being born in another country, appointing people to office that some don’t like, and so on—just: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

It’s about levying war against the United States or aiding an enemy. Pretty definitive, don’t you think?


Sounds like Don is guilty.

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Agreed. But I do remember the mantra that emerged from the 2016 debates: “Lock her up.”

It struck me as a damned good idea at the time, and was glad someone said that publicly. We could have added Obama, Rumsfeld, Bush, Biden–the whole rotten crew to the chant as well.

BTW I voted for the Bern. But some of those Trump tropes “little Marco” and so on–they sounded good. We all needed to hear that kind of stuff. Perhaps we all still do. It’s called name the name, say that the emperor has no clothes.

If Schiff is ever arrested, it should be for being a key supporter of the bill to penalize Americans who support BDS. I will never forgive him–and Adler–for that little piece of work.


This is an uphill battle. This may help:

"Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution. In England, treason charges had been used to punish criticism of the government. To avoid such abuse, the framers of the Constitution established very specific elements of the crime that must be proved - and the standard of evidence for that proof. " (from “The Words We Live By - Your Annotated Guide To The Constitution” by Linda Monk)

Jefferson tried to prosecute Aaron Burr in 1807 for treason, accusing Burr of organizing men to attack Spanish lands west of the Mississippi. Chief Justice John Marshall noted that the definition of treason requires “that two witnesses must testify that Burr was actually involved in levying war, not just conspiracy.” Burr was acquitted. (same source)


Trump is calling for a WAR if he is impeached------These tweets are reason enough to remove Trump--------How can any CONSERVATIVE support this crap.