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Launch of Medicare for All Caucus Met With Applause as 62 House Democrats Demand Healthcare for Every American 'From the Day They're Born'

Launch of Medicare for All Caucus Met With Applause as 62 House Democrats Demand Healthcare for Every American 'From the Day They're Born'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the enthusiastic backing of America's largest nurses' union, consumer advocates, sustainable business groups, and the majority of the American public, 62 House Democrats on Thursday officially launched the Medicare for All Caucus, whi


Well, since you put it like that, no. But by now my anger far outweighs my skepticism.


And deep in the DNC offices, the “leadership” steeples its fingers and broods, “Yes, yes, this could be the deke to the left we need to con the voters yet again…” Just bear in mind, people, the neoliberal Democrats (i.e., the ones in charge of the party) do not want a socialized health care system, which is why Obama never put it on the table and Pelosi/Feinstein said “never.” They are deeply beholden to privatized health care and profits over people. Remember that when the “lesser-of-two-evils” argument ramps up as the election approaches.


No good-news story goes unpunished by the Common Dreams negativity-trolls and their up-voting followers…


And no amount of Democrat bait-and-switch will ever cause the Common Dreams Dbot crowd to jump ship.


For the last almost four years, I have been on Medicaid because of no or short-term employment. Saved my life because I was diagnosed with a heart condition and recently now another. A few weeks ago, hired as a permanent employee.

Bad news, make too much money to stay on Medicaid and voluntarily taking myself off to avoid being accused of fraud.

Worse news, employer doesn’t provide benefits to people in my status (per diem). So…can’t afford to pay for any continuing treatment (also am sheltered homeless).

Welcome to ???


And thank you for bashing people here and the left. You don’t do tons else anymore. This is great, I think it is good news, but people criticize the Democratic Party because it, on the whole, has been just as opposed to single payer as the far right. What they do would be completely unacceptable in any other developed country, try that bullshit in Canada and try getting elected, and it should be here too.


Very sorry to hear of your troubles. I am sure the for-profit health care oligarchs will offer you unlimited “thoughts and prayers” while they make big donations to keep you well away from health care.


I am so sorry to hear that. How immoral of a system do we have?


What good news? That a small number of powerless Democrats made a pretty noise? Call me when the Democrats eschew neoliberalism for good.


Everyone is needed to get to the point where we will achieve this:


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I know you’re in a tough situation. Hang in there, mate !


Yunzer, I for one never bashed you for supporting Hillary and her incrementalism. However, not everyone agrees with you especially after 8 tepid years with Obama. Too many Democrats keep expressing their true conservative bent. We need courageous action in face of all the crisis facing us and were facing us even before the current administration. When you repeatedly bash those with whom you disagree you give the impression that you have strong ego needs to continually justify yourself as a left radical for having voted as such. You really do NOT need to do so.

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Your story will only add to my resoluteness to see that every man, woman, and child gets Improved Medicare For All. Hang in there. Please.


Who should we believe on MFA/Single payer, Yunzer, these 62 D-Party congresscritters or the queen us negativity-trolls don’t show fealty to like you do?


I really wish she would shut the F-up. Bernie’s plan needs to be in synch with HR 676 for sure. Sounds like she wants to justify herself.


Are you opposed to change because change may force you to change your comfortable beliefs that change is not possible?

What are you doing to effect change. What organizations do you belong to?

So I assume you are opposed to single-payer or improved Medicare for all?

Because with your negativity - you sure are actively working to discourage any of your fellow citizens from getting involved in getting it adopted!

This caucus, along with nearly every Democrat being a co-sponsor of HR-676 sounds like great news to me. Only here is it treated with such cynicism.

Oh, but she and Bill will be around in 2020 to put their kiss of death on the Dem nominee.

I can already hear Trump: _________ is supported by Crooked Hillary.

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Steven, let’s not confuse the public even more: What we in the movement are demanding is Expanded, Improved Medicare For All, HR 676. You will note the signs next to the sign Medicare For All that say Improved Medicare For All

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