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Laura Poitras on the Post-9/11 Moral Vacuum and How Snowden Will Go Down in History


Laura Poitras on the Post-9/11 Moral Vacuum and How Snowden Will Go Down in History

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"...it's easy to forget it all began with Poitras... the first person Snowden made contact with."

That's CBC News referring to Laura Poitras, the journalist and filmmaker behind the Oscar-nominated documentary Citizenfour, which offers a look at NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's first meetings with journalists.


Go Laura, Edward, Glenn and all of you freedom fighters. The truth is mightier than a drone.


i think poitras, greenwald and the heroic snowden are in service to those who love freedom. however i find it quite naive that laura poitras sees democracy going through a phase as if we shall return to responsible government. we are stepping into a fascistic state that has been intelligently moving step by step and unnoticed. i perceive the pace was stepped up when reagan got into power and brought on neoliberalism to empower business as the ruling apparatus. Ike warned us and we did not heed!!! then again so did george washington. etc!!


“empower business as the ruling apparatus”

Harper’s magazine has an essay, “In Regulation Nation” by David Graeber that addresses this as well as I have ever seen it. I was unaware of Graeber’s writing until reading this essay. Clearly, he’s onto something.


“…it’s easy to forget it all began with Poitras…”

Indeed - Greenwald initially rejected Snowden’s overtures - so if it hadn’t been for Poitras, where would this have gone?


I love it when Laura Poitras points to Edward Snowden’s youthful and constant eloquence, not just eloquence after editing of his discourse has occurred.

For dumb Americans Snowden is a bad person because their government says it’s so.

And a bad person can’t be eloquent or smart or correct or anything else.

I also love getting a sense of Laura Poitras as a human being. Up till now she has been-- wrongly-- just a name for me and I suspect others.

Anyone who wants to be a better president than Barack Obama needs to treat persons like Poitras, Snowden and Greenwald with more of the respect they most certainly do deserve.

This is hugely important in my view. Our presidents and other American leaders need to hew closer to Thomas Jefferson’s views about the crucial role of free press in American democracy.

The other major area where Obama has failed is his idealism free views of war and American military. These like those of too many other Americans have been conditioned by neurotic fear along with advertising world emptiness.

These are true criticisms of the president. When one addresses other areas, viz., health care, one quickly realizes that the criticisms so prevalent in our society are bogus distortions and lies perpetrated again by extremely stupid and flawed persons.


How about the ‘Pre 9/11’ moral vacuum. Folks, This ‘Moral Vacuum’ has been going on for a Long, Long time… Only, more recently, exposed for what it is. And, it is so horrific, many refuse to see it, even when it is right in front of their faces. And, the Perpetrators know this…so well as to flaunt their Shit ( eg 9/11) in Broad Daylight!
‘Go ahead, do something about it’…if you can.
Who is bold enough, Smart ,and Strong enough to take on the Illuminati? They control many politicians (and ‘The Oppositions’) around the World; the vast Majority of US Congress Persons, The US Presidency, since Kennedy (they offed him, and his brother and son, as he knew their game, and had Other plans) Every President ‘Theirs’. Solid War, since Kennedy, Right? They now Own the Supreme Court and all the Major Media; and, of course, the Entire Monetary System, which is how they managed to get wealthy enough to buy everyone off.
Now, Wha…t are we going to DO about it?


i certainly do appreciate your reply. i will read david graeber’s account however my comment was original from that which is located between my ears. i doubt there are original observations as they can occur simultaneously as inventions often do. lewis lapham was a joy to read and his insights will be cherished. i hope harper’s has maintained the same quality. i have not read the mag for a long time as i am an expat and limited to access.


Thanks for the reasoned response. I so agree about Lapham, I still enjoy him at “Lapham’s Quarterly”. Please share with me your impression of Graeber as he was a surprise to me.