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Lavish Taxpayer-Funded Dinners Hosted by Pompeo Spark Concern Over Real Purpose

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/lavish-taxpayer-funded-dinners-hosted-pompeo-spark-concern-over-real-purpose

By comparison Nixon and his band of pirates stole the wheel covers off of your car while Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are stealing your identity.

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Frankly Mike, you should’ve sewn your lips together a long time ago.

Less food means less dinners.

Means, less drain on our nation’s resources.

There’s a reason the rich and powerful play a lot of golf: such “recreation” isn’t subject to Open Public Meetings Act requirements. This appears to fit the mold.


The guy and his boss are crooks. What else would we expect?


…Plus he’s stole all the cars off the lot where the wheel covers were missing on Saturday when no one was looking…The GOP are Narcissistic throwbacks to some ancient age of evil, spineless globs…

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Not about foreign policy, please, just look at the guest list. Clearly they were discussing how to weaponize the chick-fil-a sandwich, a logical conclusion. /s

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Did he ask for a “doggy bag”.?

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