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Law and Disorder: Why Corporatism Will Dominate US Policy for Decades to Come

Law and Disorder: Why Corporatism Will Dominate US Policy for Decades to Come

John Atcheson

Remember when Republicans ran on a law and order platform? Well, nowadays, we’ve got a President – in fact an entire Party -- at war with the idea of the rule of law in general, and any constraints on corporations in particular. Democrats console themselves with the idea that this can all be righted in the next election. Vote Trump out, retain the majority in the House, and win the Senate. Problem solved.

Mr. Atcheson, I am glad that you tied this to the issue of campaign financing, which is central to the control that corporate money has over both parties. The idea that “our” “representatives” in Congress must continually dial for dollars is repugnant to representation of the People. Pile on the various and sundry lobbying mechanisms, both transparent and opaque, and we have found ourselves in quite the mess for any semblance of a DEMOcratic republic. I had hopes that the internet might be able to lower the access bar for discussion of the People’s issues, but seeing that corporations control the main venues on that platform–often with bought and paid for government support–I was proven to be naively idealistic. Now, color me informedly cynical.


By 2020 US courts will be stacked to the extent that any legislation Congress produces that the corporations don’t like will be tried in court with predictable results…it won’t matter if Congress is 100% Green Party…stacked courts will have the final say on all legislation.


"Once we recognize ourselves as a force of nature, we will need to address who directs this immense power, and to what ends."

  • Simon L. Lewis & Mark A. Maslin in “The Human Planet, How we created the Anthropocene” (2018)

Mark Maslin has an article here on Common Dreams, with only a very few comments, despite his being a climate scientist.

I too am increasingly cynical, exasperated, dumbfounded… - by the ignorance and small mindedness of virtually all of the people around me.

Perhaps I am all wrong - or some sort of social misfit - that’s always a possibility I suppose.

But it seems more likely we are reenacting Easter Island, on the largest canvas available.

Closer to home, none of the checks and balances are working well, some not at all.

Ergo - the system itself is broken, perhaps beyond repair.

Time then for a new system.

I think - maybe the United Nations, who has as we speak, both the international conferences on climate change and biodiversity on their plate.

I don’t see any other ready alternative - despite the flaws the UN is undoubtedly beset with.

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Impeach partisan judges.

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Gee, what a BIG Surprise!   The U.S. has been a full-blown Korpocracy for at least the last seven decades.  That the situation for us peons will worsen over the next several decades is hardly news.

A nice idea (depending on what you mean by “partisan”, of course, and then could identify them), but slightly difficult to accomplish in that you’d have to replace about half of the “Democrats” in the House – including their “fearless leader”, P’Loser – in order to get Bills of Impeachment sent to the Senate, and then replace enough 'PoopLickens AND Korporate DamnocRats in the Senate in order to get the TWO-THIRDS majority votes needed to Impeach.  With hundreds of these “partisan judges” already in office the above might take a while to accomplish, so in the meanwhile let’s at least make a small beginning by starting the Impeachment Investigations of A.G. Barr and Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb.

OOooops, I forgot — even that would require korporate stooge P’Loser to actually DO something . . .

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I read this article and am confused. As I recall, in 2016, there were many progressives here at CD who told me considering the Supreme Court at the ballot box was “fear voting.” I was told to vote my conscious even though my conscious told me a critical Supreme Court seat was on the line. Moreover, aren’t we supposed to be celebrating the current outcome since a great progressive revolution is on its way? Damn the incrementalists, all or nothing, right? Wasn’t that what we are in it for?

Now, per the article, “Democrats are complicit” with Supreme Court decisions that none of the Democratic appointees sided with. Seems like less pragmatism, more ideological conscious tests are surely called for.

Maybe Pelosi and the ones against trump were all just too afraid to stand up and be counted out of fear of having no support from their party and/or no support from the people. But it seems Pelosi is getting a lot of pressure applied to propose impeachment of the “dunce” in chief. She may actually cave!

I like your term: “Presidunce.”

Clinton and Obama were both less than pathetic in reversing the oligarchic takeover. They were all hat and no cattle.


Clinton and BO were both DLC 3rd Way corporate stooges. They were never going to fix the problem, they were there to dig the hole deeper. And they did. The current Dem ‘leadership’ is the same. You cant’ expect the people that created the problem to fix it. They don’ recognize it as a problem. They recognize it as a goal and they recognize that they cannot say that out loud in mixed company. The ‘democrat’ leadership is playing black belt ninja 3D chess and the 99% are their opponents. Not the Corporations, republicans. or MIC.
And we aren’t going to fix it by playing along with their game plan

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