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Law Enforcement's Dangerous Double Standards on Protest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/law-enforcements-dangerous-double-standards-protest

It’s a crying shame that the hate from the right ends up giving Law Enforcement all the tools they request to stifle protests of racially motivated murder “by” Law Enforcement, seemingly anxious to engage protesters as violently as possible, however, when White Supremacists “protest”, usually with a broad show of weapons, Law Enforcement backs away unwilling to engage those clearly more of a threat to law and order.

Remember that old phrase, “Might makes right?”

Well, it appears that this has transformed over centuries of inaction against the spread of White Supremacists, to now be, “Right makes Might (Hate.)”

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The US not only has a long history of law-enforcement violence against left wing protest, the US also has a long history of violence against the left around the globe. Whether by military coup, or invasion by US troops, the US has overseen the killing of hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) of left wing political protesters and politicians in many other countries for over a century. This is especially true in Central and South America under the Monroe doctrine. So this is not just something done recently in the US, it is long term US policy around the globe.


Empire does what it damn well pleases until it’s stopped. All Empire aspiring nations historically engage in this, too. Phrases like " the white man’s burden " is a religious public relations campaign in the developing regions you’ve mentioned. It allows the wealthy yet another path to the conquest and subjugation of millions. Another smokescreen for theft and looting, by the already rich and powerful. As if they needed one, btw.
While telling the domestic audiences somebody has to " civilize " and bring purpose to the lives of heathens, the uncultured herds of natives ( colored people ) constantly standing in the way of progress. Progress is subjugation in this instance, of course.
The MIC and law enforcement at home and abroad, with increasing precision and using quality tools are the big hammers, nailing most problems for the Empire, quite efficiently. After the blood is spilled, the " political spin doctors " create the cover stories we read in gov’t issued history books.

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I’m sure glad, everything’s back to NORMAL & constitutional rights of assembly, speech, association, privacy… to protest for redress of grievances; our right to strike, whistleblow or organize without fear of retaliation or unfair treatment by law enforcement, creditors, courts, government or…

Oh, his PROMISES were all blatant falsehood we fell for?







Well not all, “nothing will change” seems to ring true with this administration so far.


I was working up by where Barack Obama learned NEVER to speak the god-awful TRUTH, about 'Murikans, ever again. It was not too far from Biden’s birthplace, as I remember? Somehow, they’ll find some silly damn way to blame Russia, Assange or US for his inadvertent candor to the rich folks?

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“There’s a long history of law enforcement violence against left-wing dissent in the U.S.”

And may I ask…why? I would say it is because the left threatens the wealth and the status quo of the political elite, while the fascists on the right support it.