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'Law is Dead in America': Presidential Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Widely Condemned

'Law is Dead in America': Presidential Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Widely Condemned

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Rights groups, immigration activists, legal experts, politicians, and others swiftly denounced President Donald Trump's decision to pardon the notorious former sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Law has been dead for a long time. unarmed black men shot in the streets with no repercussion. The DNC just stole an election and the case has been dismissed. FBI failed to recommend prosecution for the handling of Clinton’s State Dept emails.
Our entire planet and the future of civilization being destroyed because there’s no enforcement of the laws to protect the citizens’ water, air, and land because corporations now write and control enforcement of the ‘law’.
This list could go on and on. So I’ll end it by saying that the biggest criminals are outside the jails, not inside them.


Adding to the prior post, I would say that the rule of law, after being already comatose for a long time, died in the USA after the Obomber, on the heels of a landslide election victory in 2008, decided to let the Bush-Cheney mafia, guilty of far worse crimes than this disgusting sheriff, off the hook and continued their policies.

Since then, the corpse has been twitching a bit, like a beheaded chicken, but it’s been dead for a while now.


Let us not forget the banksters who got a free ride after destroying the lives of millions of people in the US (and elsewhere(). Yes the rule of law, just like free trade, are constructs the rich use to keep us po’ folks down. Whether or not it is legal or moral is not a consideration as long as the campaign contributions keep rolling in. The rule of law has been dead for a long time, or non-existent. Just ask our Native Americans or Black people.

Resistance is not futile. The SOA Watch US-Mexico Border Convergence is coming up. Be there or be square! http://www.soaw.org/border/


Absolutely, bodeswell.

Since WWII, Criminals have founded our Intelligence Labyrinth, overturned National Elections, started Wars of Aggression in Our Name, stolen the Public Airwaves, become Presidents, and Undermined Our Economy, Our Justice and Educational Systems, and Our Democracy, as it were.


I love hypocrisy. “Law is dead” when a Sheriff Joe is pardoned, but when Obama pardoned Oscar Lopez-Rivera, an unrepentant murderer, or when Clinton pardoned Marc Rich you didn’t hear a voice raised on the left…

Face it - Presidents take care of their friends. Its a fact of politics


Joe deserved the shanking he would have gotten in the prison shower.


Since WWII?

Since 1776! Genocide of indigenous people, slavery, wars of expansion/aggression.

Laws are made by the powerful to control those with little power. Justice, fairness, equality before the law are empty slogans.


This has the face of tyranny. Steel yourselves. Resist.


Wrong about the outcry. Democrats are centrists at best; the left certainly cried foul.

You’re right about presidential cronyism with Rich and Arpaio, but throwing Rivera in muddies the waters: one is a political prisoner, the other is an elected official who abused his power, and the other is just a common white-collar crook. Rivera’s sentence was commuted, the other two were pardoned. Of the three, the political prisoner has the best case for a pardon because that person’s motive was to help others, while the other’s motives were to help themselves: power and greed.

Rich was a non-violent crook, so let’s leave him aside. Rivera is a violent man, but so is Joe. People died before their time or got hurt because of both men’s actions. Rivera challenged the social order and destroyed some property. Arpaio challenged the social order and built a gulag. Rivera served 35 years for his crimes. Arpaio served no time at all.

Rivera is a Latino. Arpaio is white. That’s the hypocrisy here.

In terms of death and personal injury, Arpaio outpaces Rivera by a long shot:

Rivera caused millions of dollars in property damage, while Arpaio cost taxpayers millions of dollars in lawsuits:

A case always existed to pardon Rivera because his actions were political actions. It took 35 years of neutering him before his sentence was commuted, and Obama had no direct relationship of any kind with Rivera, although he does have contacts in the Puerto Rican community. No such case exists with Arpaio, and Arpaio actually is Trump’s friend. Rich and Clinton had direct ties as well.

I don’t condone the use of violence in either case, just sayin’ apples and oranges.


In other words, a managorie of leftists disagree with the President’s actions, as they do with every other thing he does. Big deal.

The “swamp” has turned into the cesspool…

trump is a despicable person with zero redeeming qualities, no moral compass, empathy, understanding, or common decency…


Remove The Mango Mussolini from office. Lock him up. As for Joe (the pile of shit) Arpaio, street justice maybe in order. Too bad, asshole Joe didn’t get to experience the cruel inhuman lockup environment he created. ie.) pink underwear, shit sandwiches, overheated stifling tents, untested rape kits, unreported jail deaths, and the list goes on.
Fuck both the fascists, white supremacists, neo-Nazi’s. They need to share the same cell.


Nice bridge ya got there, Mr. Troll.


Clearly this is an extremely serious situation. Arpaio was pardoned even though he did not follow court orders. If this becomes a president Trump could tell anyone they will pardoned even if the court orders them to follow the law. I would suspect that Trump’s power to pardon will be tested in a lawsuit. If he has unlimited power to pardon then basically what you have is a dictatorship. An op-ed in the NY Times yesterday that under the Constitution there should be a limit to presidential pardons to uphold the Bill of Rights. This conflict between white supremacy and tolerance could end in a breakup iof the country. The country was really built on slavery justified by white supremacy. Much of the US has to moved on to a view of racial equality and racial, ethnic, and religious tolerance. But a large part of the country still clings to the past and refuses to accept that views have changed. I don’t think there is any common ground here. This situation grows more dangerous by the day.


Just because I really needed a laugh…even tho it is still all about our really being in a world of shite…


Trump had to pardon him before he can nominate Arpaio to head the Department of Homeland Security.

You must admit, sadly, under Trump, the above statement has a ring of plausibility doesn’t it?


Did you escape from the menagerie?


Ah well, if the Prussian Court had convicted Heydrich or Himmler for crimes, I’m sure Hitler would have pardoned them as well.
*I imagine all of us concerned citizens will find ourselves on Hitler’s Trump’s Blacklist as the power of the new Nazis gets cemented in place.
*I’ve been hoping that the world would take us in hand as it did Hitler after Poland, but probably fear of a madman with the keys to the missile locker will keep them in check until it is too late.
*There may be little of the world to rebuild after the Oilagarchy has completed its rape of the world’s resources and its theft of what little of value We the People still have.


Lest we forget, Sheriff Joe is STILL a convicted FELON. Did we really expect him to do any serious jail time? But Donald, who cannot swim, just jumped in deep water to save a drowning Joe. We know how this ends, and can enjoy watching as they predictably both go under.

The death throes of Empire like the self-destruction of an out-of-balance centrifuge or turbine are violent and dangerous and, once beyond a certain point, completely irreversible.