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'Law Is on Our Side': Seattle Mayor Ready to Sue Trump for Answers on Immigration


'Law Is on Our Side': Seattle Mayor Ready to Sue Trump for Answers on Immigration

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is ready to sue President Donald Trump if he keeps refusing to answer Murray's questions about his immigration policies, Politico reported Tuesday.

The mayor is slated to use his State of the City speech Tuesday morning to announce plans to ask the Trump administration to respond to questions about his executive orders, his plans for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and sanctuary cities.


Any city, county or state that experiences Federal fund cutoffs needs to establish an escrow account for all employers and other federal tax contributors within which to deposit their withholding. The escrow accounts can then be used to make up for the Federal funding cuts.

Wherever Trump is attempting to kill the geese that lay the golden eggs, the geese need to play their hands against Trump's.


"...seek to determine the administration's definition of 'sanctuary cities'..." Now this is how to make an argument. One reason why MLK was successful in his contact with American government is that he used the government's argument of equality against itself. Govt said everyone is equal. MLK said, You (govt) said we are equal...you said it, not me...you. That is an abstract, but it is how he setup his argument. The same for Natives. The government said it would take care of them...the government said it. The retort against black equality was, "Wait, we will change to an equal state." No where in the Constitution is there a time clause, therefore, waiting was unacceptable, but only because waiting was unconstitutional, and again setting up to use the government arguments against itself. Granted it was/is being run by racists, so their arguments are poor to begin with.