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Law, Order, and Social Suicide


Law, Order, and Social Suicide

Robert C. Koehler

Want a ringside seat for the war on crime? Go to killedbypolice.net. A few hours ago (as I write this), the site had listed 1,191 police killings in the U.S. this year. I just looked again.

The total is up one.

This, about killing number 1,192, is from the Fresno Bee, which the site links to:

“Authorities have identified the woman fatally shot by a deputy early Tuesday as a 50-year-old military veteran.


How do we get our "Public Servants" back to being trained to serve the public instead of murder it?


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i'm going to paste my response to a truthdig comment from a sonali kolkatkar artile "why black lives matter is the movement of the year"

you point out that, "It will take more time before folks get over this kind of prejudice." although the 'black lives matter' movement speaks to prejudice, there's a deeper message; it's about institutionalized racism. 'uppityblackwoman' makes the valid point that '#blm' demonstrators are responding to a militarized police force to which many of us have trouble comprehending the urgency. i have no doubt that had tamir rice been a 12 year old white kid playing in the park with a toy gun, the outcome would be very different. you are right, though, each of us bears a responsibility in ending racial bias. the time is NOW! the past cannot be changed and the future is not ours to know. NOW is all we have and our choices NOW help determine the future. all too often unreasoned prejudices are passed from one generation to the next as these two verses from south pacific explain:

"You've got to be taught
To hate and fear
You've got to be taught
From year to Year
It's got to be drummed
in your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade,
You've got to be carefully taught."


Take away their license to kill? Take away their badge when they kill without real cause. Every death should be treated as a crime until proven otherwise. Presently each death is treated as if justified until proven otherwise.


Yes, and yes again!

US foreign policy is carried out by soldiers that may be well meaning but are mislead and brainwashed hired legal killers and mercenaries to support the Fascist Amerikan Empire and has absolutely nothing to do with Homeland Security, in fact, if anything, it is keeping the average American less safe.

So what do you expect?


Although I can appreciate the content of this article, I have to disagree with the statement that our police are warriors. I believe their behavior has been rooted much more in fear and cowardice. Any time fear is the foundation from which you operate or function, expect unfavorable outcomes.


you are so right as to the role "fear" plays! although, today's police receive a military training and that fits with the warrior image. i remember a democracy NOW! interview with a young black man from several months back. he pointed out that a black person walking in an all-white community is statistically in more danger than a white strolling through a black neighborhood. as you say there exists an ungrounded, unreasoning fear among whites of blacks. and boy! it's so hard to reason with paranoia!


p.s. notice both stanzas of the song i quoted above mention fear


Hahaha! Ask Sallie Mae.


Since the murder of Black youth by police has emphasized the deaths of males--only--a movement named "Say Her Name" has arisen.

Leave it to Mr. Koehler to--as per usual--leave gender entirely out of the equation as if the entire fabric of domination based on aggression is not itself a showing of raw machismo. And it's particularly galling given that he begins this piece exposing the murder of two women!

Here is the quote:

"This is the outcome of a punishment-based conception of social order. And because it’s mixed with racism and classism, the toxicity is compounded exponentially."

This absence--which is to say the purposeful rendering of gender AS invisible--is so recurrent as to indicate a serious blind spot in Mr. Koehler's entire perceptual framework.

Everything about a patriarchal order is misogynistic. Period.

Violence is not about "We," or any other generic nonsense predicated on "this is who WE are."

It's about male identifiers of power. And to those who have little economic power, other forms are sought, found, and expressed.

Gestapo, brown-shirts, police who resemble military fighters are always used to control populations. Thus the idea that THEY are WE is in and of itself such a glaring fiction as to serve as little more than a paean to all this State Violence set up under the pretense of "law and order."

Another ridiculous quote:

"We — meaning the police, meaning all of us — don’t maintain order so much as create it, day by day, moment by moment. How do we disarm this creation process and realign it with healing, growth and love, indeed, with the evolution of who we are?"


Could it be that my banging on Mr. Koehler's closed cognitive windows allowed a bit of the light of truth to manage to seep through? Still, even when he (here) admits the machismo element, he still HIDES behind the generic WE crap that subsumes all things female into the Male category as if there is NO distinction.

"While the concept of the warrior, or soldier, is glory-saturated, and while the physical and emotional intensity of the training is enormous, and while the macho appeal of being a warrior is understandable, the focal point of this training is the existence of The Enemy and how to defeat it — which primarily means how to kill it. And as many people have pointed out, training to kill The Enemy involves deliberately dehumanizing the population in question. This is why war always involves horrific moral backlash.

"And this is the nature of militarized policing, which is the opposite of community policing. The cops are warriors, and when they enter the zone of the enemy — when they see themselves as belonging to an occupying army rather than to the community they’re “protecting” — they are likely to dehumanize those they encounter, especially if the encounter is antagonistic."

With females and gays now invited into the Beast (MIC), the behaviors of warriors are being inculcated into those who would not identify with such inversions of their own souls were militarism not the driving force of U.S. society cum empire.

As I've mentioned on many occasions, very few things within the U.S. cultural sphere (as controlled by both the MIC and huge global corporations) are not defined through the WAR prism:

War on drugs
War on Poverty
War on illiteracy
War on Isis
War on terror
War on Cancer


When WAR becomes the centralized mindset... then this inversion of all things good and true causes persons to turn against their own fundamental natures. Some women are trying to "be all that they can be" by also agreeing to wear uniforms, carry guns, and kill others on command.



you know, i think {{{fear}}} has a lot to do with greed. maybe, fear of not having enough or fear of looking like a failure? just because a police person {{{fears}}} for his life that doesn't justify homicide. it's cowardice, isn't it?


Peace officers trained for war? To teach peace, first disarm.


Why not use a non lethal weapon then?


True that, JohnEllis. True that.

And I agree, Wereflea, they should be tried and convicted of murder.


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1st, a question. How many of these warrior cops would have been harmed if they would have simply backed away, kept the public at a safe distance and began a civil conversation with the individual? Next my simple suggestion. Disarm all on the street officers with possible exception of tasers. Have a small, on call group of highly trained and psychologically identified officers who armed to react to truly violent offenders but know how to negotiate away from violence. But our society must demand a movement to de-escalate the conditions which lead to what we think of as "inner center crime." End US wars abroad, close the bases, bring home the troops and we, as a nation can afford to begin to do this.


Read "inner city crime."