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Law Students Arrest 62-Years Ago Helped Inspire Youth-Led Movements for Social Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/20/law-students-arrest-62-years-ago-helped-inspire-youth-led-movements-social-change


‘The foundation that our previous youth, now elders of the movement, have left us with will continue to guide us forward and inspire us to take action for a just and equitable society’

this reminded me of a great book i read recently: stokely carmichael (kwame ture)'s autobiography READY FOR REVOLUTION.


A wonderful article – for which, much thanks.


Amen to that. Rev. Barber is a national treasure, whatever he has to say. This morning he’s rapping about where those Freedom Riders of yore came from. Take off your shoes and give him a listen, y’all. He won’t waste your time.

Some commentators, here in the Commons, leave an impression of wallowing in helplessness. You’ve heard the “nothing will change until everything changes” lamebrains around here – I could list their handles, too many to mention. It’s sort of amazing to me how much energy some people devote to their tedious dogma, over and over: “The forces arrayed against you are too overwhelming to resist, so just give up, sit down, and prepare for an undignified demise.” Like a freaking religion of phony radicalism around here, the too-hip to ever be caught doing anything radicals, frequenting the Commons.

Rev. Barber is such a refreshing change from the nihilistic stream of things lately. Resistance is fertile!


Thanks for the reminder–I have never read it.

Amen, man. It has been my good fortune (for the millionth time) to be in the right place at the right time. I live in Durham, NC, so have seen and heard Reverend Barber numerous times, always uplifting and inspiring, also articulate and courageous. He also has at least one son, whom I have met, following in his footsteps.

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