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'Lawlessness Upon Lawlessness': Iran Foreign Minister Condemns US for Dangerous Mid-Air Harassment of Civilian Plane

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/lawlessness-upon-lawlessness-iran-foreign-minister-condemns-us-dangerous-mid-air


The Fascists are literally trying to Shock Doctrine us into giving em 4 more years… I’ve said for awhile that not voting is the best rebuke of the duopoly; this election year, i think the protests have sent the message :fu: quite nicely.
Feel free to vote “Democrat,” if you feel that desperate to get the Fascists out of the WH - you won’t get any condemnation from me. But i also implore you to not take offense if anyone says you may as well have voted Republican - remember, technically the “Democrats” of today are Republicans, going by the definition of what used to constitute a Republican…so, yeah, you are “voting Republican.” Better than voting Fascist.
EDIT: i momentarily forgot that Biden’s actually more eager for full-fledged war than Trump is - forget what i just said; vote for Howie Hawkins or some other 3rd Party or else you’re a rotten egg!


The video shows the interior of two dramatically different airplanes. What’s up?
The first picture, top of article is not a airbus 340.
I am sure this happened but the visuals are all screwed up.

Since before the Soleimani assassination, Trump has been trying to provoke Iran to attack, thus justifying his own attack on Iran; and now, with consideration of the influence of such a war on the election. Duh.

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A junior grade captain is spokesman for U.S. central command??

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif”
Please remember that this fella is more American than I am.
He graduated from San Francisco and Denver.
He negotiated a terrific nuclear treaty.

Heck, elect me and I will bring him in as our sec’y of state!!

Better than pompeo, etc.


Yeah. The first is a BAe 146 - a smallish regional jet. The second is, as shown, an A310. The twitter video by a passenger who filmed the near-collision shows a plane interior that resembles the 146.

I never liked the way news articles use “stock photos” (which are is a big money making business by companies that scrape up millions of internet photos and slap their copyright on them). Not every news article needs a picture.

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But one we hope will be the “scoop” of the century.

I thought you were doing quite well until the edit. But since you were wavering for a moment, perhaps I could catch you on such a day in October when I need to ask you which way I’m allowed to vote.

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My bad - thank you for the graceful manner in which you’ve phrased this comment, thus allowing me to exit the conversation with minimal embarrassment whilst still learning a lesson.


My head says it is more sensible to vote Biden in the short term, if that’s what the primary has offered us… My GUT urges me to vote for none of the above, to send your message to the confused voters.


So again who has the “right” to be there? A Civilian Airliner flying inside of Syrian airspace or a US Fighter jet flying over Syrian airspace.

It does not matter the reasoning by the US Military. They are the invading/occupying force and have no business being in Syria. The USA is violating international law by their very presence so anything they do while there is in fact a crime.


Imagine just for a moment the US not being the bully of this world…

This is nothing new for the US. It has done these acts of provocation for decades with a targeted country. Iran has b en on the board for decades, and now China is in the cross-hairs. alongside Russia and Venezuela. Bush 2 did the same with Afghanistan, Iraq and his lies for invasion.and occupation. The Chinese embassy that was ordered shuttered, all personnel to depart the country is perfect US sanctions BS. Now US enforcers have occupied the embassy seizing documents, which is considered Chinese land. This is a violation of international law and sovereignty. It is illegal. This is an act of war. MSM fails to see the irony of that. That embassy and its personnel have been accused of spying, intelligence gathering, etc. The CIA has worked out of them all and not just gathering intel either, but committing murders,working with death squads, taking out leaders, heads of state, creating regime charge operations, kidnapping VIPs, etc. It’s the US attitude and response when outed as some PR slob does a: Yes, we did/do that and so fucking what? Now all the outrage over the Houston facility. I don’t believe that for one second, any of it. And I’m fairly certain the rest of the civilized, sane world knows that as well. DT wants to burn it all to the ground if “they”" won’t kiss his ass and kneel to him. Oh, and he has the people who are on board with that, too smart for their own good to realize the monster they are enabling will throw them to the dogs, isolation cells, another disappeared loyalist, and one of those concentration camps he is so eager to have built and fill. These people seem to believe they will create a different history unlike all those other countries over the centuries who had psychopath leaders, another failed country with those leaders who were hanged, stoned, burned alive, shot, dismembered, dragged through the street as the masses celebrated. Man, are they ever going to be in for the surprise of their life.