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Lawmaker to Trump on Puerto Rico: "3,000 Dead Americans Isn't an 'Unsung Success,' It's a National Disgrace"

Lawmaker to Trump on Puerto Rico: "3,000 Dead Americans Isn't an 'Unsung Success,' It's a National Disgrace"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump provoked immediate outrage on Tuesday with his "disgusting" declaration on national television that the federal government's widely condemned response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria—which led to thousands of dead Americans—"was an incredible, unsung success."

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Trump meant it was a success because the rich are getting richer and that’s all that matters.

Direct Democracy


The US is about to experience another disaster with Florence. Hurricane Maria was a category 4 when it hit Puerto Rico. Irma which hit Cuba as a category 5 before it hit Florida did a lot of damage. Cuba had 10 deaths and even if you think that is inaccurate because Cuba can’t be trusted the fact that Cuba had the whole island back on the electric grid quickly is a lesson on how to prepare for a hurricane and how to recover.
Good luck getting Federal and state agencies to consult with Cuba or implement any lessons learned.


“Success”? Only to the diseased racist mind of donald trump! Every American should recognize that such a statement is representative of how trump views reality - a twisted and dangerously depraved view that in no way represents reality or human decency…and that is a threat to all people!


Only an insane madman could make that most egregious and asinine statement! Who is the most dangerous man in the world? The crazy man in the Oval office that has his tiny hands on the nuclear trigger!


Sure is a disgrace when a president makes it perfectly clear he will only help the rich and the poor can suffer. All Puerto Ricans should have stormed the gates but they did nothing. These days you get what you need by taking it by force. Dont agree? Wait until its your turn.


Until millions take to the streets in protest and demand resignations, these Greedy Old Pricks will continue to lie, cheat, and steal their way to infamy.


Cuba–that useless communist shithole–lost 10 people to Irma, which hit them harder than Maria hit Puerto Rico. And the Cubans–nefarious Boris’ if there ever were any–are beside themselves with shame for losing that many people to any hurricane.

We lose 3000. No big deal.

Such is the utter absence of humanity and decency in this America.


He is channelling Cohn whose ghost must still be giving him “advice”.


Direct democracy. We need to emphasize this more. Our input and wishes are being drowned out by powerful forces. But we, together, are a far more powerful force. We can do this.


Well, looks like, sounds like, “positive thinking” run amuck by one dangerous schmuck.

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Dr. Frankenstein couldn’t harness enough electricity anywhere to create the monster Donald Trump. The sooner this cretinous bastard assumes room temperature, the better.


I agree with your point, but not with the tone of your remark. Trump clearly lacks the mental acuity to understand things like the tragedy in Puerto Rico. The real culprits in this situation are those “guardrails” who stood by and let the situation in Puerto Rico get far worse than it should have, and are now not being called to account because the blame is on Trump due to the focus of the media on his shortcomings.

Perhaps this is the wrong approach here but I want to be able to give unlike or down votes to those whose post ideas that belong elsewhere

First, I am not a Trump supporter. 3,000 dead in Puerto Rico you say. How about the 4,800 dead, young US military personnel from the illegal Iraq wars during both Bush administrations and expanded under Obama. Or, the millions of dead in countries all over the world, non-Americans though they are, but just as dead, resulting from America’s wars going back to at least the Korean War? Trump is merely the pimple on the boil of many generations of US politicians dangling on the puppet strings of a few very wealthy, disgusting examples of humanity. Quit using Trump as the man of all evil. Look at what our country really is. Trump is but the latest example.


If the liberal mayor of San Juan had allowed relief supplies out to the island instead of hoarding it for herself, the recovery could have been faster.

Not possible. Your “stupid” is interminable.


“Guardrails”? I don’t understand that reference.

My tone is built not only on the thousands of likely needless deaths after the initial storm impact, mostly of seniors, at-risk patients, and others, but on many other actions and/or lack of action by trump…included in that assessment is the depraved bragging, complete distortions or reality, and self-congratulatory mindless blather…I hold far more respect for the victims of his behaviors and utter lack of empathy, than I do him, and I believe rightly so. The time for giving the benefit of the doubt or “respecting the office” is long past.

I do agree that all who were responsible in any way should also be held to account, the tragedy is not all on trump, but the buck must stop somewhere.

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“I actually think it was one of the best jobs that’s ever been done with respect to what this is all about.”

Sounds a lot like he does not remember what happened in Puerto Rico at all, rather than him being proud of a job well done.

Let’s grind you under a heel and see how well you perform at anything.
Then we’ll blame you for being stupid, lazy, and expecting everyone to do everything for you.
There are realities born of the the racist treatment that PR has recieved from white mainland US that you aren’t admitting to.

See, you skirted by it while maintaining willfull ignorance that rump is just another in a long line of corrupt and thieving rich white guys who have plundered PR and continue to look for more ways to plunder- privatization of the electrical utilities and such. As a typical whitey, you just blame it all on PR.
That’s why you are the regressive in spite of your attempts to wrongly insult progressives. You’re not interested in progress.
Do you even know how banana republics are formed? People like rump make banana republics.

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