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Lawmakers Are Scrambling to Prevent Trump from Launching a Nuclear War


Lawmakers Are Scrambling to Prevent Trump from Launching a Nuclear War

Lisa Fuller

The most effective way to prevent a nuclear war with North Korea is to reassure them that the U.S. won't strike first.

The most effective way to reduce the chances that Kim Jong-un will press the nuclear button would therefore be to convince him that the U.S. won’t drop the first bomb.


As long as Trump is in office, therefore, the No First Use bill is our best hope of preventing war.

Well-intentioned as this may be, it’s if passed, it carries even less punch the the War Powers Act, which has been routinely ignored and circumvented since its passage in 1973. Each president since then, has increasingly assimilated more power to wage war without the consent of Congress, culminating in Obama, who used his knowledge of the Constitution and his staff of lawyers to justify the use of military force without any Congressional oversight, whatsoever, all the while falsely assuring us he would never abuse such power.

And now we have Trump.


More and more it is looking like a “when” and not a “if” issue. The odds of a miscalculation continue to increase unless talks start immediately and Trump refuses to even consider that option. He is like a ape beating on his chest while jumping around and screeching to intimidate his opponent who is doing the same thing. The only difference is now millions are at risk - at best should this transpire the Korea peninsula will be
uninhabitable, at worst well it could well be game over for all. Insanity to even consider!


From my perspective, the deep state wants a nuclear war with North Korea and it is not if anymore… but when!


A Chickenhawk Trump bristling with nukes, influenced by a Strangelovian Bannon, a Mad Dog General, backed by a reactionary Congress of Corporate Greedheads funded by oligarchs and organized superstition.

This beats any series on HBO.

Direct Democracy


Trump goddam well better not launch a nuclear strike! !!! !!!


I once searched news releases on North Korea going back a number of decades. The collection provided a sick seesawing of efforts. North Korea would calm down. The US would impose itself. Ad nauseum. No other country would be exposed as helping build NKs weapons, but clearly there must be a steady stream of scientists going in and out of NK. The printed blurbs are succinct, grim, angry, sarcastic. Always the answer is sanctions and blockades, even as North Koreas people have been starving for a long time. Never never never is the answer about trying to get along.
Living in China, students have told me about Chinese troops massed on the border, as North Korea has its quarrels with China, too. Children on the NK side look starved and beg for people in boats to throw them food.
Why can’t the US just ignore NK? I think it is just another one of the US’s distractions mechanisms SMS. Problem with my image? Foreign policy is weak? Let’s talk about an invasion.
Or maybe we need to justify more military equipment boondoggles.