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Lawmakers Call on Trump to End 'Blank Check for War'


Lawmakers Call on Trump to End 'Blank Check for War'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Lawmakers are calling on President Donald Trump to officially declare war against the Islamic State (ISIS) and submit a resolution to Congress that limits his war powers.

Led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), 12 House Democrats and one House Republican sent a letter to Trump that asks the president to submit the resolution so that Congress can vote on a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF).


Barbara Lee was the sole congressperson to vote against the endless war AUMF. A certain independent voted in favor. The lone Green Party legislator then questioned Lees patriotism and tried (but failed) to mount a campaign against. Democrats in our district were having none of it.

With Barbara Lee as our Representative it's just not possible for many here to buy into the idea: third party/independent good---Democrat bad.


I hope this fight is taken to the courts----along with the so called "patriot" act. There is no chance these cowards(congress) will stand up to the military. I think its time people start understanding how much the military controls our lives and our economy-----how many people understand that the US is the biggest arms dealer in the world. Isn't interesting how the military seems to slip by without any criticism ,we are just told to salute and everyone salutes, yet have they ever brought real peace to the world????When will we pierce this illusion?????????????????????????????????????????


Not only the military but people who created winning through chaos, those oh-so-intelligent- neocons who dream of a Greater Israel!


Unfortunate that the wonderful Democrats, when they had control of Congress and the Presidency, couldn't pass such legislation. I know they must have tried really hard.


This endless state of war, war, and more war will be our complete undoing. It is not necessary, but it is a choice. Our economy, our culture, everything has become totally addicted to war. It seems to always be our answer to everything! We are an insane society, presided over by sociopaths and psychopaths!


This organization bills itself as "the largest peace organization in the country" -

Then there's Vietnam Veterans Against the War:

... and American Friends Service Organization:

Here's a list of anti-war organizations worldwide (including U.S.):

Any others that deserve our support?


I'm in no way apologizing for Trump's horrendous domestic policy appointments and initiatives; but, with regard to his stated desire to get along with Russia, the following article excerpt has one of the best, run-on sentences (that I've bolded in the 3rd paragraph) I've ever read:

Goose-stepping Our Way Toward Pink Revolution -- Feb. 21, 2017 -- C J Hopkins -- CounterPunch

Now I want to be clear about this “deep state” thing, as the mainstream media is already labeling anyone who uses the term a hopelessly paranoid conspiracy theorist. The deep state, of course, is not a conspiracy. It is simply the interdependent network of structures where actual power resides (i.e., the military-industrial complex, multinational corporations, Wall Street, the corporate media, and so on). Its purpose is to maintain the stability of the system regardless of which party controls the government. These are the folks, when a president takes office, who show up and brief him on what is and isn’t “possible” given economic and political “realities.” Despite what Alex Jones may tell you, it is not George Soros and a roomful of Jews. It is a collection of military and intelligence officers, CEOs, corporate lobbyists, lawyers, bankers, politicians, power brokers, aides, advisers, and assorted other permanent members of the government and the corporate and financial classes. Just as presidents come and go, so do the individuals comprising the deep state, albeit on a longer rotation schedule. And, thus, it is not a monolithic entity. Like any other decentralized network, it contains contradictions, conflicts of interest. However, what remains a constant is the deep state’s commitment to preserving the system … which, in our case, that system is global Capitalism.

I’m going to repeat and italicize that to hopefully avoid any misunderstanding. The system the deep state primarily serves is not the United States of America, i.e., the country most Americans believe they live in; the system it serves is globalized Capitalism. The United States, the nation state itself, while obviously a crucial element of the system, is not the deep state’s primary concern. If it were, Americans would all have healthcare, affordable education, and a right to basic housing, like more or less every other developed nation.

And this is the essence of the present conflict. The Trump regime (whether they’re sincere or not) has capitalized on people’s discontent with globalized neoliberal Capitalism, which is doing away with outmoded concepts like the nation state and national sovereignty and restructuring the world into one big marketplace where “Chinese” investors own “American” companies that manufacture goods for “European” markets by paying “Thai” workers three dollars a day to enrich “American” hedge fund crooks whose “British” bankers stash their loot in numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands while “American” workers pay their taxes so that the “United States” can give billions of dollars to “Israelis” and assorted terrorist outfits that are destabilizing the Middle East to open up markets for the capitalist ruling classes, who have no allegiance to any country, and who couldn’t possibly care any less about the common people who have to live there. Trump supporters, rubes that they are, don’t quite follow the logic of all that, or see how it benefits them or their families.

But whatever … they’re all just fascists, right? And we’re in a state of crisis, aren’t we? This is not the time to sit around and analyze political and historical dynamics. No, this is a time for all loyal Americans to set aside their critical thinking and support democracy, the corporate media, and the NSA, and CIA, and the rest of the deep state (which doesn’t exist) as they take whatever measures are necessary to defend us from Putin’s diabolical plot to Nazify the United States and reenact the Holocaust for no discernible reason.


Completely agree, skep. It's interesting as well that this article, which is on what to me is by far the most pressing issue--putting an end to the endless wars--has received so little comment...


That's an Interesting observation. - I just now used a couple of search engines; and, learned that the article has been picked up by a few alternate media Web sites. Perhaps, since it came out only yesterday,within the next couple of days, more sites will publish it. I ran into it yesterday, midday, on the GreanvillePost. I was surprised they had found it that quickly and made it available from their home page.On sites like Unz, Greanvillepost, there have also been few or no comments. Greanvillepost has been hacked so severely, that you have to submit your comment to be checked for malicious code. CounterPunch articles, of course, are often not open for comments. So, I guess the question is whether anyone is reading the article. The three Web sites I've mentioned above have been addressing this issue for some time; so, readers are familiar with this subject; and, would likely want to read it, as they would the following Pepe Escobar's article, which came out one day earlier; and, was picked up by several sites:

The swamp strikes back -- Feb. 16, 2017 -- Pepe Escobar for Sputnik Internatonal -- TheSaker


Sort of missed the point about our wonderful Greens and independents, didn't you?

I pointed out the our congressperson stood alone in opposing endless war following 9/11. So at least she, and maybe she alone, was a wonderful Democrat. She's my congressperson. What are you doing about yours?


Are you being sarcastic? Just curious. If you are, okay. If not, most of the Democrats were and still are rather cowardly and didn't stand up to the ones who wanted to go to war. They've been in lockstep with the GOP for the past several decades, on a number of things, including our illegal, wrongheaded and stupid-assed foreign wars.


100 Years empirePie February 25th, 2017

It’s been one hundred years of waring to end all wars
and peace looks as hopeless as Fukushima

As the likes of “little man” or “fat boy” for the flash in the pan
puts “nobel prize” leaders in charge

The hope & change hypers who drop depleted U plentiful like olives in the holy land, as the fertile valley becomes wall to wall rubble and truth speaks drones on like the Ozymandias warning of despair & stasis (“Look on my works ye mighty and despair”)

It’s been one hundred years of waring to end all wars
and peace looks as hopeless as Fukushima

Seems to me that having the scariest nukes ain’t a recipe for peace & that the isms of the left or the right don’t amount to truth

One thing is for sure that forever war is a recipe for profit but not for ‘we the people’ unless that final flash brings closure or a wish for the “rapture” or simply extraordinary green clover

The Global War on Terror is the flash in the pan that we need to ban if survival is truly the plan

Hope became Despair & Change became Stasis when corporate rule became the winning dogma world wide
I guess the tail is chasing the dog

It’s been one hundred years of waring to end all wars
don’t you think it’s time to stop the corporate whores?