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Lawmakers Chide Cable-Loving Trump for 'Peddling Fake News'


Lawmakers Chide Cable-Loving Trump for 'Peddling Fake News'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A group of lawmakers has expressed official concern over President Donald Trump's media diet.

"We are concerned about the process by which you receive information," Democrats on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology wrote (pdf) to Trump on Thursday, describing the president as "vulnerable to misinformation and fake news."


Despite their participation in originating fake news, the Democrats would be also rans at best if an annual fake news originator award existed. Trump and Roger Ailes would be front runners, with other GOP operatives being the only possible runners up.


Ray, you're spot on about the GOP holding the copyright on fake news, xenophobic narratives and flat out lying for generations. When the New, Third Way, Clinton Dems decided they wanted, like the GOP, to tap into the really Big Money, the public was left with marginal representation at best. All the while moving the political reference marker more and more to the right. A Trump vs Hillary was inevitable.

The GOP are off the charts. But even when the Dems act as a 'responsible opposition', from all the various angles that they criticize Trump and the GOP, and what's not to criticize, it doesn't escape the public that they are witnessing the long familiar behavior of the Duopoly. Both parties conform in that way. Methodology over content. And the public interests are ignored. But the public interests should have weight.

Sanders' campaign and what his popularity in polls has demonstrated is that there is a true 'Third Way'. It's not just pooling 'progressives' but all of the public. Let's face it, we can talk about free will until the Dianne Feinstein(s) of the world shout for single payer from the mountain tops. But given circumstances beyond our control that could have shaped our lives, an honest introspection would make us realize that any of us could have resulted in being Trump supporters that Saturday Night Live caricatures. At that stage the Hatfield and McCoy political party picture is too burned into the psyche to be quickly dislodged by rationality. But take the 'D' and the 'R' out of the equation and the important issues can't be hidden.

'$hadow Government' is a good tag for the influence of money in government. We've all seen video of one of those congressional human impersonators referencing a chart of global temperature rise. They'll focus on a temperature decline of a few years in an otherwise constant temperature increase over many decades, which dwarfs any temperature decrease across the graph.This human impersonator will declare that is 'proof' that we don't really 'know' about climate change. That we can't invest against something we don't 'know'. Strange about this 'knowing' thing. Had that been a graph for the collective results of an investment portfolio with its roaring successes, there would be little in the way of not 'knowing', let alone not investing. $hadow Government indeed.