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Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls


Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Energized crowds in New York, South Carolina, and Wisconsin on Saturday morning gave lawmakers a hint of what awaits them in their home districts during the upcoming Congressional recess.


Let’s see, the same ‘conservatives’ that slash wages, ship jobs overseas and enjoy tax payer funded ‘gold’ standard healthcare? Exactly what money are the victims of their meanness of spirit are supposed to come up with to actually save? Yeah, you bet we want their health care!

Let’s press leftward: Single-Payer Now! go to https://www.healthcare-now.org

Meanwhile get your pitchforks ready…

So Single-Payer is “too much power in the hands of the government”–what he should have said, not enough power in corporate hands.

Socialism now or barbarism!


“too much power in the hands of the government”

What they want of course, along with corporate servicing Democrats that will ultimately “compromise” is more power to corporations to govern every aspect of our lives.

They want corporate governance. This label is to the point and truthful, and immediately turns the tables.


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“Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls”, huh? Well US Congressman Matt Gaetz has a response to that. He has called for his supporters with concealed weapon licenses to attend his public forums, and come with their firearms loaded.


The only thing these assholes fear is not getting reelected. Sock it to 'em.


Really? The very requirement of a concealed weapons permit is a violation of the Second Amendment (just like the required permit to freely assemble and protest.) What part of “shall not be infringed”, do the “lawmakers” not understand? We came from a colonial past where everyone was armed for hunting and home defense. What concealed weapons permits do is selectively give right-winger’s buddies permits and deny them to the general public, who most need them to ensure Democracy is in the driver’s seat. Either everyone is armed, or no one is armed from different political persuasions, preferably the latter in heated meetings.

Blackshirts? Brownshirts? 1937 Berlin all over again. Super-Citizens outside the control of government incited by Rep Matt Gaetz (if he said that) to act as untrained vigilantes?

My computer dictionary says:

fascism |ˈfaSHˌizəm| (also Fascism)
an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
• (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43), and the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.
ORIGIN from Italian fascismo, from fascio ‘bundle, political group,’ from Latin fascis (see fasces) .

I would add: that fascism is really corporate domination of all industry and government, without any input from labor or citizens.


Your added definition is relatively new, but, while valid, has not YET been incorporated in the classic version.


Today much of congressional action could be considered conduct that is contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals And will cancel limit or run from those calling them on their decisions and behaviors.


Trump says he won the popular vote. These small fry who get burned at their town meetings say the opposition is paid to make noise. Resistance is futile in a rigged system. Ooops! Trump was the guy who talked about a rigged election. He’s still talking about it. And what Democrat is claiming the election was fraudulent? None that I know of. Trump owned that issue from the start. And here’s the screaming irony. He’s the beneficiary of the rigging. Democrats are by and large cowardly.

There is no conservative majority in this country. The majority does not want to privatize everything and cut social programs. The resistance, the crowds at town meetings indicate this is the case. Americans don’t easily get off their butts and get political. The majority has been defrauded. Yet Trump, who has been put in office by the billionaire’s cabal he represents, is crying about voter fraud. All those illegal Mexicans gave Hillary the majority popular vote. Is there a Democrat out there claiming that the Electoral College is a fraud and that Hillary won the popular vote by a far larger margin than 3 million?

The electoral system doesn’t work, which is to say, it does not inspire confidence…even of the winners. Resistance is not the answer. These crocodiles who hate social democracy have not been legitimately elected. Doesn’t it make more sense to have an electoral system that everyone believes in?

Bernie Sanders gave political revolution a bad name because he had no intention of making a genuine political revolution in the first place. We need a genuine political revolution worse than ever now. When this blustering oligarch and his monkey chorus make this so tough, maybe this resistance will become a political revolution. I hope.


The idea that the ‘resistance’ is in anyway associated with the Democratic Party is laughable and a perfect example of the act of co-opting the opposition. Remember Emmanuel Goldstein.


Hillary Clinton ran against Trump and the congressional Republicans. She got more votes than him but lost a few states by 1% or less. All the people that voted for her, Democrat, independent, liberal, or more centrist, generally “resist” Trump. My Republican aunt didn’t vote for him, can’t stand the guy, and sounds like we do when she talks about him. A lot of people across the spectrum just don’t like our president.

If they are inclined to vote for “moderate” Democrats in the upcoming elections, that’s not co-opting, but a matter of voting for a candidate in their district they prefer. If a more progressive Democrat gets put in by district voters, all the better. I think the co-opting charge isn’t even close to the realm of being real now, but that’s me.


Warms the heart. Thanks to all who participated, and to Rep. Pocan, a politician who knows the true meaning of patriotism.


Will you establish how Sanders lacked intent?


He threw his support behind Hillary without hesitation even when it was clear she had rigged the primary. The fact that he refused to challenge the duopoly in the first place was a clear indication that his “political revolution” was no such thing.


OK. It wasn’t clear (to me) that she rigged the primary (although it’d be unsurprising). Challenging the duopoly is a tall order, and I don’t see that Sanders refused; as likely is that he saw it’d be tough enough to challenge the Dem machine-supported candidate. Imo, the only “revolution” with a chance to succeed would be 100% public financing of elections. That in successful execution should end the clownish corruption.


Go USA! Maintain your grand tradition of feistyness!

Meanwhile back in Mother Englande, the Tory government is about to put in place laws that would imprison journalists as spies for publishing government information passed to them by whistleblowers.The journalist would be charged with espionage and given 14 years jail. Just about any government employee in the UK signs the Official Secrets Act and thus cannot pass on any information to the public without risk of breaching the Act unless approved by a designated superior officer.

Good old Theresa May; she was Home Secretary when the work for this legislation got under way. We could have saved ourselves a great deal of bother in 1939 by signing up with Hitler.


Fasces; change but one letter and it become shit, as derived from the German.


Bernie took the politically expedient path. He never expected the effect he had. He intended to push the party towards social democracy. He wasn’t challenging the duopoly. His “political revolution” was empty rhetoric because he didn’t. In retrospect that’s easy to see. Campaign finance reform, getting rid of citizen’s united, is part of the revolution, but not enough. The electoral apparatus itself has to be reformed from top to bottom. No one can trust that his or her vote is actually counted as cast. It is quite impossible to prove that and for that reason our elections are fraudulent. The outcome is determined by the most successful manipulation of the outcome. Our elections are for sale, though it is difficult to prove that and it is the third rail of politics…except for Trump who has successfully co-opted the election fraud issue. I intensely dislike Donald Trump, but he is a bold and courageous fellow. None of the Democrats, including Sanders has the same courage.


Thank you so much for this article. The citizens are restless everywhere, including in supposedly red Tennessee. (At least, our unverifiable voting machines keep saying so.) We are planning a BIGLY rally outside a town hall meeting by Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Tuesday, a meeting that is now closed to the public. Here’s our press release. Y’all come. ALL y’all.

February 16, 2017 PRESS RELEASE

What: Congressman Marsha Blackburn “Alternative” Town Hall Event

Where: Fairview, TN City Hall, 7100 City Center Circle, Fairview, TN 37062
(Fairview is located eleven miles west of Nashville on Hwy 100.)

When: Tuesday, 2/21/17, 3:00 – 6:00 pm (Press availability – 2:00 pm)

Contact: Bernie Ellis (H: 931/682-2864, C: 931/922-1201, tracevu@gmail.com)

What: All across the country, Republican legislators are facing large, energized crowds of concerned and angry citizens demanding answers to the current state of our country. Many Congressmen have cancelled their town halls or left them early rather than facing the heat.

Tennessee Seventh District Congressman Marsha Blackburn responded to this situation by cancelling ALL her town hall meetings except one in Fairview next Tuesday. However, attendance at that town hall was restricted to 130 people and is now closed to further voter attendance. In response, we have organized an “alternative” town hall event to occur at the same time as Rep. Blackburn’s event. Unlike Rep. Blackburn’s closed event, the “alternative” town hall will take place on the City Hall front lawn at the same time, a space that can accommodate at least 1,000 voters.

Our “alternative” town hall will allow voters to be filmed asking questions or making comments to a cardboard cutout which we are calling the “alternative” Marsha Blackburn. Voters will be videotaped and a copy of the tape will be provided to Rep. Blackburn and posted on YouTube.

Although this idea of an “alternative” town hall was just proposed this Monday, it has caught fire among the large mass of frustrated TN Seventh District voters. Details of the gathering are now posted on over 500 Facebook pages and posted on over two dozen organizational websites. Although this is an entirely citizen initiated event, it has garnered massive support and interest. At present, we expect between 500-1,000 voters to attend the event from all counties in the Seventh District, one of the most gerrymandered districts in Tennessee. We anticipate all Nashville media will attend.

We invite you to attend and cover this unique and massively supported expression of citizen frustration with the inability to engage our legislators and influence the direction of their political decisions. In response to this event, we hear that Rep. Blackburn has scheduled several last minute town hall meetings next week, though these are not being widely promoted. Her staff has even double-booked her in two sites 100 miles apart at the same time. Clearly, we have gotten her attention. With our “alternative” town hall next week, we intend to keep it.

We invite you to attend. Given the huge anticipated crowd, we encourage you to contact Mr. Ellis ahead of time to indicate your attendance, particularly if you will need parking for your TV vehicles. Parking space is limited and we will work with the Fairview city manager to accommodate you.