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Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Legislation to Fix Nation's Crumbling Water Infrastructure

Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Legislation to Fix Nation's Crumbling Water Infrastructure

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressive lawmakers introduced sweeping legislation to deliver water justice to people across the country amid skyrocketing water bills for families across the U.S., recent drinking water crises in states including Michigan, Ohio, and regulatory inaction to eliminate toxic chemicals in water sources used by millions of Americans.

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Why is this even an issue in this supposedly exceptional country?

Or are we simply exceptionally inept at carving out a safe and just life for everyone in a country blessed with so many resources?


Everything can be bought in this country.

Even the rights to poison our water.


Poison it and ship it all over the effin place:


‘It would cost $35 billion a year to have upgraded water infrastructure in this country. That’s about 5% of the military budget.’


In the late 1990s I heard discussions of “Point Of Use Treatment Systems” (POUTS) with in the confines of the water industry, primarily at professional meetings. POUTS would mean a system at each household (or tap) and would have to be maintained by the owner/operator. I was dumbfounded that many well-meaning engineers bought into this idea, having been sold (quite by ruse, I am sure) that such a system would be favorable for the economics. (An eight-year old could probably break down that reasoning, but engineers who are very principled in character are quite naive at times.) There is and was no doubt in my mind that this was a privatization scheme from which public funds could be directed into the private hands of the POUTS manufacturers and maintainers. To this day I remain in shock how many people bought into the “government-is-the-problem” schtick. Vote Blue For You!


it’s totally bizarre !!!

i feel like right wing neo-liberals (republicans and their democratic enablers like Bill Clinton) have reversed this country almost 100 years or so … its fucking crazy

all the things progressives had to fight for at the turn of the 19th century have to be re-fought because of these neo liberal asshats

FLint michigan so many places in this country such a disgrace … this is a great country to be rich

but thats about it … everybody else is fucked


So many things to fix as we’ve been asleep for so long. Add this to the long list of things to do. I wonder if One thing will actually get fixed as long as we have a Trump and all that follow him remain in office. Sure, we need water, food and affordable heath care. The can will be kicked as long as possible, because nobody cares that much to actually make it happen.

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What you are describing is our Rigged System.

This gov’t overreach into private enterprise is not surprising since the Socialists have recaptured our people’s house in December. What next? Will they demand their beer be glophosate free? Their food not have fecal material in it?
It only took 60 days and the whole damn country has headed down the road, hand in hand, with good intentions. And, we all know where that takes us, right?

This is a conversation two years ago - but timely and even more so today. We must be sharp as tacks when it comes to scams still being perpetrated


Hope they can - before it’s all privatized.

what are you smoking or ingesting? because i’d like some fucking rightard

Right now? Marionberry Kush in dosages similar to what you’d give Rin Tin Tin if he had rabies. Tonight I’ll be intaking Sativa Saddle Sores ( like Train Wreck only blisteringly high in terpenes ) and drinking Flint High Octane Unleaded, bottled and distributed by Nestle’s of Michigan. Got to keep the dry mouth away in case I start yodeling while looking at Mt. Hood.
How about U?