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Lawmakers Nationwide Launch Concerted Assault on Women's Rights


Lawmakers Nationwide Launch Concerted Assault on Women's Rights

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


A clear abuse of positive liberty, where paternalistic legislators arrogate the privilege of determining how women should live their lives, based upon the assumption of the sole legitimacy of their personal value and belief systems.


The tragic irony is that these same retrograde Neanderthals think rape = consensual sex, tend to protect pedophiles in high places, have no issue with insurance covering Viagra; and they happen to LOVE war, capital punishment, and the ongoing RAPE of the great Mother Earth. Just when this planet needs cutting edge new thinkers and forward-thinking leadership, a band of thugs now holds office.

As Riane Eisler has chronicled, at length, in her masterful, “The Chalice And The Blade,” there is a historical link between war-oriented societies and the suppression of women’s rights, reproductive ones being high on the list.

It’s as if that same obsessive-compulsive mechanism that forces the soldier to shine his boots and properly make his bed so that appearances of ORDER are in place to cover the purposes (and intents) of warrior-trained operations, societies that turn women into chaste vessels do so to cover their own base, endlessly martial fields of bloodshed.

With violence the thing in porn and violence the thing in video games and rape so prevalent on campuses with domestic abuse a given in families and worse still within the military, that these BASTARDS have the nerve to use a control over women’s sovereignty as a claim to moral righteousness makes me want to puke.

I am so tired of IDIOT men and the women conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to follow their patriarchal decrees telling the rest of us–those who are FAR more advanced in our understanding–how to live.

May Greece’s new precedent in genuine Democracy (and its ideals) hit this Homeland harder than the neo-Nazi mentality that’s turned this nation into a prison camp with guarded borders, a Stasi spy state operation, and the growing ubiquitous presence of militias cum police departments.

Mortifying. All of it!


We need to teach ourselves and young women how to be better advocates for our reproductive rights & needs. We need to be better citizens and learn to have a voice in our political system.
I only know a few women that have not had an abortion.
If we have no right to abortion then our state need to let woman have a welfare system that lets women stay home and nurture their children until the youngest child is age six.


This is what happens when the more populist party offers up candidates that closely resemble the opposition then fails to even support them. If the need to vote is not made to even appear to be effectual then we shouldn’t be surprised when voters stay home in droves.


you are right as usual Rose. one might also note that in Eisler’s deconstruction of the Adm and Eve story we find the matriarch values turned upside down, and the man giving birth. Etc. all this to make way for the patriarchs to bring their wars and church and capitalism.
the madness of men legislating women’s bodies should be obvious to everyone by now,


Ha! Sioux, I was going to write something, but you said it all perfectly…including pointing out the hypocrisy of these repub basheep (bastards + sheep) in outlawing women’s choice yet celebrating capital punishment and picking wars everywhere to send women’s born and live and raised children into. Pretty infuriating…hail to the party of smaller gubmint interfering in the most personal aspect of any woman’s life!!!

Hmmm, maybe sheetards is a better name for them?


:smile: loved it!!


I find it very sad that most of the women you know have done that to their offspring. Maybe if we had excellent public orphanages, they could feel ok about giving their children up at birth. This is what I support in order to rescue the unwanted innocents.


well said…


indeed. couldn’t agree more.


Maybe we could mind our own business and acknowledge that women are responsible for their own choices,

… ALL their choices.

Maybe we could realize that such a profound matter as carrying a pregnancy to term and delivering a child,

… or not, is among those choices and falls squarely on a woman’s shoulders.


“…a patchwork of laws that ensures U.S. women’s constitutional rights differ depending on where they live.” A perfect set of decisions to fight, to use for good reason to bring as a law suit that goes to the S Crt. It is time we set this tide back in the correct direction, full and complete healthcare available to ALL women, for all types of healthcare choices, no matter the decisions needed or at what stage a fetus may be. This Supremely right wing majority of the Court needs to be put on the spot and humbled, with a suit that causes a full turn around on this path to power over women’s bodies and healthcare. I am convinced there is a great mind out there who can meet this challenge for women’s rights.


The battle between science and superstition rages on.


A woman’s heart has a hard time giving up a baby and then wondering how it’s life is going. Abortion is a natural decision.


Of course trying to put an end to one’s problems is natural, but we are talking about life and death. Choose life. No abortion. No death penalty. No meat.


The conservative ideal of government is clearly a crossdressing Big Brother posing as a nanny.


Indeed, abortion is natural. There are many examples in nature such as resorption of the fetus when the maternal organism is experiencing a famine and even infanticide after the eggs have hatched.


Um, the guy who knocked her up is responsible too. Its a shared responsibility as it was a shared deed that brought it about.


This antiquated notion of women being expected to remain chaste whilst the men can run about all they want without social repercussions has got to go! We are all pretty well aware of the social expectations of women’s sexuality over the past 500+ years in Western Civilization- (I’m looking at you England). Its all based on the fact that men don’t get pregnant so who cares what they do, but god forbid a woman get pregnant. Its a rather convenient means to apply pressure on women to remain subservient to men. Now, those same interests are threatened by the prospect of women being able to control their own reproduction and even avoid contracting STDs. Now, they potentially can not-get-pregnant like men and that threatens the pretenses for the patriarchical social order. Those ardent supporters of the patriarchical social order will of course vehemently fight women’s ability to control their reproduction.