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Lawmakers Say TPP Meetings Classified To Keep Americans in the Dark


Lawmakers Say TPP Meetings Classified To Keep Americans in the Dark

Jon Queally, staff writer

Lawmakers in Congress who remain wary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement are raising further objections this week to the degree of secrecy surrounding briefings on the deal, with some arguing that the main reason at least one meeting has been registered "classified" is to help keep the American public ignorant about giveaways to corporate interests and its long-term implications.

"The only purpose of classifying this information is to keep it from the American people." —Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)


As if this is “news”. NAFTA and every “trade deal” since have been “negotiated” in secret.

There is no real negotiation, just an incremental capitulation to the international banking/corporate 0.01% agenda.


If it were 1999 or 2000 young people would be making active plans to shut DC down in a massive disobedient demonstration - and lively planning and debate over tactics would be raging over the Indymedia system.


Cynical, defeatist, conspiracy-theory flavored comments like yours are another reason we no longer have any organizing against this “free trade” crap.


Well, now’s the time for the congressional progressive caucus to prove to all of us that it has a spine. It’s time for the CPC to stand up and tell president “Slick Oily” that as long as he keeps the TPP and TTIP classified and the details hidden from the amerikan people, it will mean a NO vote from all 76 members of the CPC on both Fast Track (which should be a given under any circumstance) and on the TPP and TTIP!
As mentioned in the article above, this is another abuse of the governments classification system by this administration. So the question is, why aren’t the above mentioned democrats in this article in federal court to get the TPP and TTIP opened up to public scrutiny? That would be the very first step! Their loyalty is suppose to be to the US Constitution and their constituents not to amerikan big business or the president of the US!



Not at all. I pointed out the “negotiations” were not negotiation and the secrecy has been a FEATURE of ALL NAFTA-clone “negotiations”.


If you’re referring to me, I’ll just say “a pox on all their houses”.

All I see is a servile 0.1% political/military/corporate class serving the psychopathic agenda of the international 0.01%. They can use any label they like, the results of their actions speak louder than the mealy-mouth political PR they peddle.


That’s a good question. The real answer should be that courts can only deal with laws once they are enacted. The judiciary has no power to intervene in the legislative process.

The sad truth is that the CPC is not really progressive.





My first thought seeing the headline was. No sh*t Sherlock. Or more politely 'ya tink. Only a revolution overturning and destroying the corportariat will change things. The king isn’t dead. He morphed into the corportariat.


The shadow world cabal, government, your term here, is capturing sovereignty from nation-states via transnational corporations which the dark forces control. We the people are left embedded in the theater of the absurd.


All you have to remember is that the Toilet Paper Plan is designed to wipe us all out (if we are not billionaires).

  • The whole goal is to remove any sovereignty from most of the existing governments and give it to the corporations. Any regulation of any type, such as refusing contaminated food, must be paid for by the taxpayers of the nation that has the regulation in place, to reimburse the corporation for possible loss of profit; the same to be decided by secret courts provided by the corporations.
  • Mussolini’s dream come true!


Yeah, who could possibly think that Central Banks and other corporate entities conspire to screw over everyone else?

Of course those “young people” back in 1999 and 2000 wouldn’t have characterized corporate interests represented by a tiny percent of the global population as conspiring against their interests right?

Some people just have no clue that an actual conspiracy just might well exist. Ain’t that somethin’?


Ultimately those even in the House Progressive Caucus will only go so far.


I sent letters to senators and congressmen from NC and asked them not to vote for TPP…Guess what they told me… they was all for free trade etc etc.They are full bloodied GOP and these assBags just like Obamy are going to vote for this POS legislation…So all you fanboys can bitch and gripe about Obama but he is not the only one pulling for this horrible new law…ALL VOTERS beware…dosent matter what party you support they both support corporations over people…Make your vote and voice herd tell them hell no…or we vote for someone else.


As democracy continues its slow fade in the U.S. and elsewhere (Canada, England, etc.), we can but hope that at least The Owners will keep providing the Useless Eaters with iPhone/Android upgrades. Please, please.


And who might that “someone else” be? Far as I can tell, it’s Bernie Sanders. If he runs as an Independent, he’ll be marginalized by the media. If he runs as Democrat, he’ll be ridiculed as a meager challenge to the Clinton dynasty.
You’re right, either way we f*cked. So much for democracy.


No, they wouldn’t. As a participant in the World Social Forum, we all understood that the problem as rooted in a system - the capitalist system. The bogeymen “banksters”, and the down-trodden workers, are merely playing their parts within this system. Get rid of the “banksters” and some other owner of capital or collector of rent will simply slip in their place.

Another world is still possible, but not under the fascism-tinged conspiracism of the people who think that all we have to do is get rid of some bogeymen and all will be fine.


Time for some civil disobedience from one of our lawmakers.
Spill the beans about what’s in the agreement,
and dare Obama to punish you.


My Congressman sent me a dissertation on the wonderful benefits on the economy of lower priced goods. You’d think that Mr. protector of the Constitution would object to fast tracking as taking away Congress’s authority to negotiate trade agreements, but nope.