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Lawmakers Urged to 'Start the Impeachment Proceedings' After Report Trump Ordered Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress

Lawmakers Urged to 'Start the Impeachment Proceedings' After Report Trump Ordered Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the wake of a bombshell report late Thursday that President Donald Trump personally ordered his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations with Russia to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, Democratic lawmakers, legal experts, and progressive commentators were quick to stress the severity of the allegation and argue that—if the reporting is accurate—impeachment proceedings should begin.

Impeachment would be the worst thing for dump. He is such an arrogant, sarcastic, childish individual his ego would be hard hit. He would not believe it could happen to him. Let it be. (And pronto).


Watching The Donald try to tweet his way out of trouble, although amusing at times, has been most tragic. “The world’s most powerful person” communicating through such a vacuous platform is shameful and undignified. The usual content of said tweets, foisting blame on others, reveals an immaturity heretofore unseen from the White House. Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here” ethic has been replaced with “How do I make a buck” as Trump’s DC hotel is booked by corporate (T-Mobile) and international (Saudi) interests to curry favor. I hope that Trump is able to live long enough to suffer the penalties he is due and I hope that justice is truly meted out his way in proportion to his crimes. And no, I am not above schadenfreude.


Cue Nancy Pelosi (later today): “We need to be careful now. This is not the time to talk impeachment. He hasn’t murdered enough people yet or killed enough people in his wars left over from Obama/Bush. Lying is in these days so it’s no big deal that he may have lied to the congress. I mean, we have someone on the US Supreme Court who perjured himself to the confirmation hearing and he was rewarded for that with a lifetime appointment. We have a lot of work to do with and for the current White House resident. I have to reschedule my trip that he cancelled, I also have rehearse standing and applauding repeatedly like a jack in the box during the SOTU, and impeachment really grinds our government to a halt, so let’s suspend with ever bringing the topic up again, shall we?”

“Grinds our government to a halt?” More so than it already is and has been for the last couple years, Nancy?

By the way, how can some of these people be called “lawmakers” when they don’t even have a law degree? Pelosi being one of them. She has a BA degree in History. Feinstein has a BA. Some of them do have a JD, but most do not.


That is what i think too. Where is the proof. BUT, miracles do happen.


I forget who said it first, but it bears repeating:

“Impeachment isn’t a Constitutional crisis. It’s the CURE for a Constitutional crisis”—the crisis in this case being a president who just can’t seem to stop flouting the law he swore to uphold.


Cohen had no other reason to divulge the fact that Trump instructed him to lie than the simple fact that lying any more will not be to his advantage.

Lawmakers, if it’s even appropriate to call them that considering their extremely poor record at representing the masses, will be held accountable if they do not begin impeachment hearings immediately.


If not now,when?


Although the President of the United States of America is considered, “The World’s Most Powerful Person,” Trump has shown the world that this unlimited power put in the control of only one person, must be changed by the Congress.


When it comes to removing persons from power for high crimes and treason , a Parliamentary system is far superior. Under impeachment Trump may go , but this leaves in place Government officials equally corrupt. In a Parliamentary system the Government would fail a non-confidence test and new elections would be called.

Something as important as this needs the voice of the people in any Democracy.


Yeah, even if he chooses to resign, Congress would best serve our nation by continuing on with formal impeachment hearings until it is recorded for all time that Trump was removed from office through Impeachment.

Then, formal criminal charges for the numerous felonies he’s committed over the past 50 plus years must be made against him, his children, and other enablers.


Remember, under the Constitution (remember that document?), after a successful impeachment, there can be no pardon, presidential or other. The impeached can be tried in a court of law and punished like any other two-bit thug.
*That is the reason impeachments are rarely successful. Noxin was in the same spot. If he had stayed in office and been impeached, all the government’s dirty laundry would have been laid out in public.
*So, Noxin either resigned voluntarily, or was forced to. Then he was pardoned by his successor and the laundry could stay in the basket.
*So, with a government that is close to 90% criminal, it will be difficult to press an impeachment to a successful conclusion. They don’t want that basket of laundry to be aired out.
*Frankly, I don’t think he should be allowed to resign. If this mess were allowed to be exposed, and the criminal element in government were to also be exposed in his trial, perhaps we could cure this national ailment, and live by the Constitution, with legal amendments to improve the safeguards against this happening again.


Nobody could have said this better, Minitrue.


Starting an impeachment committee in the House would allow the information about the election and Trump to become public as Trump, McConnell, Barr and Kavanaugh are busy shutting down Mueller’s report. Never underestimate the power of the Republican Party billionaire sponsors to keep their power. That information needs to become public.

The article claims there is documentary evidence to support the claim, although that evidence is not put forward in the article. So it seems to be beyond a he said he said scenario.

“I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” [My emphasis.]
*That is the oath sworn by all congress and the Senators at the start of their term, and at the opening of each session. That oath was sworn the day before H1 and S1 were presented, to criminalize the first amendment’s use by those who want to deal with Israel’s Palestinian concentration camp by BDS. Even criticism of Israel is supposed to be a criminal act.
*Since the oath is apparently set aside by a wink and a nod, we are going to have a hellova time trying to get those who’s word means nothing to impeach trump or any other public official.
*We the People are going to have to keep enormous pressure on the government to do their job. Otherwise it will all be swept under the rug to join the other lumps.


Thanks, Ol’ Hoss!

I’m not sure what you’re asserting here. Certainly after an impeachment conviction in the Senate there is no pardon remedy to restore an individual to the presidency. But I’m unaware of anything in the Constitution that prohibits a pardon to prevent prosecution, conviction or sentencing for federal crimes after an impeachment conviction. Impeachment is purely a political process, not a criminal justice process. I don’t think it matters whether the individual was convicted in an impeachment proceeding or resigned before conviction.

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The actions and mindset of trump are those of a bully (not to mention a pathological liar!) The only thing a bully understands is a swift punch in the none, eye, throat, cajones of great force. Whatever the equivalent of that response is in Congress (IF the members of any conscience and integrity may be found) The most forceful actions should be initiated. as one more example of willful disregard of the Constitution and trumps Oath of Office, is added to the mountainous pile…a bald-faced liar and person who consistently fabricates fantasy items as “truth” (we will talk about Giuliani’s recent comment on truth and the fabricating of “truth” AKA “alternative facts” another time) is unfit to lead our republic and people or indeed any office outside prison!
…it will take a very long time unfortunately, and even if that leads to conflict, we are already in conflict and in the abusive disregard for millions by the idiot child vindictive and malignant moron who, if not reined-in and/or removed from any position of power, will continue or accelerate his path of utter disregard for truth and the consequences of his actions on those in his vindictive, immoral, and destructive aim…a fool is just a fool…a president who is a fool is a grave threat to everything!


Before I take the word of Cohen – who is admitting time and again that he’s a paid (and unpaid) liar – I’ll need to see the documentation.