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Lawmakers Want to Forbid Trump From Launching Unauthorized Preemptive Strike Against North Korea


Lawmakers Want to Forbid Trump From Launching Unauthorized Preemptive Strike Against North Korea

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"During the campaign, people feared a President Trump with the power to initiate a nuclear conflict—less than a year later, those fears are far too close to being realized," said Rep. John Conyers

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who joined Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) on Thursday in sponsoring legislation to prevent President Trump from carrying out a preemptive strike against North Korea. (Photo: Karen Murphy/flickr/cc)


It really is a very nice idea, I like it a lot. If it becomes law, which I doubt, would the current prez or any future prez honor it? I doubt it. They haven’t honored the Congress in the past about who authorizes wars, have they?


“Want to” should be changed to WILL FORBID TRUMP…a no-brainer when it comes to saving the lives of millions of people let alone preserving the planet.


What does the oligarchy have against NK?

Or what does NK have that the oligarchy wants?


Just Do It!

And stop talking about doing it.


Yeah. long on talk, most pol are disgusting, sellouts!
Right Action is to immediately get the Insane fascist frauds fat hands away from the nuke button!


Good questions. My guess is that these oligarchs can’t control NK, just like these same oligarchs can’t control the Chinese, and Russian oligarchs.


Trump can’t just push a nuke button all by his lonesome. There is a system of checks and balances to prevent, or to allow one person from killing the planet.


I loved Ike and voted for Nixon. Party loyalty can be stimulating and intellectually challenging, but it has its limits. When a party becomes moribund corrupted and arcane it is time to leave and seek other avenues of satisfying behaviors. My chosen party has, in fact, become senile, rooted in misplace loyalties. As fraternities and sororities have become antiques so has total adherence to party.


The impossible becomes possible when enough people believe in a dream. My dream is that a billion or two of the world’s people somehow descend upon Washington, DC to inform Trump and the other war mongers that if he/they take another step toward this unnecessary war with North Korea, then the world’s PEOPLE will vaporize him and the country that has given war-making power to such a total misfit. The whole world steps in to veto this madman’s attempt of nuclear penis-enlargement at the cost of everyone else’s lives and safety. With power comes responsibility. The 325 million people of the USA must remember that they have a responsibility to the other 7-plus billion inhabitants of this earth.


Added Conyers: “Trump must immediately cease talk of pre-emptive war and commit to the diplomatic path advocated by both American experts and the South Korean government.”

And of course Trump won’t do that. If the legislation passes, it should be personally sent the the Department of Defense and every individual who might have the power to secretly over-ride it, including Trump. If he decides to launch an unauthorized preemptive strike anyway, it might be hard to impeach him if nuclear war ensues.

I wish Melania would stitch his lips shut during the night.


So has my Democratic party. Maybe folks like us ought to join forces and work together for fiscally-responsible benefits for all Americans.


Well put! The Power of the People is an emerging secret. It will sweep the Planet!
Peace and Compassion will Win!


That would still leave his Twitter fingers free.


WHOA! What happened to the Constitution? That gives Congress the sole authorization to declare wars; especially, nuclear wars!

" Lawmakers want to forbid Trump from launching unauthorized preemptive strike against North Korea."

Looks to me that Dim Son was correct: " THE CONSTITUTION IS JUST A WORTHLESS PIECE OF PAPER!

The fact that the lawmakers already have the Constitutional authorization to stop Trump and have abdicated their Constitutional, authority that gives congress the sole authority to declare wars…tells me that Bush told the truth for once in his life!

Folks: the facts are: America now has a war, dictator! Because all the proof you need is the above headline: LAWMAKERS WANT TO FORBID TRUMP FROM LAUNCHING UNAUTHORIZED PREEMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST NORTH KOREA.


Conyers has always been no more than a very compliant “gate keeper” for the establishment.
I think Conyers has deliberately forgotten the letters he mailed out to his supporters after 911 event, I haven’t.
His head up o investigative committee hearings have always turned up zilch no matter how long they lasted or cost taxpayers.
During Bush years while publicly posing as doubtfull of need for Iraq Afghanistan he refused to see any of his constitents or groups with legitimate evidence of corruption of Cabinate and supporters of Cheney Bush cabals.
He sows confusion and obfuscated pertinate data trying to be introduced before his committees
Man really ticked me off once and for all in the treatment afforded to Sheehan.
This is just another ploy to diffuse any real efforts that in reality have but miniscule part to do with Trump, because it is really the whole FN system of governance that is orrupt.
There is no legal basis to either houses of Congress, as they both broke their Constitutional Duty by signing away their control of War making decision powers.
They did so by whipping out saying they controlled the purse strings, but then passed Patriot Act and Homeland Security both having no real limits on spending, without either houses knowing the final draft contents.
In effect Conyers an his ilk claim to be socially responsible to identity political needs while screwing them all as they enrich themselves.


and tie his tiny hands to the bedpost.


I think GW Bush started it by over-using the AUMF, continued by Obama.

“The Bush-era AUMF granted the president broad powers to retaliate against anyone who contributed to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and that authorization has provided the foundation for U.S. military intervention abroad ever since. It hasn’t changed in more than 15 years.”


And leave his Huuuuuuge butt hanging in the wind.


I hope you are correct. Yet, not trusting the evil government, seems to surest way is to remove the Insane fraud from the throne!