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Lawmakers Warn 'Onerous' New USPS Loan Terms Imposed by Mnuchin 'Could Accelerate Demise of Postal Service'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/lawmakers-warn-onerous-new-usps-loan-terms-imposed-mnuchin-could-accelerate-demise


Let’s get these cretins out of office! Next up, all corporate “democrats” who, “sold their soul to the company store” and, most importantly, get Greens and socialists/eco-socialists in office.

One obvious solution is to rescind the tax give-aways to these rich sociopaths rather than have local, state, federal governments borrow from them.


Again, a broken clock is correct twice a day. While the Trump administration and the Republican Party have nefarious purposes behind this act, they are correct in one important thing. The cheap rates that the USPS has extended on-line retailers like amazon are only proving to enrich Jeff Bezos, and no one else.
In an era of stagnant wages and disappearing benefits, the US economy now seems to now depend on cheap Third world goods being delivered to our homes at cut rate delivery fees, further impoverishing us. Imagine what would happen if Bezos had to actually pay the real going rate for parcel delivery that’s charged by fedex and UPS? His entire business model would collapse. And of course Americans just may be forced to come to grips with the true cost of our consumer culture.
I for one would love to see the sweetheart deal that the USPS extended the oligarch Jeff Bezos, and along with it the kickbacks that upper management and union bosses got in return. This fish stinks from the head down.


Loan sharking the Postal Service so they can deliver Bozo’s Amazon last mile packages for free.


Sadly, this is likely another successful attempt to gut mail-in voting for the November election. Hopefully the Democrats will crush the GOP without mail-in voting, but IF they had it it could be an overwhelming defeat leading hopefully leading to the demise of the party. The GOP knows it is doomed, and is trying hard to continue the grift for the 1% and Corporations for as long as possible


An article illustrating the greed and sociopathy of the neoliberals:


‘We Will Coup Whoever We Want’: Elon Musk and the Overthrow of Democracy in Bolivia


We need a real Attorney General who will rebuild a robust Justice department to actually represent the public and environment and more, including prosecuting criminal schemes like this to further enrich the already obscenely wealthy - criminal conspiracy is Munchkin “negotiating” with trump appointee USPS head to gut and destroy (privatize for crony’s) the USPS at public expense - and Congress? We don’t have to consult those “Democrats”!

How the Hell are the corrupt trump scum even tolerated for one day longer!?
When Bezos makes billions in one day but Amazon pays zero federal income taxes?
In 2018 (and 2017), Amazon paid $0 in U.S federal income tax on more than $11 billion in profits (2018 only) before taxes! . It also received a $129 million tax rebate from the federal government. What is (VERY) wrong with that picture?

The accumulated vast wealth is how the obscenely wealthy BUY elections, legislation (like tax law), and corrupt politicians!

Progressively structured income tax rates must be restored to past levels - (that means RESTORED, not raised - semantics but important) to fund our civilian nation - republic - and society and fund the things that make any nation truly strong, education, health care, environmental protections, food supply, clean air and water, infant and elder care, not just an obscenely-bloated for-profit war-machine!


That should and hopefully will, be the way to repair the divisions, crimes and destruction of this regime from Hell, IF the public act!
All held to account, including those that made the crimes and abuses possible by their complicity and betrayals!
The potential exists but must be fought-for by all means without any reservations!

If a new political party is needed, so be it - the current “opposition” is not, they are complicit and as guilty in many ways and issues as the trump regime - both serving wealth and power, not nationhood and society - not the Common Good, but common greed and corruption!


The Fed will take worthless paper and exchange it for cash to private banks, include them in the commercial bank category to reduce their interest rates on money loaned, but, the quasi-governmental USPS is subjected to onerous terms just to stay afloat.

The commercial carriers have been licking their chops at the prospect of getting this heretofore inaccessible revenue stream. If the T.rumpettes are successful in driving the PO into bankruptcy, one can be sure that whomever buys it out of bankruptcy will then be showered with taxpayer subsidies that were previously withheld from the USPS. The object is to raid the Treasury, because that’s the biggest pot of money around.

The Repugs don’t care that the USPS–even in its current debilitated form–is one of the country’s big economic engines, and for that reason alone, needs to be kept intact and providing services at reasonable cost to the public. If they manage to destroy the PO, they destroy that economic engine, too.


Trump may not have to kill the USPS to sabotage voting by mail if this report is true:

Poll: More Than Half Of Young People Lack Resources To Vote By Mail
July 30, 2020 5:00 AM ET

As the coronavirus pandemic has upended normal balloting, more than half of voters under the age of 35 say they don’t have the resources or knowledge they need to vote by mail in November according to a new poll.

The poll was conducted by Global Strategy Group for NextGen America, a group that is focused primarily on engaging and turning out young voters.

“The problem is we’ve never voted in a pandemic before and some of these young people have never even voted before,” said Ben Wessel, NextGen America’s executive director. “And so when we look at the information about how to print out or, do you have the ability to print out a ballot request form or do you know how to get stamps or do you even know where to find more information? We’re really understanding that we have a big job to do.”

(Source: ~https://www.npr.org/2020/07/30/896993401/poll-more-than-half-of-young-people-lack-resources-to-vote-by-mail)

Reagan set the tone for vilifying government. How can one lead that which they hate? That that they would make so small that they could drown into a bathtub? Run government like a business–say it enough times until it has a cult-like mantra. Noon 20 January 2021 must be a hard stop to this bullshit. Let government be government, and let it be good.


Can we throw all of these Fascist GOP Fucks driving our nation off a cliff into a gulag and throw away the key?


Make the Pentagon borrow against its future oilfield plunder.


In 2006, the Republican radicals running Congress required that the USPS fund its employee pensions for 75 years into the future. This unprecedented attack on a founding US institution was met with silence across the MSM.

When Barack Obama was elected, he and the Democratic Congress could have reversed this outrage… but did absolutely nothing to help.

Until we understand the the Democrats are simply the other wing of the Amerikan bird of prey, and until we resist them too, nothing will change for the better.


I haven’t heard anyone talk about the $5.5 billion put away each year for retiree 75 years in advance since I believe 2005/06 and stopped in 2016? 5.5 billions times 10 is 55 billion. What will happen to those $$$$ when they bankrupt the US Post Office. I bet those vultures are after those $$$$ before el trumpo is booted out of office.

The country and taxpayers coffers are being robbed every single day by these slimeballs. The people need the Post Office and need its services expanded. The Post Office has been sustainable for 100 years and not on the taxpayers dime, it does not get money from us each year.


Although the Congresscritter who authored that 2006 kill USPS legislation, Slimy Pete Sessions lost his TX-32 re-election bid in 2018, he is now running for the open House seat in a different Texas Congressional district (TX-17).

Send your spare change to Sessions’ competitor Rick Kennedy’s campaign post haste.


Criminal. Letting the USPS go through this is horrible, given that its financial troubles are the result of the right demanding it pay benefits decades into the future (it didn’t have these types of problems before that). Postal privatization has been a disaster elsewhere, and we could allow the postal service to thrive by just supporting the return of postal banking. We used to have a very successful public/postal banking system in the US, and private banks lobbied to dismantle it, calling it the “postal banking menace”. Well, many people support a return of postal banking and it could go a long way towards helping the USPS get out of a mess that the right created.


I’ve been urging this for over twenty years. The “D”'s are not in the “R”'s pocket, they are both just agents of the Oligarchy, following their orders. The only reason there are “two” parties is to provide a Kabuki play to delude the American People into thinking that they have a part in choosing their government. The Oligarchy doesn’t care which “party” wins because they own them both, and pay them well to do what they are told to do. Both “parties” know that their millions and billions will continue to flow in, regardless of which party is in “power” as long as they do what they are told.
** Amongst other things, we need to seek out that handful of politicians who are using their position to turn this fascist government around, and support them! We the People need to form a People’s Party by whatever name they choose, based on the guarantees provided by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Constitution of the United States of America contains the ability to clean up this alleged “government” and form again a “government OF, BY, and FOR the People.” That’s why our increasingly fascist government is doing their best to shred it in favor of a New Reich, where We the People are but serfs, to do the bidding of the Oligarchy as cheaply as possible, until we die, to be replaced by yet more hungry serfs.
** We’re about out of options, folks. If the Oligarchy is allowed to consolidate their power, it is doubtful that we will ever be able to get it back. We’ve had a taste of the future they want in Portland and now some other cities they are moving on.
** UP the People! OFF the Oligarchy and its militarists!


Right out of Herr Goebbels playbook!


Stop these greedy bastards from stealing our postal service. Let the tax payers fund it, in part, once again. Let the privateers eat crow.
At least then people can go back to the, “I pay taxes, you’re under my thumb” days.