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Lawmakers Warn 'Totally Appropriate' Comment Proves Trump Willing to Foment Violence Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/lawmakers-warn-totally-appropriate-comment-proves-trump-willing-foment-violence


#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!
#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!
#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!
#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!
#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!
#LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp! #LockThemUp!


Preventing Trump from holding office is a joke, he needs to removed from the street, he is a threat to national security and a criminal. this will not happen and this movement of his is only in its infancy, within a couple of years its going to be a hundred million strong. It is simply not enough to allow ;him, or any of his supporters, to walk free - it’s dangerous and always has been.


… Oh you goofy S.O.B.

… Just stop talkin’…


To the House: Impeach! Give no thought to the Senate, do the right thing–let the Senate be stained by their own fealty.


A few things need to be done.

  1. Hold him, associated right wing politicians and others that led to the fascist riot, accountable.

  2. Fight against another Patriot Act. You can’t pretend to be fighting fascism while giving the state the power to violate basic rights. Think of the power that it would give a Trump in the future.

  3. A systemic analysis of how we got here. Is racism and reactionary nationalism an issue? Is right wing violence an issue? Of course, but we got here because of the breakdown in society, which is very much caused by decades of destructive neoliberal policies and widespread corruption in both parties. Anyone in power supporting this or arguing against structural changes are aiding the spread of fascism, as this societal context makes fascist outreach far more successful and likely.

  4. The Democrats thinking they can run on this forever and not focusing on core economic/class issues and being willing to fight for long overdue and needed structural changes. I can see the rotten people in that party running on this almost entirely and ignoring the role of doing nothing on policy as society breaks down.


That will depend on how we deal with Trump and his supporters now. Economy growth, quality free education, good sustainable and secure jobs, rural America’s re-invigoration, American re-industrialization where most goods are made in America and tight controls on illegal immigration hold the keys to obsoleting trumpism.


Yes Adam, I agree! That is why I said #LockThemUp not #ImpeachThem or #BanThemFromTwitter or #SlapThemOnTheWrist

This coup siege is still in motion and those responsible are allowed to walk the streets and continue their plans.

I completely agree with you.


Totally appropriate comment? Maybe in the Weimar Republic!


Trump’s next move; take over as sensei at Cobra Kai.


Cornel West and Chris Hedges made some of the same points.



And as expected Trump never bothered to mention which people supposedly thought that his comments were “totally appropriate.” Trump is probably sneering in the face of adversity since he understands that the Democrats are, in all likelihood, powerless to stop him. Yet another example where the executive branch is allowed to run amuck.


He’s using both clear and coded language to speak to the hearts and minds of his devotees - like the demon conjurer in chief whose fancy lawyers are trying to defend by claiming he is an organic foods eating victim instead of a crank snorting pipe bomb maker. Whats scary, is this war is a religious one. And like the radical Israeli settlers from mainstream Israeli society, the evangelical movement has morphed into scary new religions, like Qanon, who place religious law over federal, and are willing to use terror to achieve what they perceive as God’s goals. Trump is not just dangerous because he is a right wing terrorist, like Putin and the Orthodox Church, the saudis and Wahhabism, Netanyahu and the settlers, trump has his own sect of deranged religious fanatics pouring over his every word, ready for the next signal.


It’s obvious that he has no intention of calming down the MAGA mob and in his deluded fantasy (I hope) world envisions following his hero Hitler’s playbook. Any real human being would not behave this way at this point after what has occurred. He is loving flexing his power over the Trumpanzees. As he has said before “I take no responsibility”.


This is what I am talking about. Clyburn has been instrumental in attacking the left, acted horribly in the last primaries and was central to zombie Biden winning. So, he could actually heal wounds by bringing people together (focusing on class based issues can do that). Instead, it will be symbolism. Do nothing to change much of anything, in fact do all you can to fight against that change, but do stuff like this. I am not opposed to such a thing, but I am sick of people like him doing what he does and then proposing this, as if it will change a damn thing in modern society.



hahaha. the one thing Trump absolutely cannot do. Shut his mouth.


yes there is a reason for the discontent

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Let’s be very clear about what all this is about. Poop face wannabe dictator has no desire to actually be a leader (ie: President of the United States). His sole driving force for everything he is doing right now, has done since the election, and will continue till the inauguration, is to remain in office so he cannot be criminally charged or sued. He knows he will have not one iota of peace or protection once the label of ‘President’ is removed from his name. His banks are abandoning him, golf courses are distancing themselves from him, there will be more civil suits filed against him than you can shake a stick at. And don’t forget the criminal charges for his recent actions, both federal and state. He will be in a world of hurt, AND.HE.KNOWS.IT. No amount of cult violence from his rabid dog deplorable base can save him from the storm about to come down on his head.


Disagree only in the scope. His followers will dwindle but become more violent as they see their impotence grow. I have been saying for a long time now that most of his cult will simply fade away and go find a new reality tv show to watch, because that is all he was to most of them, an entertaining buffoon.

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Want to keep Trump silent? Put him on a ventilator! The sedatives will also prevent him from accessing social media at any level.(This is, of course, satire of a Swiftian nature, but quite tempting nonetheless)

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