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Lawmakers Warn 'Totally Appropriate' Comment Proves Trump Willing to Foment Violence Again

“Totally appropriate.” Translation: What are you going to do about it?


Garbage in, garbage out.

Please stop reporting the utter shit that vomits from his mouth.

I love that show! But I won’t watch it until it’s aged like fine wine now that it’s so mainstream. Can you believe I thought I was one of the few people who appreciated the new Karate Kid!

reasons for discontent:

  1. snowflake Republicans can’t handle the truth
  2. peabrain Conservatives believe a con man like tRump
  3. all of the above

And a very small penis.

Unfortunately a good number of Americans are racists, and the hate they all shared was enough for them to rally behind this loser of a human.

“If you read my speech…people thought that what I said was totally appropriate.”

“People thought…” That’s always been Trump code for “I think, and therefore you should too.”

Until this entire way of thinking is smacked down hard, and punished using existing law, then we are not safe. If we don’t make examples of these idiots, it will happen again.
January 18 is MLK Day. Think the MAGAts are going to let that go by without using it?

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Harding did one thing right, however. He commuted the outrageous prison sentence of Eugene V. Debs.


Hi nighthawk;
oh I didn’t know that. Thank you.
Harding was also said to have a nice dog------but not necessairly — his wife. ; 0


There might be a point here that many are missing. Whether the President can pardon himself is controversial and Trump clearly intends to do just that. Article II section 2, clause 1 of the Constitution says " …he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

If he is not impeached for this crime, it might turn out that Trump will pardon himself and win in the courts and avoid any criminal penalties at the Federal level. However, if he is impeached for those crimes, the Constitution is quite clear, he has no pardon power at all for crimes related to the impeachment.

Importantly, it is impeachment that matters - not whether or not he is convicted by the Senate.


Of interest here, is reporting that Trump’s White House counsel has steered him away from self-pardoning, for now. Apparently, his counsel argued that a self-pardon could open him to civil penalties. (It disgusts me that the chance he may lose money likely weighed on his mind more than the actual tragedies he has contributed to.) So it’s possible he may have boxed himself in, in more than one way.


I’m glad to know someone else see’s the fact of our national insanity. It has been incredible to watch a vote on party lines even to impeach, with basically half of the congress unwilling to even do that. That’s right - very nearly exactly 1/2 of our government actually thinks “no foul” on the coup attempt. I have always painted Trump as an actual gangster, a mob boss, and I’m starting to wonder if the dangerous repercussions of going against the mob is what is motivating them - and I only only think this because it is inconceivable, yet a fact, that over 200 congressmen are actually on board with Trumps coup and think no repercussion at all should apply. I guess despite their clear amoral status, to the very last one without exception, (no slightly moral being could be a republican under current conditions, and most democrats are equally lacking), I still erroneously had enough faith in humanity not to suppose that corruption could exist right under our noses to such an overwhelming extent.


Hi Stardust, great name aren’t we all stardust after all. Yes indeed unless and until American small businesses and manufacturing, family farming, ranching remain ignored and unsupported by the government through legislation and the use of anti trust laws we’re never really going to recover. The profit margins for US based corporations are so enormous that they are no longer satisfied with smaller game. China has by accident has caused the demise of the western civilization perhaps not through planning or scheming but by accepting the western manufacturer’s invitation to relocate big manufacturing bases and for allowing the exploitation of it’s cheap labor.

Hi timebr:
YES, we are all made of the stuff of stars, and that’s why I choose that name—reminding humans that we are more the same than different. Although-- only ONE kind of SAME seems to be in style for Trump. : )
AND WHEN WE NEEDED MORE PPE, WE COUDN’T MAKE ANY. No nation should ever do that to itself. Now we have to worry about where drugs come from too. LOL, I stopped drinking Coca For when I found out that the syrup was made in India. I had a horror of the water coming from the GANGES—and dead people floating down the Ganges. But the picture was in my mind and so I could never drink Coke again.
Maybe the Pandemic will give the small and local business a chance to rebuild, as what a horror it must be to work at an Amazon packing plant, or work for meat companies that don’t care about their employees.
I think America was probably great after WW 2 , because this nation was never bombed–but decade by decade that living wage and a great place to work grew smaller and meaner.Maybe we would better off if CEOs were drafted since corporations are" people too," I wonder if the Supreme Court was drunk when they decided that? : )

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I’d suggest that we should show up to the inauguration of Biden to guard the capitol from these right wing morons. However, I advise that we could not initiate any violence or property damage, since surely asshole Trump could and would invoke martial law if we misbehave.

Trump has already has been blaming Antifa for doing what his MAGA brownshirts have been doing. He has already manipulated damage caused in the George Floyd protests by people using “a diversity of tactics” to make people afraid of us. There are ignorant people and these people can be weaponized.

Our right wing adversaries understand that public opinion is a powerful weapon and use it to their advantage. They have a virtual army of ignorant people who’ve been manipulated to fight for the rich and corporations.

Manipulation is a deadly weapon that all thugs like Trump use. Trump has manipulated many people to carry out his dirty work. We have to understand how people get manipulated and understand the damage which can be caused by confused people. Hell, we saw the scope of the damage on January 6th.

Some of us on the Left pretend that public opinion is of no matter and then wonder why we are failing to stop the conservative take-over of the country.

It would be idiocy to give that asshole and his armed mobs any advantage. I am dead serious that we do not have the freedom to screw up. Martin Luther King was still radical enough to be killed, so being peaceful is vastly underrated. I do advocate acting in self defense.


The whole Republican convention was calling all Democrats socialist and what was the real response from the left -crickets-----all this propaganda --mind control----sinks deeper in these people’s heads never challenged.

How did we get a fascist dictator? We have had many if you think about what the US does in other countries.

The US is just getting a tiny taste of what it regularly does to nations around the world.


Amen. and Thank you


You make my point-----Democrats moved to the right to stay competative with Republicans------and it most likely had more to do with raising corporate money than getting votes.

Today the reporting is that Republicans who supported the coup will lose corporate funding-------it sounds like all the politicians are on the corporate bankroll??? This is what needs to end—THE BRIBES!

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE and maybe another word would be facism-------just look at Trump—President----silenced—by the Corporate Overlords.


The fact that we are, yet again, required to endure yet another futile spectacle of impeachment, shows the significance of our Exceptionalism. Of course you are right. To that end, for the myriad destructive acts that DT has committed, he does not even belong in the country.