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Lawmakers Welcome IG Probe Into Violent Police Clearing of Lafayette Square

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/lawmakers-welcome-ig-probe-violent-police-clearing-lafayette-square

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When police break the law we have no law. When they are trained to claim “fear”, “thought they were reaching for a gun”, or in any other way justify killing, we all of us, have no law. When police are trained to provoke a response and manipulate interactions to create violence, we have no law. When the people behind police training, brutality and killings/murders of people with impunity, there is NO law, only the fight for survival.

We need much less Jeffery Dahmer depravity in police training and treating people, and much more Billy Jack.

Defund, disband & fire forever violent killer cops, re-purpose funds to community, and prosecute cops who brutalize & kill!



With Barr at the helm of the Department of Justice, there can not be Justice.

He must be removed by any means possible.


If they have not already done so, The Lincoln Project needs to do a spot on how Trump has and continues to assault your First Amendment Rights. (Perhaps even some ammosexuals will realize he may not be trustworthy…)

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Nadler thinks its a waste of time. We can wait another 4 1/2 more years.

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Molly, you are definitely smarter than the average bear!

Yea. Didn’t think it before but he needs to be Justice Democrat primaried.

Moved post to correct article. Oops.

From what i coud see on several videos posted at The Hill, the police were just trying to get the kids to leave the area and did not get aggressive until it was clear the rioters would not back down. The kids were the ones who constantly harrased park police for no reason and were agitating for a confrontation until they got one, which was actually a pretty restrained response.

Who ordered it is a no brainer. It was Donald himself. No way any sycophant underling bootlicker would take it on themselves to order such a criminally and cowardly act. Only our President is that depraved.


You must have had your glasses on top of your head and your head up your ass.


Too bad the Democratic Party is lacking any will to fight the blatant corruption.

Guess they find complicity to be easier.

They were in a public area and had a right to be there. The police can’t just decide you need to leave a public area.

Not true. It was a peaceful demonstration being live telecast at the time. Depriving people of the right to petition the government by using tear gas and the threat of force is not a restrained response. In fact, it wasn’t a response at all, it was an offensive act, in both senses of the term.

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One can hardly fight corruption if one’s complicity would be exposed in the process.