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Lawsuit Against Trump Grows to Encompass More Violations—and Plaintiffs


Lawsuit Against Trump Grows to Encompass More Violations—and Plaintiffs

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The lawsuit charging President Donald Trump is in violation of the U.S. Constitution by accepting benefits or gifts from foreign governments through his hotel properties expanded in multiple ways on Tuesday.


Greed and avarice will be the entire Trump TrashbTribe's very own undoing. Problem is, their fall will not come soon enough to prevent widespread damage. T-dump is parsimonious when it comes to funding our nation's social safety net, our infrastructure, our transportation systems nationwide, our PUBLIC education system, health care, the EPA, etc Yet when it comes to the department of defense and corporate giveaways, the emperor is all too lavish in fulfilling their spending requests (MIC is well beyond receiving what it "needs)" and, in the case of the corporations, giving them the liberty to operate with impunity and total disregard for the environment, health/safety of their employees, and adherence to the few remaining regulations to name just a few of the proposed/offered concessions.

And as for the diabolical despot's concern for and/or adherence to the tenets and intent of the U S Constitution: NOT GONNA HAPPEN, as has been proven in less than 90 days of his tryanny.


It is now crystal clear to me that Trump is there to expand his personal empire and aid his corporate partners and friends in exchange for personal benefits to him, his businesses and his families.


How do we get on board as plaintiffs? ....


This has been obvious to me from day one...they just tell Trash: "Donald, sign it..it will make you money."
and out comes the pen....


"The trademarks China has granted to Trump include branded spas, real estate companies, bars, restaurants and escort services..." http://thehill.com/policy/international/china/329326-trump-lawsuit-now-includes-china-trademarks-report. This is the hyperlink from "lists" in the article. So, real estate and escort services are trademarked with Trump's name. He's a real estate mogul, so that's on target. And then there are escort services with the trademark. Wonder if that's how he met Ivanka? I think Trump's daughter should go over there and represent the company and work as an escort. Think of the good PR. Would anyone reading this allow their daughter to serve as an escort for Trump's escort services? Think of all the money she would get. Money...money...money. Say it three times, it'll make forget the escorts that get raped and killed every year. Aahhhh, to be President of Corporation America.


"Escort services." So...our President is a pimp running stables of whores!


Donald Trump has always been a crook and everyone knows it. The trouble is that over half of Congress is okay with having one of their kind in the White House.


Totally obvious since the escalator ride, so...so...long ago...


Since when does the justice department become the defense team for the executive branch?


Since DJT spent his teen years (HS) at the New York Military Academy (for unruly.delinquent male spawn of the wealthy) where he got off on the uniforms and their appeal to the camp followers; found the perfect forum for his ability to manipulate and bully; and prided himself as being tabbed as the biggest "chick magnet." He still gets off on all things military, obviously...(except actually serving in war zones where he might get dirty or shot at).