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Lawsuit Challenges Trump's 'Illegal' Move to Make CFPB a 'Lapdog for Wall Street'


Lawsuit Challenges Trump's 'Illegal' Move to Make CFPB a 'Lapdog for Wall Street'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

White House attempt to place Mick Mulvaney at head of consumer agency denounced as attempt to deliver "a gift to Wall Street grifters"


Good- another lawsuit!


The Billions that the CFPB saves consumers each year is very tempting to Trump.

This move was to put some of that money into his own pockets.

Greedy Old Prick.


The White House doesn’t have a leg to stand on with this one but who I am I to judge? Wish I were at the bench.


Who were defrauded? The people who were creating the phony accounts?
Is that what the senator said, or is this a mangled quote?



Surely the intended quote was "the agency that fined Wells Fargo $100 million for defrauding the people and creating phony accounts.”


Looks to me like it is way past time that we moved the US capital to WALL STREET, WHERE IT BELONGS!


yea the weather in NYC is much better than swampy DC


Atta-way Pony Boy, stick it to these EMPIRE-pricks:

As I just commented on the New York Times article about Emperor Trump’s attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Board:
Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine 12 minutes ago

While this matter may seem obscure and perhaps insignificant to the vast powers leading this attack, it, IMHO, represents a signal exposure of the collapse of our 242 year old American ‘experiment in democracy’, to the deceitful and disguised installation of this “Final Phase of Empire” [Morris Berman’s “Dark Ages America”]


Mulvaney…DJT’s hit man making million$$$ for himself so he will have a comfortable nest egg when he is forced to leave the country in the dark of night.

These swamp denizens are vile creatures from the most horrific slasher films. Their greed and bloodlust are insatiable.


I’m sure you’ll have a seat next to Jamie Dimon at the next cabinet meeting Sir. Please be patient, it is hard to rearrange the furniture in our new surroundings to fit your needs.



And you or me would be thrown in jail if we stole $25 from a bank.


Please let that furniture be the deck chairs on Trump’s Titanic Administration!


Alan, this definitely is not insignificant. This is an outright attack on our so-called Democracy by the Duopoly party in power.

If a War has been declared by anyone, it is the Duopoly party in power, with a little help from their friends of the Duopoly party not in power, against the middle and lower classes.

It has fallen to us to defend ourselves and attack with everything we have.

All we need, is an electorate that recognizes corruption and lies when they see and hear it.


The Titanic was purportedly “impossible” to sink.
DJT and ilk are more used to questionable pirate vessels,
less skilled crew, an analogy more like an oil tanker with
gold-plated deck chairs; more sure to sink than the Titanic.
OTOH, Titanic’s pilot was speeding through icebergs.


Good catch!