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Lawsuit on Behalf of 55,000 Migrants Accuses Trump Administration of Torture in ICE Detention Centers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/lawsuit-behalf-55000-migrants-accuses-trump-administration-torture-ice-detention

Mass media journalist shine more light on the abuse of the FOR PROFIT detention facilities.

The public needs to be educate until more people react to the conditions under which migrant refugees are forced to endure in our country. We already are fighting against the depletion of safety due to deregulation of most important government agencies however, the migrants refugees are our sister and brothers. If we do not defend their lives we are next on the list to be systematically exterminated.

As if those in power aren’t already steadily doing their best to kill us off without interment in camps!


Dear Mary,
My neighbors are also my brothers and sisters.
The elderly are very often unable to pay for their prescriptions, even with part D.
They die, one by one.
Far mor than 26 out of the hundreds of thousands who have entered thru our southern border in the past two years.

My age is 74, I have no medical coverage to supplement basic medicare and part D is worthless anyway.

Lack of medical insurance has nothing to do with sub-human treatment of refugees from climate chaos and/or refugees from authoritarian regimes.

Maybe I should have written that our neighbors die from neglect.
Maybe I should write that military veterans, even Viet Nam vets now in their 70’s, die everyday from neglect.
Where is the ACLU lawsuit for the thousands of veterans relying on VA, who has delayed their appointment 30 days and delayed it a second time also. Yup, you are correct, far more than 26 have died.
The TV this morning stated that every refugee detained has a physical within 14 days of crossing the border.
ACLU puts out a press release and it gathers steam. There are 900,000 federal lawsuits pending. This is just one.
2,000,000 Japanese civilians killed by napalm in ww2 by American bombers.
200,000 Iranians killed by American munitions, poison gas - bacteria - virus in iraq-iran war. Then the dead count has increased to 2 million because sanctions stopped medicines needed there. Where is ACLU for all those victims?

74 is a really young spring chicken in these parts!!

An addendum to your veteran comment. While I’m sure you are absolutely correct about those that die from having little or no help, Some of us vets are being well taken care of. Some automatically, but the rest of us had to do some due diligence.
Disabled vets 50% rated or higher get free medication and supplements.
Less than 50% disability we pay, last I heard, six or eight dollars for any and all medications.
At 100% is where I’m at qualifies my wife for CHAMP care. For many years my heart meds and her chronic pain meds were inadequately covered by insurance, thus hundreds of dollars every month when the money was not there.
Just saying that there are some good outcomes for vets that are willing to suffer through the process.
There are many other lawsuits that should be in the courts along with the torture victims. Climate victims to start with.

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“abuse of the FOR PROFIT detention facilities”

CoreCivic and GEO Group’s abuses are cited repeatedly in the complaint, which can be found here

Two ACLU lawsuits against the VA come to mind:

1.Valentini v Shineski (over access to healthcare for homeless vets)

  1. ACLU & Service Women’s Action Network v DOD and VA (over access to records on provision of health care and disability benefits for women who were raped in the military)
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Yes, Ann Arbor MI has good rep for cancer treatment.
Psychiatric, such as PTSD, not so good in midwest. I think all VA care varies place to place. When I was young, Brecksville, Ohio hospital was always in a scandal.

watching the VA house hearings on c-span, I was knocked over by the arrogance of the three VA executives appearing. Disdain. Promising this and that improvement in a few years.

At a VA seminar in Chicago, we were advised that Afghanistan army veterans are suffering 1 in 3 having nightmares. Human history is 1 in 6.

thank you for #2.
I did not know that.

Been home from the war for forty eight years now but was back in the war just last night in a dream that was uncomfortable, but manageable. I did one tour and can’t imagine doing two or three. Depends a lot on where you were and what was experienced of course.

It is past time, Speaker Pelosi.

I regret that you had to go.
I have been fixated for the past few years that rich, country club, republican kidz did not go, get called or volunteer.
It is very different now.

Hopefully, next nights sleep you are kicking field goals from 70 yards out.
Lounging at a resort.